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    Mysore Sightseeing Packages

    Image: Lalitha Mahal Palace

    Ignoring the charismatic appeal and the alluring charm of Mysore or the ‘City of Palace’ is almost impossible. With its beautiful landscapes, endless places of interest, forts, palaces, traditional paintings, sandalwood products, incense production areas, colourful markets, vibrant culture and delectable delights, the city manages to charm everyone visiting the city.

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    Mysore, which is also the biggest Ashtanga Yoga centre in the world, is a must-to-visit destination for travellers. Whether they seek rejuvenation of mind and body or wish to delve deeper into the history, or the ancient tradition and culture of India, Mysore barges out as one of the ideal places.

    Some of these tours for Royal Mysore Walks in Mysore are mentioned here:

    Mysore Walking Tours:

    Walking through the city of Mysore provides a prodigious opportunity to abreast the history, arts, language and culture of the city.

    These walking tours are all about socializing, learning, sharing and enjoying different facets of the city, and are indeed the best among the various Mysore Sightseeing Packages.

    Some of them have been designed for palaces specifically, while others are conducted just for ten days in an entire year; choose your favourite walk!

    Mysore Royal Walk

    Mysore Royal Walk

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    The travellers who wish to learn everything about Mysore, its traditions and influences in the overall history of the country, Royal Mysore Walks will serve as the best among all the Mysore Sightseeing Packages.

    The offbeat Royal Mysore Walks experience is all about stopping at the right place at the right time.

    Offering some of the best experiences for Sightseeing in Mysore, this offbeat tour can be taken in the form of walks or through cycle rides depending on one’s convenience and requirements.

    [Walk in the royal corridors of the Mysore palace with the Royal walking tour of  Mysore]

    This tour starts from the ‘Silver Jubilee Clock Tower’ and takes around two hours to complete; 9:00 – 11:00 am.

    The walk is about discovering how colonial connections have shaped the history and contemporary times of Mysore. The royalty of the city and the freshness of local markets are brought together through this Mysore Sightseeing Package, which is recognised by the international organisation UNESCO. 

    Best of Mysore Walk

    Best of Mysore Walk

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    One of the astounding Mysore Sightseeing Packages, this tour is all about experiencing freshness, arts, colours, palaces and the various flavours of this heritage city. The tour can be completed within a three hours walk, wherein the travellers will get to enjoy and experience the best of Mysore.

    The city itself narrates the stories of its Maharajas and the history behind its construction, development, architecture and décor of some of the best and royal palaces in the world.

    [Here are some of the places you can visit while enjoying with the Mysore walking tour]

    The tour, which starts from the ‘Silver Jubilee Clock Tower’, takes the visitors through the vibrant local market which is acclaimed for its colours, arts, artists and displays.

    The market, which is over 125 years old, is considered to be one of the largest huddles in the world. Every penny paid for this tour leaves an indelible imprint on the visitors mind.

    Colonial Mysore Walking Tour

    Colonial Mysore Walking Tour

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    This is another one of those Mysore Sightseeing Packages that narrates the stories of a bygone era. This tour is all about the amalgamation of colonial Mysore and contemporary freshness. It works as a refreshing aspect for the visitors; enlightening and rejuvenating their minds.  

    Walking Tour in Colonial Mysore mostly starts from the Clock Tower, which is one of the major points in the city and a primary landmark for all the Mysore Sightseeing Packages.

    Within the two hours of this tour, it takes the visitors through different areas including Mysore Palace and other palaces in the city, thus completing the sightseeing in Mysore.

    This tour allows the visitors to idealise the knowledge about how the city left an everlasting mark on the medieval era, colonial era, independence era and overall development.

    Another attraction of this tour is the opportunity to interact with the locales of Mysore. The guides involved in this tour are well acquainted with the bygone history of this city; their presence will add to the delight of sightseeing in Mysore.

    Mysore Old City Walking Tour

    Mysore Old City Walking Tour

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    This Mysore Sightseeing Package is a must-to-opt for those who seek to explore different facets of the bygone era. Taking one through different palaces and a 125 year old market, this old city walking tour is filled with nostalgic imprints of the past and animates the memories of the colonial period.

    The old city walking tour takes one to Agrahara, which is known for being a hub for history enthusiasts and the aspirants of art and culture. The tour is alive and braces the travellers with an opportunity to rediscover the history of the city through their own eyes.

    [Check out the Walking tour in the old Mysore city]

    This tour, which takes about two hours, also allows one to enjoy the architecture of royal times. Travellers can easily enjoy the beauty of mud and brick houses, narrow lanes and ruins of Agrahara, with each one of them being reminiscent of the people who occupied those homes or lived during those days.

