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    MM Hills

    MM Hills (Malai Mahadeshwara Hills) fall in the Chamarajnagar District.

    Thesd hills are very well known for largely celebrated hindu festivals. During the Diwali times, the place is lit up and the festival is celebrated with grand stupor and excitement. The water that flows around the temple emerges and dies down magically. Once here one can go to the Hogenkal Falls nearby which is hardly 45 kms away in the south. Before climbing the MM hills one passes by Koudalli from where the temple is approximately 30 kms. One can reach the hill either by Mysore or Bangalore. One can either drive down or take public transport.

    How to Reach: Bangalore - Kanakpura - Malavalli - Kollegala - Hanur - MM Hills

    Exact Location: It is situated in Kollegal taluk,  Chamarajnagar district.

    Nearest Town: Kollegal (74 km)

    Distance from Bangalore: 248 km

    Best Time to Visit: November to March when the monsoons rains have just left everything green and fresh.

    Other Information

    Hogenakkal falls: Located at a distance of 45 km from Malai Mahadeswara temple, Hogenkal is in the state of Tamilnadu. The water plummets down from a great height and resembles smoke, thus it has been named Hogenakkal (smoking rocks). In Kannada, Hoge means smoke and kal means stone.



  • 02Stay and Actvities at Nature Dine Homestay or Camp Sites near Bangalore

    Stay and Actvities at Nature Dine Homestay or Camp Sites near Bangalore
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    About the Activity:
    • Male Madeshwara betta or commonly known as MM Hills have the richest serenity as they are surrounded by 77 hill stations connecting the Western and the Eastern Ghats of India.
    • Lord Madeshwara Temple is a quite famous attraction. Thousands of visitors come to witness the alluring beauty of these hills every year.
    • A night stay at Nature Dine Homestay and camp sites would definitely let you rivet in the naturally blessed location which is 170 KM away from Bangalore and this is the best chance to add on undying memories in your travel diary.
      Hogenakkal Falls or the Indian Niagara Falls can be visited during the stay as it is located so close to the homestay. 
    • Trekking to the most beautiful MM hills along with other magnificent spots like BR Hills or Biligiri Ranganatha Temple, a tiger reserve with 67 tigers in the forest, Talakadu and Somatha Pura which are the two well-known heritage centres near Bangalore.
    • Also you will be able to visit the famous ancient temple, Chennakeshava temple which was built in 1268 by Soma.
    • With this amazing package comes different adventure activities such as trekking to the hills, wildlife safari, coracle ride and bullock cart apart from the tribal dance, traditional food experiencing and bonfire at night.

    • There are different packages available you can choose from as you wish to. To book any package listed below, the customer is requested to book the basic package of INR 650. Other than basic package customer can select other packages depending on availability, on Friday evening or early it will be confirmed.
    • 1) Basic for camping and bonfire - ( dinner and breakfast will be included) - Rs. 850/-
    • 2) 1 night/1 day with transportation, camping and bonfire and trekking - Rs. 1550/-
    • 3) 2 nights/2 days with camping and bonfire, Nagamale+ Hogenakkal Falls - Rs. 2000/-
    • 4) 1 night/2 days with Talakadu and Somanatha Pura and camping and bonfire - Rs. 2200/-
    • 5) 1 night/2 days with camping and bonfire and BR hills wildlife safari - Rs. 2600/-
    • Other than the Basic Package, every other package has transportation included.

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