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    Located at an altitude of 6400m, it lies south east of Leh, in Markha Valley on the top of Nimaling Plateau. Kang Yatse trek unfolds near the beginning of Markha Valley. It is a non-technical trek, for those who have little mountaineering knowledge. Above the huge Nimaling meadow, there lies Kang yatse, a beautiful peak. Nimaling has tiny ponds and rivulets flowing all over its meadows. While moving further, you may come across with rare animals such as yakyaks, sheep, goats, dzos and horses. The nearest town is Leh. Trek also provides an opportunity to explore traditional villages and experience livelihoods of the Ladakhi people.

    Major attractions:


    It is one of the most charming high treks in Ladakh. Nimaling is controlled by the abundant summit Kangyatse. 

    Stok village: 

    It is an easy access to Stok kangri. A short and trouble-free trek takes you to the pleasing village through picturesque Stok valley.


    How to get there: 

    By Air: 

    The Leh airport connects directly to important cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Srinagar. Major airlines like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways run regularly from this airport.

    By Road: 

    Leh-Ladakh has extremely well-networked roads to Srinagar and Manali. From June to October, the 434-km Leh-Srinagar road is operative, while the 473-km Leh-Manali road remains functional from July to September.

    By Rail: 

    The prime rail head is Jammu Tawai in Jammu, about 690 km away and linked with several major cities across India.

    Other Info

    Places to visit nearby:

    Spituk monastery: 

    Around 18 km from Leh, this monastery is set on the hill top near Indus. Founded in 11th century, Spituk was belonged to Kadampa school. The festival called Spituk is celebrated every year in the 11th month.

    Stongde monastery: 

    It is located 18 km from north of Padum. This monastery is the second largest establishment of Ladakh. It offers breathtaking views of the places around.

    Hadimba Devi temple:

    It is one of the most important temples in the district. This is a four storied wooden temple. 



    The summit of Kang Yatse is located at 6400m. 

    You need to be reasonably fit for this difficult trek.

    Special permits are not required for trekking in the Indian Himalayas, with the exception of certain restricted areas.

    Camping is done on pre-defined campsites near source of water and requires no technical climbing equipments accept ropes.

    While trekking in this area, keep in mind that you do not dirty the surrounding places. All the waste should be gathered and disposed off away from the camping site.

    Best time to visit: 

    July to September

    Things to carry:

    Walking stick 
    Sleeping bag
    Hiking shoes 
    Woolen clothes 
    Water, juices, snacks
    Electric torch
    Medical kit
    A good compass
    An extra pair of clothes

Trekking in kangra



Kareri Lake

Very few people who like stillness around such hypnotic places, pick Kareri Lake amongst the other places to visit in Kangra. Emerging from the heart of the Dhaulandhar range, this scintillating lake is one of its creation. The lake freezes in the winters leaving behind a revitalizing breeze. A major magnetism is the trekking experience during which you can partake in activities like Tyrolean Traversing. 

Although, only experienced people go for this since it is conducted on higher altitudes. It also forms the base for trekking further into this mountain range to Bagga and Rewa until one finally reaches the end point-Guna Devi Temple. You can bow down at the ancient Shiva and Shakti temple by the lake, a devotional place for many.

Where exactly: 
2 km ahead of Sari Village.

The Brajeshwari Temple

The Brajeshwari Temple is one well-known places to visit in Kangra. A paramount reason why devotees want to visit this temple is that it is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths in the country. The shopping street that leads one up the temple from the parking area is an ecstasy.

Dedicated to Goddess Brajeshwari, a form of Durga, this temple holds utmost importance in mythology. The temple that stands today is a re-built version of the original pagoda which had dropped to dust in the 1905 earthquake.

Where Exactly: Kangra Dev

Drop By: Open all day; closed from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Dhaulandhar Range

This name does not sound alien to you anymore. If you make it to the top of the peak via its trek routes, you will find what we call “bliss”. The Dhaulandhar Range is the fencing southern range of the mighty Himalayas. With the highest peak being Hanuman Ji Ka Tiba, this is a favourite amongst the many trekking destinations.

You have to believe this, the views of this range and from this range is a visual treat. What makes this all the more attractive is that you can make a trip to this location any time in the year. People residing in this area surrender their lives to Goddess Dhaulandhar. You owe this visit to yourself!

Where Exactly: 130.0km from Dharamshala.


Masrur, also called Masroor is much famed as the Rock Cut Temple that resembles the sculptures of Ellora. While at Masur, you can stop by at the artificial lake and get some wonderful clicks. This archaeological place was visited by the Pandavas, characters from the epic Mahabharata, who carved out these rock-cut temples that have brought reputation to Masrur.  

Where Exactly:
47kms from Dharamshala.

Kangra Art Museum

If history is your loved subject, then a visit to the Kangra Art Museum will become your beloved book. It is a warehouse of information about the Tibetan, Buddhist and Kangra’s stories. Every attraction displayed in this museum has been supported by info boards set by them. It has been recorded that the museum is a treasure of about 1500 artefacts that belong to the 5th century until the year today.

You have heard about the 1905 earthquake several times, but here is where you can catch glimpses of the same. If time matches, you may find a number of inspired painters and sketch artists camped there to re-create history creatively.

Where exactly:
Middle of Dharamshala

Drop By:
10.00am-1.30pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm (Closed on Mondays)

Entry Fee: 
Rs10 for Indians and Rs50 for Foreign Tourists. 

