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    Located at an altitude of 6400m, it lies south east of Leh, in Markha Valley on the top of Nimaling Plateau. Kang Yatse trek unfolds near the beginning of Markha Valley. It is a non-technical trek, for those who have little mountaineering knowledge. Above the huge Nimaling meadow, there lies Kang yatse, a beautiful peak. Nimaling has tiny ponds and rivulets flowing all over its meadows. While moving further, you may come across with rare animals such as yakyaks, sheep, goats, dzos and horses. The nearest town is Leh. Trek also provides an opportunity to explore traditional villages and experience livelihoods of the Ladakhi people.

    Major attractions:


    It is one of the most charming high treks in Ladakh. Nimaling is controlled by the abundant summit Kangyatse. 

    Stok village: 

    It is an easy access to Stok kangri. A short and trouble-free trek takes you to the pleasing village through picturesque Stok valley.


    How to get there: 

    By Air: 

    The Leh airport connects directly to important cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Srinagar. Major airlines like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways run regularly from this airport.

    By Road: 

    Leh-Ladakh has extremely well-networked roads to Srinagar and Manali. From June to October, the 434-km Leh-Srinagar road is operative, while the 473-km Leh-Manali road remains functional from July to September.

    By Rail: 

    The prime rail head is Jammu Tawai in Jammu, about 690 km away and linked with several major cities across India.

    Other Info

    Places to visit nearby:

    Spituk monastery: 

    Around 18 km from Leh, this monastery is set on the hill top near Indus. Founded in 11th century, Spituk was belonged to Kadampa school. The festival called Spituk is celebrated every year in the 11th month.

    Stongde monastery: 

    It is located 18 km from north of Padum. This monastery is the second largest establishment of Ladakh. It offers breathtaking views of the places around.

    Hadimba Devi temple:

    It is one of the most important temples in the district. This is a four storied wooden temple. 



    The summit of Kang Yatse is located at 6400m. 

    You need to be reasonably fit for this difficult trek.

    Special permits are not required for trekking in the Indian Himalayas, with the exception of certain restricted areas.

    Camping is done on pre-defined campsites near source of water and requires no technical climbing equipments accept ropes.

    While trekking in this area, keep in mind that you do not dirty the surrounding places. All the waste should be gathered and disposed off away from the camping site.

    Best time to visit: 

    July to September

    Things to carry:

    Walking stick 
    Sleeping bag
    Hiking shoes 
    Woolen clothes 
    Water, juices, snacks
    Electric torch
    Medical kit
    A good compass
    An extra pair of clothes

Trekking in kangra




Why to visit in winters – Searching for some best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in winters? Try out Triund trekking this winter. The whole area looks great with thick covered snow and it will be fun to pass through this snow covered valleys and hills

What to do – Trek to Triund from Mcleodganj and spend a day or take a picnic break to enjoy the pristine beauty of the rivers and sceneries

What to see – There are some nearby attractions like Bhagsunath temple, Bhagsu falls, Minkiani pass and some best sightseeing places too


Namgyal Monastery

The Namgyal Monastery is well known for being the biggest Tibetan sanctuary outside Tibet and also the residence of the Dalai Lama. It was established in 16th century and since then it serves to preserve the Tibetan culture and customs.

It enlightens the monks who reside here by imparting knowledge based on philosophy, sacred arts, meditation and debates. This Monastery is bestowed with a pristine atmosphere, making it an ideal place to attain peace. It also showcases splendid statues of Buddha, which are highly admirable. This Monastery not only intrigues religionists but also other tourists and admirers.

 Timings: - Open from 4:30 AM to 8:30 PM


Kareri Lake

There are multiple number of trekking expeditions happening every year in Kareri Lake and the reason is nothing but the high altitude range of Dhauladhar the lake is situated on and the breathtaking serenity that acts as the perfect background for the lake. This shallow, fresh-water lake depends on the snow melting away from the Dhauladhar Range to fill its stomach and it looks more beautiful when it is in the frozen state from the month of December to March-April. A 9 KM dirt road connecting Kareri to the nearest town Ghera is the only way to reach the top where a temple of Lord Shiva and Shakti is established overlooking the lake. In winter the lake will be frozen but that is the season umpteen number of trekkers flood to witness this ideal beauty.

Malana Village Trek

This trekking trail is yet another popular route for trekking in Himachal Pradesh. Malana village is inhabited by the tribal people and is deemed to be one of the earlier democracies of the world.

This trek which terminates at Baralacha Pass through the Manali-Leh highway. The Malana tribes have their distinct laws, customs and language and also a governing body named Koram which is formed by the village elders. One can have a visit around the village but after securing proper permission from the village elders.

This rather moderate trek takes you through beautiful, picture perfect landscapes, rhododendron bushes, birch forests and sprawling meadows. The awesome views of Dhauladhar, Hanuman Tibba and Ghalpo peaks are sure to fascinate you.

Best Season: April - October
Max. Elevation: 3029m
Duration of the Trek: 5 days
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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