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    Kayaking in Rishikesh

    The adventurous at hart throng this place to kayak their ways through gushing rapids and waterways every year. There are various types to the kayaking sport and it depends solely on your choices, if you would like to just kayak around the river Ganga or embark on a kayaking expedition.

    It gets more thrilling and exciting when kayaking is performed on the white waters of the river and hence most around Rishikesh look for white water kayaking when they come here.

    When you plan your next adventurous trip to this wonderful place, dont miss out on your itenary the need to kayak across the holy waters of the river Ganga.

    The uniqueness of such a rafting expedition cannot be defined in words, it needs to be experienced!!

    The various grades for Rishikesh kayaking

    Right from Rishikesh to Kaudiyala the distance is around thirty six kilometers. And in this distance one would come across at least thirteen important rapids.

    The expanse for the whole river is divided into four main grades, which can be chosen by those who seek adventures and thrills. Below are the most popular grades found for kayaking at Rishikesh;

    1. The Marine Drive which falls under Grade II
    2. The Sweet Sixteen which falls under Grade I
    3. The Cross Fire which falls under Grade III
    4. The Roller Coaster which falls under Grade IV
    5. The famous Three Blind Mice which falls under Grade III, and finally,
    6. The Golf Course which falls under Grade IV

    Is it important for you to be a swimmer to enjoy kayaking in Rishikesh?

    No is the answer, and thats the best part about kayaking. Anyone of any age, fit and physically able can go ahead and enjoy this sport. At Rishikesh you would find all the necessary equipment and gear needed to enjoy the thrills and fun of kayaking across the white rapids.

    You even have guides and there would be instructors to help you stay safe, so that your kayaking experience in Rishikesh turns out to be a memorable and an exciting one for life.

    The other add ons while kayaking in Rishikesh

    1. While you enjoy the experience of kayaking, you would be in close contact with the abundant flora and fauna around. The beauty of wildlife enchants tourists and adventure seekers alike.
    2. Some of the most magnificent views of hills and terrains best for cliff jumping would unravel itself right before your eyes, keeping you spellbound on your expedition. This is the beauty which has brought kayaking experts from all across the world.
    3. The silvery sandy beaches for camping at Rishikesh are an added bonus. They are sanguine and tranquil, perfectly set in harmony with the environment around. Post the experience of kayaking, one can always laze around the beaches with their friends and close ones, enjoy a game of beach volleyball or even unwind and relax from the thrills of the day.
    4. Apart from kayaking, one can even engage in other sport activities, such as rock climbing, beach camping, rappelling, and body surfing as well. And for those who love nature and photography, the cameras should be ready for the scenic beauty poses for clicks and shots in the laps of the hills and mountains around.

    The famous starting points for kayaking at Rishikesh

    1. The first point for kayaking is Brahmpuri - Difficulty Level - Grade I
    2. The second point for kayaking is Shivpuri - Difficulty Level - Grade I & II
    3. The third point for kayaking is Marine Drive - Difficulty Level - Grade I, II & III
    4. The fourth point for kayaking is Kaudiyala - Difficulty Level - Grade I, II, III & IV

    The best time for kayaking

    The best time to experience the thrills and expeditions full of adventure and fun would be February to June and even from early September to early December as well.

    Kayaking is not conducted while the monsoons are on since the levels of water rise and it is pretty unsafe, hence July and August shouldnt be thought of for kayaking. Maybe you could then opt for trekking in Rishikesh at this time and enjoy the beauty around.

    So if you are planning to kayak in Rishikesh and need help this time around, thrillophilia is at your service!

Kayaking in Rishikesh