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    Kayaking in Karnataka

    It would solely depend on the experience levels you have that you take to the waters of the rivers down south, slow or fast. Kayaking is done in lakes and rivers that move slowly as well, so you dont have to be an expert as such to tread in fast moving rivers. What you surely need around would be the expert watchful eyes of instructors, so that you stay safe and sound while having your fill of excitement and adventure at the same time.

    Some of the best sites to kayak in Karnataka according to thrillophilia

    1. Agumbe
    2. Chikmagalur
    3. Karwar

    But this is not all, please read on and you will know more about the adventures and thrill when you reach here to kayak in mighty Karnataka.

    The kayaking experience at Sita Nadi

    The Sita Nadi is a haunt for kayakers and rafters, because it is an ideal spot for adventure sports. If you want to experience the thrills of kayaking in Karnataka, Sita Nadi shouldnt be missed; it never disappoints to quench the needs of adventure seekers.  The other features to the Sita Nadi kayaking experience would be the breathtaking dense thickets on either side of the moving river. Activities other than kayaking would be rafting and trekking. So if you are in the mood for more fun and excitement, Sita Nadi has plenty more to offer you.

    Difficulty levels: It would depend on the level of the kayakers experience on various stretches across the Sita Nadi.

    The Bhadra Kayaking soiree

    If you are in trekking in Karnataka, especially around Chickmanglur, the Bhadra River welcomes you to tread her white waters. Kayaking here too is an adventure all by itself.  Excellent stretches across the river as seen from hot air ballooning, all in all seven to fourteen kilometers can spoil you for choice and kayaking options. And while you kayak in the river dont miss out on the spectacular landscape dotting the banks on either side, especially the famous Kudremukh peak, you could try rock climbing here as well. You can also if you wish combine a trekking expedition to the peak after you are satiated with the kayaking experience at River Bhadra. Trek through the jungles, plantation trails and the hills to soak yourself in natures finest thrills.

    Difficulty levels: It would depend on the level of the kayakers experience on various stretches across the River Bhadra.

    Go up north and enjoy kayaking at Karwar

    If you go biking up north Karnataka you would come across a place called Karwar. This is the best place for amateurs to learn the art of kayaking say sources. The river Kali, blackish because of the rocks on its riverbed, allows amateurs and experienced kayakers alike to have their thrills. You can camp by the rive Kali overnight, and if you want to learn the art of kayaking, there are various trained and certified instructors to help you pick up the skill in no time. Experienced kayakers who know everything about kayaking in Karnataka have also taken to sea kayaking which is off the coast of Karwar in the mighty Arabian Sea.

    Difficulty levels: It would depend on the level of the kayakers experience on various stretches across the River Kali.

    Say Hello to kayaking in Marvanthe Beach

    Another nice haunt to go kayaking in Karnataka would be the Marvanthe beach. Famous for any type of water sports and adventure, swimming too can be a thrill in its tides which are gentle. Thanks to the backwaters which flow from the Sandurs Narihalla dam, you can enjoy kayaking here along with other water based activities, such as water skiing, jet skiing, paddling, rowing and shikhara rides as well. The best place at the Marvanthe beach to go kayaking would be Linganamakii.

    Difficulty levels: It would depend on the level of the kayakers experience.

    How can we forget the famous Dandeli

    The river Kali is truly a gifted river, with not one but two spots for kayaking. This time we talk to you of Dandeli. The area has the ruggedness which is unique and not found elsewhere; kayaking is surely a pleasure at such a spot. There are unlimited options for you to enjoy kayaking and rafting in Karnatakas Dandeli district. And while you kayak the river at Dandeli, look around and be in awe of the breathtaking flora and fauna that surrounds. The location is picturesque with famous resorts on either side dotting the landscape around the valleys. Other options would be the Bison Resort, the Dandeli Wildlife National Park and the Hornbills Resort to camp, trek and have an adventurous time in.

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    Difficulty levels: It would depend on the level of the kayakers experience.

    So what are you waiting for? Get ready to go all wild and wet with the best kayaking experiences in Karnataka.

Kayaking in Karnataka

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