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    Kinnaur Kalish Parikrama Trek

    This Kinnaur Kalish Parikrama Trek will lead to stunning territories of flourishing green valleys, orchards, vineyards snow-clad peaks and cold desert mountains. It is set within the Greater Himalayan belt it boasts of the highest mountains in Himachal Pradesh. Mt. Kinner Kailash has importance of a massive Shiv Lingam. This is one of the mythical abodes of Lord Shiva.

    The Parikrama or circumambulation of this trek begins from Kalpa via Triung valley. Drive up to Thangi where the actual trek starts. Kalpa is a pretty village. The valley Kalpa has magnificent views of Jorkaden (6473m) and Raldang (5499m) in the Kinner-Kailash massif. The trail passes through a beautiful alpine gorge before it opens out into lush conifer forests. Trek down to the small village of Lambar.

    Another trek will bring you along the valley to the village of Charang, a home to a famous ancient gompa that has been a sacred religious site. Moving further on this path, after crossing the Lalanti River, enter into lush meadows. You can get a chance for camping below the Lalanti Pass. An eye-catching place where you may spot snow leopard and Ibex, this pass offers immense views of the nearby mountain ranges.

    From Lalanti to Charang La, at the top you will be rewarded with inspiring views of the Kinner Kailash range and Sangla Valley. Follow the steep descent into Chitkul, a small village on the river Baspa near to the Tibetan border. 

    Major attractions

    Kothi: Kothi is also known as Koshtampi, overshadowed by Kinner Kailash peak. Visit temple of ˜Shuwang Chandika'. The village trip offers you to explore an attractive temple, elegant willows, green fields, fruit trees. 

    Kalpa: It is one of the well-known villages of the district Kinnaur. Kalpa presents an amazing view of 'Kinner Kailash'. At the top of this peak, ˜Parvati Kund is situated. Travel around the antique villages of Pangi, Kanum and Moorang. According to weather, the mountain changes its colors.

    How to get there

    By Air:  Closest Air port is Jubbar Hatti in Shimla, around 200 km.

    By Train: Kalka is the closest in Haryana. The narrow gauge is lined up to Shimla. 

    By Road: All the vehicles run on The National Highway No. 22. This road is well connected with Shimla. You can get buses, taxis and jeeps from Shimla and Rampur. 


    Places to visit nearby

    Sangla: Sangla is the village of the Bapsa valley, set on the right bank of Baspa River. It houses gigantic 'Kinner Kailash' peak - 6,500 meters. There lays a famous fort called 'Kamru. Many Rajas were crowned in this fort. This place offers comfy saffron fields and alpine meadows.

    Rakchham: 'Rak' means a stone and 'Chham' means a bridge. The quaint village, Rakchham is situated on the right bank of the Baspa River. 



    Do not spoil the surrounding places. All the waste should be removed off away from the camping site.

    Good knee and ankle fitness is required for this trek.

    Maximum height to be reached is 5242 meters.

    Avoid exertion, as this will not let you enjoy the trek.

    Best time to visit

    May - September 

    Things to carry

    Warm jacket / pullover

    Warm gloves

    Warm socks


    Prescribed medication (if any)

    Backpack / rucksack

    Warm track pants / trousers and shirts

    Good walking / hiking shoes

    Flash light with extra batteries


    Suntan lotion and toiletries

    Camera (optional)

    Water bottles


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