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  • With fashionable boutiques, beautiful arcades and buzzing shopping centres, Melbourne is considered as Australia's best shopping destination. Melbourne shopping markets are full of precincts, where you can do great shopping with great cafes and dining. You will love the way in which new-age shopping complexes co-exist in perfect harmony with the centuries-old shopping arcades.

    Chadstone has a special place in the hearts of Melbournians and is now a destination for shoppers all around the world. If you love fashion, then the Chadstone Shopping Centre is a great place for the fashion. As well as all the biggest names in fashion, Chadstone offers precinct designed entirely for fun.

    One of the biggest shopping centres in Melbourne, Block Arcade is a place to shop and to be seen. This arcade and Melbourne’s history are truly inseparable. You should definitely visit Hopetoun Tea Rooms, whose windows filled with delicious cakes are as beloved by everyone.

    Here are some of the best places for shopping in Melbourne:

  • 01Chadstone shopping complex

    If you are taking up shopping trips in Melbourne, you will be pleasantly surprised to note that new-age shopping complexes co-exist in perfect harmony with the centuries-old shopping arcades. Chadstone Shopping Complex is one such ancient complex in the city.


    Highlights –
    This is the biggest shopping complex in Australia and in the Southern Hemisphere. There are around 530 stores here and the complex can accommodate up to 9300 cars in its parking lot. The market was opened for the general public during 1960. You can find stores of all categories like fashion, lifestyle, household, jewellery, pets’ accessories, sports, stationery, crafts, beauty, books etc. here.

    Location –
    Malvern East suburb, Victoria. Famous for – Almost all categories, fashion especially.

    Timings –
    9AM-5.30PM (Mon to Wed); 9AM-9PM (Thurs & Fri); 9AM-6PM (Sat) &10AM-5PM (Sun). Some stores operate extended hours during the weekends.

  • 02Bourke Street Mall

    Street markets are one of the greatest attractions in Melbourne City. Bourke Street Mall is one of them.


    Highlights –
    Due to its ultra-busy nature, Bourke Street is known as Melbourne’s second street (first one being Collins Street). Bourke Street Mall located on this street runs for 2km in length and is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. This mall is home to some of the famous restaurants, bars and cafes. During the weekends and evening hours, the mall witnesses thousands of people. There are more than 500 business units of various categories like restaurants, entertainment, fashion, household goods, beauty, speciality shops etc. in this mall.

    Location –
    200m towards north of Swanston Street & Elizabeth Street.

    Famous for –
    International & local restaurants, cafes and bars.

    Timings –
    Differs as per shops.
  • 03Block Arcade

    For all the shopaholics out there, you are definitely missing something in your life, if you haven’t visited Block Arcade, yet. A heritage shopping complex set up over a century ago, this complex stuns you right from the word go.


    Highlights –
    Excellent marble floors and a glass canopy cover add beauty to this arcade. It is not without reason that this arcade is part of Golden Mile Heritage Walk of Melbourne. This was constructed between 1891 and 1893 and takes guests back by a hundred years purely through its antique & brilliant interiors. This arcade and Melbourne’s history are truly inseparable. You have to taste the cakes and chocolates in the shops of these arcades to know about the royal tastes & flavours.

    Location –
    Melbourne CBD. Famous for – Hopetoun Tea Rooms (that sells incredible cakes) & Haigh’s Chocolates.

    8AM-6PM (Mon-Wed); 8AM-9PM (Thurs & Fri); 8AM-5PM (Sat) & 9AM-5PM (Sun).
  • 04Bridge Road, Richmond

    Bridge Road in Richmond not only provides you a unique shopping experience but also provides you a sneek-peek into the rich cultural heritage of the place.


    Highlights -
    History of this market dates back to as early as the 18th century. Formed just a few years after the Europeans settled in Victoria, this place was once the hub of corn and hay stores. Later on, they slowly developed into leading fashion outlets, award-winning restaurants, confectioneries, cafes, furniture and other stores. Even today, many heritage walk tours are conducted in and around this area. It is easily accessible by foot, car, bike and public transport.

    Location –
    Very short distance from Melbourne CBD.

    Famous for –
    Fashion outlets selling all international styles of clothes, great restaurants, high-quality furniture outlets, community shops, arts, wellness and other retail outlets.

    Timings –
    Varies according to shops.
  • 05Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

    One of the best street markets in Melbourne, Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, shows cultural integrity at its best. Nomads and professionals are found in large numbers here enjoying music, dance and food with a large heartedness that is rare to find anywhere else.


    Highlights –
    At the heart of bohemian culture, Brunswick Street is where live music shows, tarot readers, art & music studios and many more such eccentric lifestyles can be found in addition to the usual stalls There are lots of clubs and bars here, which means, the street gets into a new groove during the nights. Experience nightlife at this place if you get the chance to do so.