    Providing an incredible insight into the lifestyles of people during those times, this old tour also takes the visitors through palaces and narrates the valorous tales of Tipu Sultan, the man who changed the course of Indian history. Showcasing the best of Mysore, this Mysore Sightseeing Package is a tour that anyone would love to embark on.

    City of Palaces Tour, Mysore

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    Mysore is fondly known as the City of Palaces because of its long history of serving as the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore. Kings from all over India and even from places like Afghanistan or Middle East have tried their hands at establishing their rule over the city.

    However, only a few have been able to claim their rule over Mysore. This Mysore Sightseeing Package thus endeavours the visitors with a vivid knowledge about the very few rulers, who were successful in conquering this city and made it their official residence.

    One of the most important destinations of this tour is the Maharaja’s Palace, which once served as home to Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar and is currently a palace heritage hotel. Other palaces included in this tour are the Lalitha Mahal Palace, Mysore Palace, Karanji Mansion, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion and others.

    These palaces provide information on arts, life and architecture of the bygone era and overwhelm the visitors with their grandeur and constructions. The sprawling beautiful gardens here, acts as a refreshing factor for vacationers from all over the world.

    Dasara Walking Tour, Mysore

    Photo Credits: Sunil Krishnan

    Mysore is all about celebrating the culture, history and influences. This is one of the reasons why Dasara or the festival marking Lord Rama’s win over Ravana is celebrated with zeal and vigour in the city. Intricate details are provided during this sightseeing tour, wherein travellers would feel the enthusiasm of celebrating the victory of good over evil.

    The grand festive atmosphere lights up the city and the festival is celebrated over a period of ten days, with the tenth being Dasara and the rest being called ‘Navratri’ or nine days of the Goddesses.

    [Join our Dasara walking tour in the streets of royal palaces]

    The tour is a walking tour wherein one gets to wear Indian traditional attires and visit different galleries and alleys of the Royal Court. This enables one to enjoy 600 year old traditions and take part in one of the biggest celebrations in the country.

    Dasara walking tour is conducted only once in the entire year; depending upon the celebrations, the tour can be undertaken in September or October. Visitors can also take part in the Dasara procession and feel the liveliness of Mysore.

    Mysore Night Walk

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    When it comes to exploring Mysore during the festivals, the night walks during Dasara celebration proves out to be the best way. These night walks is all about enjoying the spirit and joie de vivre of Mysore.

    While on this walk tours, the visitors can also put on the unique and traditional attires, which will surely bring them closer to the exuberant culture of the flamboyant city.

    [Enjoy the Palaces and Brindavan garden decorated with colorful lights in the Mysore Night walk]

    The vividly illuminated buildings during this festival serve as the backdrop of this walk, and also animate the entire city with many different colours. The tour usually starts from the Town Hall and takes about two hours for completion.

    Since the tour is mostly conducted in September or October, therefore travellers can expect pleasant weather during the Night Walk.

    Mysore Offbeat Tours:

    Mysore offbeat tours are the best ways to feel the liveliness of the city from the nearest point. These tours are usually different from the regular tours and offer the visitors with some wacky ways to explore the locale.

    With the increasing gush of visitors, Mysore offbeat tours are becoming one of the mostly enjoyed tours in the list of all Mysore Sightseeing Packages.  

    The offbeat tours take the visitors through the narrow lanes, offering them the rustic views of the city. This in turn allows the visitors to interact with the local people, have a glimpse of their lives and get familiar with the hidden or unknown aspects of the city.

    Tipu's Trail Jeep Tour, Mysore

    Tipu's Trail Jeep Tour, Mysore

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    Tipu Sultan has played a pivotal role in history and development of India. The kingdom of this great ruler was located right here in the city of Mysore. Therefore, all history enthusiasts and explorers can enjoy this jeep tour that will complete their sightseeing in Mysore.

    This trip goes through the fort city and one can experience the era of Anglo-Mysore wars that were planned and fought in this region. The tour is offered in an open jeep and the visitors will get to enjoy the glory of this city and its enchanting Srirangapatnam Island.

    [Enjoy the trip to the Srirangapatnam island and enjoy the Tippu's trail jeep tour with us]

    In addition, since this tour makes the visitors to feel the warmth and cheerfulness of Mysore, it helps them to get connected with the city.

    The sightseeing tour also takes one through various places and people can get their own handcrafted souvenirs prepared by the local artisans. A guide accompanying the travellers will provide them with the best and depth knowledge about life and times of Tipu Sultan.

    Malgudi Days Jeep Tour, Mysore

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    One of the most loved writings and television serials of the country, Malgudi Days draws its inspiration from the Indian city of Mysore. In fact, RK Narayan drew heavy influences from Mysore while creating the fantasy world called Malgudi.

