Bheemeshwari is a concoction of natural beauty, serenity, adventure sports, and trekking trails. The small town is located, in between the Shivasamudra falls and Mekedatu falls, on the banks of river Cauvery. One of the ideal destinations for eco-tourism, the town is surrounded by verdant forests that house an incredible number of wildlife, including elephants, wild boars, monkeys, jackals, crocodiles, and more. The Cauvery River at Bheemeshwari is frequented by adventure sports enthusiasts who like to use kayak to move across the water. You can guide your own kayak on the ripples of the magnificent River Cauvery. It˜s a perfect destination for beginners who wish to enjoy the sport.

Other Sports

Trekking: Bheemeshwari offers a number of Indian Wildlife trekking trails for both beginners and professionals. The treks are divided into three categories”easy, medium, and tough depending on the distance from 4 km to 30 km.

Mountain Biking: Mountain biking enthusiasts come to Bheemeshwari for a bicycle ride off the road over the rough terrain.

River Rafting: The rapids in Cauvery at Bheemeshwari are Grade 2, making the waters ideal for starters. Its an 8 km run, and you pass through dense forests.

Angling: River Cauvery is paradise for anglers, and is a preferred destination for both professional anglers and amateurs. The prized catch is the finest sport fish Masheer.

How to Reach

Bangalore ’ Kanakpura ’ Halagur ’ Bheemeshwari

From Bangalore: Take the national highway (NH) to reach Halagur Village via Kanakpura. Reaching the village, take the village road that takes you to Bheemeshwari via Muthati. The nearest airport and railhead is in Bangalore.

Exact Location: Bheemeshwari is located 100 km South of Bangalore in the Mandya district.

Nearest Town: Bangalore

Distance from Bangalore: 100 km

Best Time to Visit: August to January

Other Information

Doddamakkali Nature Camp: You can reach this nature camp by trekking from Bheemeshwari. Here, the majestic Cauvery River forms a pool which is ideal for water sports. Doddamakkali Nature Camp is located 7 km upstream of Bheemeshwari.

Galibore: Galibore is surrounded by huge Terminalia Arjuna trees, and the river cuts through in the front, which is bounded by hills on each side. One can spot herd of elephants near the bank of the river. Galibore is located 16 km away from Bheemeshwari,

Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is located amidst the waterfalls of Mekedatu, Barachukki and Gaganachukki in Mandya district. Its natural habitat harbours Mahseer fish, and houses an incredible variety of wildlife.

Image Source: Girik