    Location –
    Between Victoria Parade & St. Georges North; this market is 2km long.

    Famous for –
    Close to 200 businesses including cafes,bars, restaurants, fashion, entertainment, wines, speciality shops, heath& wellness, personal care, jewellery, household and gifting stores.

    Timings –
    Varies as per shops.
  • 06Chapel Street

    Chapel Street is a historic market which aims to provide guests a world-class experience.


    Highlights –
    Chapel Street is not just a tourist hub in Melbourne City. It is also a commercial and residential complex. Therefore, it is always crowded. Chapel Market Street runs about 4.13km in length and houses some businesses like fashion, arts, international-quality restaurants, medical care facilities and many more. All shops have a Gothic style of architecture, which attracts guests to a great extent. If you are looking for vintage items, this is the place to be.

    Location –
    Runs along the Yarra River and covers areas like Brighton and St. Kilda. There are about 980 shops here!

    Famous for –
    Known as Melbourne’s fashion capital Chapel Street is famous for its upmarket fashion stores, jewellery, antique items and more.

    Timings –
    Varies as per shops.
  • 07Melbourne Central

    Melbourne Central is one of the famous shopping malls in the city of Melbourne, offering unlimited entertainment to guests coming here.


    A shopping mall constructed over five levels, Melbourne Central is the one stop solution for your fashion, dining and entertainment requirements. There are over 300 retail outlets in this mall with most of them being internationally recognised brands as well. The car parking lot of this place has the capacity to accommodate 822 cars at a time. Level 3 of this complex is dedicated to clubs & bars; therefore, during the night hours, the ambience is absolutely awesome here.

    Location –
    Cnr La Trobe & Swanston Streets, Melbourne. Famous for - International fashion stores, great dining options, nightclubs, bar, kids’ stores, toys, sports & recreation, speciality stores, health & wellness, Beauty & personal care and more.

    Timings –
    10AM-7PM (Mon-Wed & weekends) 10AM-9PM (Thurs & Fri); 
  • 08Flinders Lane

    Image Credit :  dean walliss
    Once the bustling hub of Australia’s rag trade, Flinders Lane is now the embodiment of bespoke craftsmanship fused with modern culture, with the vision to create a luxurious range of quality men’s shirts, Flinders Lane was established in 2009.Inspired by unpretentious sophistication and in keeping with its romantic history, Flinders Lane was born out of a desire to create elegant tailoring using exclusive and sharp prints, vibrant colors, and superb classic fit shirting. The lifestyle range blends infinite style with contemporary elegance for the modern man. The Flinders Lane shirts inspire a classic refinement with a modern twist, using 100% premium cotton fabrications. Sourcing the finest yarns from across the world, and with a strong emphasis on color, texture, form and line, Flinders Lane shirts are cut and tailored to suit every shape. The collections focus on superior quality and intricate detail in each unique shirt, which is accentuated by the surprising contrast detailing on the collars, cuffs, and buttondown trims, bringing a touch of class and individual style to any wardrobe. Embrace impeccable style this season with Flinders Lane.

    Image Credits : dean walliss

  • 09Melbourne GPO

    The shopping complex located at Melbourne GPO is a classic example of renovation gone absolutely incredible!


    Highlights –
    During 2004, the ancient postal office building underwent a complete makeover and is today one of most stylish and upmarket boutique shopping destinations in Melbourne. Classical style of architecture, as evident in all the other Victorian Era buildings, adds a unique charm to this place. The clock tower located on top of the building is still an iconic structure in Melbourne. Home to some of the finest dining joints and leading fashion outlets, Melbourne GPO, provides absolute bliss to guests coming here from all parts of the world.

    Location –
    At the corner of Bourke Street Mall, at the intersection of Lonsdale & Elizabeth Streets. Famous for- Chic dining joints, leading international fashion brands, entertainment and other antique items.

    Timings –
    9.30AM-7PM (Mon-Wed); 9.30AM-9PM (Thurs &Fri); 9.30AM-8PM (Sat) & 10AM-7PM (Sun).
  • 10Toorak Road

    This is one of the luxury street markets in Melbourne and you should be ready to loosen your purse strings a bit, when you want to shop for something here.

    Highlights –
    Toorak is one of those suburbs in Melbourne where you will find luxury everywhere right from the huge palatial buildings that people own here down to the designer outlets that have put up their shops here. Shopping here is a far cry when compared to shopping in the other busy street markets of Melbourne. Most of the times, people come here only for window-shopping as it costs a huge sum of money to even dine in one of the restaurants here.

    Location –
    Toorak suburb.

