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    Kayaking in Uttaranchal

    If there is a paradise on earth for adventure sports lovers, it has to be Uttaranchal. You have a plethora of options to quench your adventurous soul from, for example, rafting, rappelling, canoeing and kayaking.

    Did we say kayaking? Yes, kayaking in Uttaranchal is fast catching the minds of adventure sport seekers and is gaining popularity amongst kayakers over the globe.

    Now if you are really in the mood for an adventure of a lifetime and want to burn the extra heat within, trekking or kayaking in Uttaranchal is what you should do this time around.

    A gift from the Garhwal regions

    Thanks to the snow capped icy heights sitting pretty in the Himalayan kingdom, which makes trekking in Uttaranchal exciting, we have mighty wild rivers flowing down her way. And then you have plenty of brooks and streams feeding the rivers, swelling them to over capacity at times.

    The gushing waters speed along the riverbeds, gorges and form white silvery rapids along the way. While you roam on the jeep safari, you would see the network of rivers which flow through the gorges, villages, forests and riverbeds in Kumaon and Garhwal, provide the kayakers the best water adventures they could have bargained for.

    When River Alaknanda and river Bhagirathi which are River Gangas tributaries meet at Devprayag, the culmination for the same is wild and frothy

    . Over here the rapids are termed to be violent and dangerous, and hence the kayaking expedition at these points can only be taken up by experienced adventurers.

    Difficulty level: Grade 4 and 5

    What thrillophilia opines on kayaking in Uttaranchal

    If you love exploration and paddling at the same time, kayaking in the white waters of Uttaranchal is a must. Thanks to the mighty Ganga and the tributary Alaknanda, you have various descent styles appealing and inviting for kayakers from across the globe to play and challenge themselves with.

    The untamed Bhagirathi

    Kayaking at the Bhagirathi would take you into the remotest parts ever imagined. The rapids are strong over here and hence it is important only experienced kayakers plunge into the waters.

    While you engage in white water kayaking or hot air ballooning over the Bhagirathi, be ready to be mesmerized by the thickets on either side of her banks, keep clicking with your cameras if you please, for there are plenty of wildlife species, both animals and birds peeking from their sleepy hollows.

    Difficulty level: Grade 4 and 5

    Alaknanda at her racy best

    The river Alaknanda flows with mighty gusto and being just a tributary of the river Ganga, Alaknanda has her own character and intensity defined. There are many creeks and gorges on her course to tackle while rafting in Uttranchal, and offer great challenging possibilities to the kayaking experts.

    Difficulty level: Grade 3, 4 and 5

    The mighty Ganga beckons

    Most of the camping and kayaking expeditions do happen in the river Ganga, and when you are in Uttaranchal to kayak, dont miss this opportunity. The rapids of the Ganga are very challenging, and there are flat long stretches on her course as well.

    Difficulty level: Grade 3, 4 and 5

    Some other spots around Uttaranchal for kayaking

    1. Pipalkoti rated as grade IV
    2. Chamoli rated as grade IV and above
    3. Pindar rated as grade III and IV
    4. Nandakini rated as grade IV
    5. Mandakini rated as grade IV and VI
    6. Uttarkashi rated as grade IV and V
    7. Harki doon  rated as grade IV and above
    8. Pabar rated as grade IV to VI when it emerges, and grade II when it is half way through. But once the river comes to the lower parts of its course it is rated as IV and V.

    Best time to visit Uttaranchal for kayaking

    The months of February to August and then from September to mid November, but avoid the monsoons for it could be dangerous to venture out into the swelling waters or even rock climbing then, and do not even think of the winter months, you could end up with hypothermia in the icy frost biting waters.

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