    [Here is a chance for you to enjoy the Malgudi days jeep tour in Mysore with us]

    If you are one of those who wish to relive their childhood fantasy and watch their dreams turn into reality, then this is the ideal tour for you. The open jeep tour is an offbeat experience, which provides one with perspective regarding how Mysore became Malgudi and vice versa.

    The tour, which takes almost three hours to complete, is an enthralling and enchanting journey, where one gets to enjoy the fantasy world RK Narayan’s fictitious village called Malgudi. The trip is also a riveting experience for travellers from all over the world who wish to delve into the lives and the many different cultures of India.

    Mysore Offbeat Style Painting Tour

    Mysore Offbeat Style Painting Tour

    Mysore isn’t just a land of palaces and places of interest. It is also the land of intellectuals and artists who have played crucial roles in shaping the history and current developments of this city as well as the entire nation.

    This tour is all about exploring the facets of art in Mysore. The tour, which is offbeat travel, offers a vivacious opportunity to learn more about paintings and classic arts in the country.

    [Experience the amazing painting by the artists with the offbeat style painting tour with us here]

    The paintings that are showcased in this tour can be as old as 2nd century BC or as new as if they were created just a day before. The distinguished styles and designs of these paintings are worthy of an appreciation; some of these paintings has been accomplished by using delicate gold leaves and carvings.

    The tour highlights how squirrel hair was used for painting and perfect finishing of artworks or how colours were derived from vegetables. It also highlights how tamarind twig has been used for sketching. This tour is a must follow tour for art aficionados and those who wish to learn more about artistic pursuits.

    Mysore Offbeat Silk Tour

    Mysore Offbeat Silk Tour

    Mysore is a city that is renowned for its silk saris. The silk factories here were established centuries ago and still produce weaves of pure silk and golden zari work. Whether you are a shopaholic, a fashion designer, fashion savvy individual or vacationer, this offbeat tour will surely leave you spellbound with its artistic quest and smooth silk.

    The craftsmanship of silk saris of Mysore cannot be matched by those from other parts of the world. That is why this tour is heavenly for those who seek to explore and appreciate intricate and elaborately detailed work on Mysore saris.

    [City of the Silk, visit the offbeat silk tour in Mysore with us here]

    The tour takes one through the silk weaving factory and it is there that the guide explains about how Mysore Silk was first worn by Tipu Sultan, who is also referred to as the ‘Tiger of Mysore’.

    The tour will also provide information about how global recession caused a decline in this industry and how over a period of time people bounced back to renew it with vigour and zest. This tour is all about exploring an amazing side of arts and crafts in the city.

    Yoga and Spirituality Tour, Mysore

    Yoga and Spirituality Tour, Mysore

    Mysore is currently popular as the international arena for the popular exercise form called ‘Ashtanga Yoga’. This tour is designed to capture the soul and essence of this Yoga style.

    The Ashtanga Institute of Yoga will be visited in this tour, where hundreds and thousands of Yoga practitioners are getting benefitted every year. The yoga technique, which is known for revitalizing mind, body and spirit, is followed at this institute.

    [Here is the most famous Yoga and spirituality tour of Mysore that would help you learn various techniques in yoga and meditation]

    Travellers opting for this popular tour get to enjoy the ‘eight limbs’ of Yoga and learn more about this art form, which has impacted and benefitted the lives of thousands of followers. The intricate details and knowledge provided by this offbeat tour serve as a vital factor in making your Mysore trip an unforgettable experience.

    Mysore Food Tour

    Mysore Food Tour

    Over the years, people have erroneously been led to believe that South India is only about the luscious varieties of Idli, Dosa and mouth-watering Sambhar. But this is not true! Whether you are a foodie, an epicurean or a traveller with a distinct palate, this tour will surely fondle your taste buds!

    The wide variety of cuisines and amalgamation of the different South Indian cooking styles of this city has earned it the pride of being called as ‘foodie’s paradise’. This city offers an array of foods and dishes to vegetarian as well as to non-vegetarians. This tour is all about tickling the taste buds by trying endless range of delicious foods.

    [Tickle your taste buds, love the delicious food of Mysore in the food tour with us]

    The tour manages to surprise everyone, whether it is through the rice based snacks and breakfast or through its tangy vegetables, pulses, Mysore Pak and rice puddings.

    The cuisine and its spices are well explained throughout the entire tour, ensuring that travellers can easily enjoy foods that they find appetising. The tour offers simple but delectable delights and desserts for all food lovers!