    Famous for – Children’s stores, Florists, Handbags, Footwear, Art Galleries, Jewellery, Men’s and Women’s fashion stores, sports & recreation, gifting outlets, cake shops, restaurants, live music shows and many more.

    Timings – Varies as per shops.
  • 11Direct Factory Outlets (DFO)

    When you are looking for branded items at highly competitive prices, direct factory outlets are the best places where you can go to. Melbourne has got quite a few of them.

    Highlights –
    Just like all other factory outlets, the ones in Melbourne too aim to provide full value for money for guests coming here. However, you must be careful to shop only from the direct factory outlets from the respective brands to be sure of the quality. Most of the times, the items found here are the ones rejected during export, due to very negligible issues.

    Famous direct factory outlets –
    Brand Smart (best outlet in Melbourne), Bridge Road at Richmond, Smith Street at Collingwood, Harbourtown, University Hill, etc.

    Timings –
    As per shops.
  • 12Fountain gate Westfield

    This is one of the better known shopping centres in Melbourne specialising in a lot of categories.

    Highlights –
    This is the second biggest mall in Australia, in terms of floor-area occupied. This mall was opened to the general public during 1970 and has close to 470 stores in its complex today. There are 2 floors in this shopping complex and the car parking facility can accommodate 6493 cars at any point of time.

    Location –
    Narre Warren, south-eastern suburb of Melbourne. Famous for – A whole bevy of categories like food, fashion, kids, sports & fitness, bags, beauty & wellness, personal care, home furnishings, electronics and many more. In all of these categories, you will be thrilled to find many leading international brands as well. Apart from this you can enjoy movies, shows and experience multi-cuisine dining options here.

    Timings –
    9AM-5.30PM (Mon-Wed); 9AM-9PM (Thurs & Fri);9AM-5PM (Sat) & 10AM-5PM (Sun).
  • 13Arcades and Laneways

    Image Credit :  variationblogr
    Centre Place is a busy one-way and arcade that runs between Flinders Lane and Collins Street. The laneway is home to several vibrant bars, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, sushi bars, and shops, as well as some of Melbourne's best examples of street art and graffiti, particularly stencil graffiti, known as "City Lights”. With mosaic-tile flooring, a glass canopy and carved stone, the Block Arcade is one of the finest examples of a 19th-century shopping arcade on the planet. The Royal Arcade has provided an undercover shopping link between Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall, Little Collins Street and Elizabeth Street since 1869. Connecting Bourke Street Mall and Little Collins Street, The Walk Arcade offers a selection of jewelry, gift, accessory and homeware stores. The Walk is also home to some excellent dining choices. Inspiring art is everywhere in Melbourne - hidden in nooks and crannies, over, under and around street corners and right where you'd never expect to find it. Entered from Flinders Street, Campbell Arcade underground shopping precinct dates from 1956 and connects Degraves Street to Flinders Street Station.

    Image Credits : Brian Giesen

  • 14Federation Square

    Image Credit :  llee_wu
    In the lead up to the Centenary of Federation in 2001, the development of Federation Square offered a unique opportunity – the chance to celebrate the ideas of ‘identity’ and ‘place’ through a much needed civic and cultural space. Over the last two hundred years the site had been home to the city morgue, a fish market, corporate offices and rail yards. While planners had long dreamed of linking the CBD to the Yarra River, the divide created by the railway yards had consistently thwarted further development. Given its bold architectural form and large aspiration, the project had it share of changes to the brief, controversy over the design and costs, heated debate, and skepticism. Since opening on 26 October 2002 however, Federation Square has been embraced by locals and visitors alike, with an average of more than 10 million visits each year. Fed Square is made up of a series of interlocking and cascading spaces. Buildings open at all angles in the city, creating unexpected connections and vistas. In response to the brief, the design was heavily influenced by the idea of ‘Federation’, of bringing disparate parts together to form a coherent whole.
  • 15Flower Drum

    In China, “Flower Drum” is known as a traditional dance famous for its beauty and elegance. In Melbourne, it is a Chinese restaurant that displays the same elements of refinement and delicacy through our concept of fine dining Cantonese cuisine and dedicated service. Flower Drum, the restaurant, is a place that believes in combining great food, fine wine and impeccable service for a unique dining experience each and every time. Flower Drum offers private dining to accommodate guests from 12 up to 50 for functions and events with menus created specifically to meet individual needs. With two rooms on offer, the private rooms are ideal for business functions, birthdays or family gathering. Largest Banquet Room can be booked for functions ranging from 20 guests up to 50. The room can fit five round tables or one long oval table up to 25 guests. The Private Dining rooms do have minimum spend requirements as well as a booking deposit in order to secure the room for the date requested. Flower Drum Chinese restaurant in Melbourne CBD has aged over the decades and also Flower Drum is celebrating 30 years in its current location.