Malana Village

So you may ask, ‘Why to go to a village?’ You have no idea how Malana Village looks down upon Kangra tourist places. This village that is otherwise called the “Village of Taboos” is unbelievably true! The people of this village consider themselves superior to everyone else and claim that they are the nth generation of Alexander the Great.

With an excellent parliamentary system of its own, the village is bound by exclusive rules. That doesn’t take away from the fact that it is one of the best sightseeing locations. The Jamdagani Temple is very famous, although outsiders aren’t allowed to touch the walls or their praying space.

You do the opposite, and you are an official offender owing them a fine the amount of which equals the expense of the slaughter they do as a sacrifice. This temple holds the shrine of Goddess Renuka Devi. All’s well at a distance!

Where Exactly:
222.9km from Dharamshala.

Indrahar Pass

Indrahar Pass is most acclaimed for its trek and the heavenly experience you get in return for it. But once you are on it, you might want to testify that, ‘This is amongst the best places to visit in Kangra.’ The difficulty level of this trek route has been graded between moderate to hard. You should know, that completing this route takes anywhere between 4-5 days. 

Camps are set up between these routes at nights. Nonetheless, it is sure to be written down as the best investment of time in this lifetime. Although many people have found this trek faintly daunting, none have ever mentioned the slightest regret. You need to be prepared for an unpredictable climate that will surprise you with rains, sunlight, hail storms or snowfall

Where Exactly:
 Boundary of Kangra and Chamba.


Kangra Valley

Kangra Valley is just a blend of some of the above-mentioned places. This place is considered an epitome of serenity in Himachal Pradesh. A lot of tourists consider ST Johns Church amongst the best places to visit in Kangra. Some other locations you can visit in the Kangra Valley are the tea garden, the Chamunda Temple and the McLeod Bazaar.

The snowy mountains ranges, the treks, and the mountain passes are all put together to make this Valley heaven on Earth. The Norbulingka Institute, The Bhagsunag temple, and the Bhagsu Waterfalls are one of the cherished places in the Kangra Valley.

Where Exactly: 4.6km from Dharamshala.

Gyuto Monastery

It is not a difficult calculation anymore that this area of Himachal is one with a prominence of religion and spiritualism. The Gyuto Monastery is not just considered amongst the first picks of places to visit in Kangra but around the world. This holy abode surrounded by a picturesque view is accredited for practising tantric meditation but for the good.

Located on the top of a hill, you can get a splendid view of the river Beas and the Dhaulandhar Range. Buddhists from around the world seek their blessings in front of the Sakhyamuni Buddha shrine that reflects the golden light of the sun.

Where Exactly:

Drop By:
7 am to 7 pm.

Bhagsu Waterfalls

The Bhagsu falls is one of the most sought after places to visit in Kangra. One of the most beautiful sights of the Bhagsu waterfalls has been captured in the monsoons for taking a superficial height of 30 feet. The waterfall starts at the foot of the Dhaulandhar mountain range.

On its way, it passes across the Bhagsunath temple and the many other tourist places in the area. The trekking experience with the glistening waterfall adjacent to you is enchanting. A lot of places in the course of this fall are a favourite amongst many picnickers.

Where Exactly:

Drop By:
7 am to 9 pm.

Masroor Rock Cut Temple

Also heavily damaged in the 1905 earthquake, this 8th-century temple has still kept its flag bearing in the places to visit in Kangra. These ones of a kind cave temples of North India houses deities of Ram, Laxman, and Sita in the main temple hall. A lot about this place resembles the Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra. Once you reach the top, look back to find the most mesmeric view of the Dhaulandhar range that guards the rest of the town.

Masroor secures 15 colossal rock-cut temples, each as striking as the other. This archaeological site has been styled in the Indo-Aryan manner depicting the mindset of the Vedic Period. Devotees who visit this temple believe that taking a dip in the tank that is present in the temple helps wipe off their sins.

Where Exactly:
Nagrota- Surian Link Road.

Drop By:
6 am to 6 pm.

Kangra Art Gallery

If you are an artsy person who can see through a painting and retrospect what it wants to convey, the Kangra Art Gallery tops the list of places to visit in Kangra. Kangra painting has found a lot of fame around the world. Not just paintings, even the items that have been secured in this gallery holds a tunnel full of Himachal’s history. 

Visitors who visit this gallery do not leave the place without pictures of the ancient sculptures. Kangra’s famous minuscule style of painting is also kept on display. Apart from these, the ancient style of pottery and other ethnologic items is a treasure to this gallery.

Where Exactly: 6.4km from Dharamshala.

Kangra Fort

It is a famous fort located in the outskirts of the famous place Kangra near Dharamshala. This fort was built by the Royal Rajput family of the state of Kangra in the 15th Century. However, the fort was heavily damaged by an earthquake in the year 1905. Still, it has a good structure which attracts a lot of tourists.

Location: The distance of the fort from Dharamshala is around 20 km but it has proper connectivity to roadways which makes it easier to get there.

Highlights: The beautiful entrance is something what people love. The way the whole fort is built is completely marvelous. Inside the fort, you will find defaced statues of many lords that these people worship. This fort is considered as one of the most beautiful forts in India and people love it for the built structure.

Best time to visit: You can plan a visit anytime of the year.


Why to visit in winters – Searching for some best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in winters? Try out Triund trekking this winter. The whole area looks great with thick covered snow and it will be fun to pass through this snow covered valleys and hills

What to do – Trek to Triund from Mcleodganj and spend a day or take a picnic break to enjoy the pristine beauty of the rivers and sceneries

What to see – There are some nearby attractions like Bhagsunath temple, Bhagsu falls, Minkiani pass and some best sightseeing places too

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