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  • Be it Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa, Vishwanathan Anand or Abdul Kalam, a parent, a teacher or a boss at work, inspiration could arise from any individual, who according to another has shown excellence of some sort in their life. Inspiration is a very strong and positive influence over a person that makes him want to achieve great heights and realize his hidden potential. The source of such inspiration is almost always a person.

    In the corporate outing world, it is the leader of the team that the members seek to get inspired from. They seek for his approval, guidance and expertise in order to perform well at their task at hand. Hence it is very important for leaders to motivate their teams in the right direction. For a leader, team motivational activities play the most important role in inspiring his team members and also to keep them intact with each other.

    Here are some tips to inspire your team:

  • 01Importance of a Vision

    Draft a vision of what would be considered as a remarkable achievement for the team. Setting a target to achieve and finally with your inspirational activities, get your team to reach the goal successfully. Above all, do not forget to appreciate their hard works and dedication.
  • 02Be the Cheer Leader

    Encouragement is the key to winning your team members support. Cheer them on for their little and big achievements and reward them then and there.
  • 03Nurture Your People

    As a leader your team motivational activities can go a long way towards building the confidence of your team members. Be generous with your words of encouragement and genuinely contribute towards their betterment.
  • 04Take Ownership

    When a situation arises that require you to bear the brunt on your team's behalf, always take the responsibility regardless of who is to blame. Nothing inspires a team more than a leader and his team motivational activities. But once facing the punch, call your team for a meeting and dissect the issue and bury it for good.
  • 05Get Down to Work Floor

    At instances when you feel you can contribute at the work floor, by participating in it rather than giving suggestion and supervising, just go ahead. This gives out a message that you are part of the team and are always reachable.
  • 06Usher in Fun

    Arrange for Corporate outbounds and team building programs to ease out the stress of the work front with your team motivational activities. Nothing works better than good laugh together and fun memories to cherish, to bond people!

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