    Mysore Market Walk

    Mysore Market Walk

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    Shopaholics and travellers can now be enthralled and enjoy some indulgence by opting for this offbeat tour of the city called the Mysore Market Walk; sightseeing in Mysore can never be completed without this tour!

    This tour is about exploring splendid shopping destinations and learning more about the market of the city. The tour starts with a casual visit to the local market of this city, but soon one gets to learn about its glorious nature and how it has influenced the history of current times.

    The market which is toured in this offbeat travel experience is known for offering popular specialities that are found in and around the city. Therefore, travellers here can purchase something that reflects the aura and essence of Mysore.

    The market tour is mostly held at 10:00 am and the walk is for two hours, ensuring that travellers get to experience different sides, shops and vendors in the market. The tour is incredibly engaging, but most importantly it is a must-to-opt for those who love shopping or vacationing in different cities.

    Mysore Artisan Walk

    Mysore Artisan Walk

    Mysore is truly a multi-faceted destination. It has palaces, buildings, educational centres, industrial sectors, shopping districts and an intriguing culture. But what gives it an edge over the others is the variety of places and tours it offers to travellers. This city is perhaps most popular for its sandalwood trees and products.

    There isn’t a doubt about the fact that when it comes to sandalwood products, Mysore is considered to be the greatest and the largest contributor. Therefore, the tour is welcomed by travellers who seek to explore this facet of Mysore.

    [Learn more about the sandalwood products and the art of crafting with the artisan walking tour with us]

    The Artisan Walk is a tour that takes one through different sectors of Mysore and explains how and why Mysore accounts for over 70 percent of the total production of sandalwood in India. The tour offers travellers a chance to explore and exchange words with various sandalwood artisans of the city.

    Through this offbeat tour, the travellers will get the opportunity to learn more about the art of sandalwood production. The Artisan Walk usually begins from popular Chamaraja Technical Institute, which is known as one of the finest institutes in the history of Karnataka. The tour usually takes place in the afternoon and lasts for almost two hours.

    Mysore Cycling Tours:

    Cycling allows one to slowly take in everything that Mysore has to offer. These cycling tours provide in-depth knowledge and information about the city, while enthralling travellers.

    Here is a list of some of the cycling tours that can be enjoyed in Mysore:

    Vintage Mysore Cycling Tour

    Vintage Mysore Cycling Tour

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    The popularity of Mysore, owing to its great cultural and historical significances has resulted a boom in its tourism industry. In order to explore the city and its famous destinations, tourists now prefer to go on guided cycled tours, as this helps them to not miss out with any of the important places. This tour is comparatively less tiring in comparison to the city walk tours.

    Moreover, while the trail of getting in and out of trains, buses and cars can make your journey more complicated and tiring, cycling tours will help you in avoiding this.

    [Hands on the gear, foot on pedal. Get set go]

    The various places of interest to visit in this tour of Mysore include historical monuments, art galleries, markets, and the palace that stands proudly, glorifying the history of Mysore. The Vintage Mysore Cycling Tour is organised by the Royal Mysore Walks, which offers a complete and detailed guided tour of the city along with providing the participants with cycles and refreshments.

    This amazing tour starts at 6:30 am and lasts for around two hours.

    Gravity Friday Cycling Tour

    Gravity Friday Cycling Tour

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    If you are on a holiday exploration of the city, there could be no better way to kick start your trip than bicycles and a ride around this reclusive city. The idea of organising this Gravity Friday Cycling Tour is to provide tourists with an opportunity to enjoy the best of Mysore travelling experience.

    Well, it is true that jeeps and cabs are quite a convenient mode of transport, but cycling is the best way to explore and admire the different facet of Mysore with a slow, yet steady pace.

    [Experience the Best of Mysore with the Gravity Friday Cycling tour in Mysore with us]

    This tour kicks off at 6:45 am and each of the participants is provided with a bicycle and the safety gears for cycling. Once geared up, the visitors can go for the enchanting cruise of the city and unfold its beauty and serenity. Since the entire tour is personalised, it gives the tourists an amazing experience to cycle around the city on their own will.

    Island Cycling Tour

    Island Cycling Tour

    Organised by Thrillophilia

    The Island Cycling Tour is a personalised tour that is tailored according to the requirements of the visitors. The visitors can even choose a half-day or a full-day tour, according to their own requirements; options are also available for a large or small group of cyclists.

    [Enjoy the Island Cycling tour in Mysore with the group of cyclists that gives you professionalised experience]

    The reason for conducting tours in small groups is the fact that it offers more professionalised experience to the tourists and along with sighting the major attractions of the town, one gets to see the offbeat destinations as well. Above all, the tour is children-friendly and the organisers do provide the participants with child seats to tag along. 

    [Contact us for more details and similar packages]

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