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    Hemis to Tsomoriri hike traverses through the most captivating and isolated region of Rupshu. A rough and demanding trek requires lots of groundwork. Climb the famous peak called Kang yatse (6400 Mt.). Your preliminary point is from well-known Hemis monastery; you will travel through Indus Valley River and enterRupsho after crossing the Kongmaru La (5110m). All the camp sites are mostly near a source of water. Trail along gorgeous forested ravines until you enter into a valley. Manis and shortens are dotted along the trail that pass along the Sara and Dat rivers. Take an easy climb, which will bring you up to the pass, where an impressive view over the Rupshu can be captured in your camera. When you trek to the Zara Chu, the panorama completely changes, and turns into an enormous parched plain. It also surpasses the Tso Kar Lake. There is lots of hot springs renowned for its therapeutic possessions due to existence of concentrated mineral deposits etc. Tsomoriri and Pangong are breeding soil of rare birds like Black necked crane and other migrant birds, sand piper and grassland for Tibetan Wild Ass and Blue Sheeps. You will come across pretty meadows and high passes with mesmerizing sights of the spectacular mountains and picturesque landscapes.

    Major attractions:

    Tsomoriri Lake:

    Located an elevation of 4595 meters in Ladakh, Tsokar stands for salty lake. The salt of this lake was drawn out by local people in ancient time.

    Hemis monastery: 

    Placed at a distance of about 47 km from Leh, Hemis monastery stands concealed inside a valley. The most rich and affluent monastery is also a holy hermitage above the Ladakh Hemis Monastery which still has the meditation cave. It also comprises of footprint and handprint on the rock and sacred shrines.


    How to get there: 

    By Air: 

    The Leh airport connects directly to important cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Srinagar. Major airlines like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways run regularly from this airport.

    By Road: 

    Leh-Ladakh has extremely well-networked roads to Srinagar and Manali. From June to October, the 434-km Leh-Srinagar road is operative, while the 473-km Leh-Manali road remains functional from July to September.

    By Rail: 

    The prime rail head is Jammu Tawai in Jammu, about 690 km away and linked with several major cities across India.

    Other Info

    Places to visit nearby:

    Hemis National Park: 

    The Hemis National Park is located in the Ladakh part of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. You will find some uncommon endangered animals in the cold desert area. It is well known to be the home of cold desert fauna. There are dry alpine meadows in some locations. The park is full of rich flora and fauna.

    Likir gompa: 

    Built in 15th century, Likir gompa is located on an isolated edge very near to north of Saspol. The areas around provide pleasant views of the Gompa from various vantage points. Likir Gompa puts up around 120 monks.

    Alchi monastery: 

    Alchi monastery was built by the translator Rinchen Zangpo. Around 67 km from west of Leh, Indian essence can be noticed in its paintings and other works. 
    The wall paintings are some of the ancient existing paintings in Ladakh.




    Special permits are not required for trekking in the Indian Himalayas, with the exception of certain restricted areas.

    Set at an altitude of 4500m, this vigorous trek requires better physic.

    Avoid exertion and walk slowly, this will let you enjoy the trek.

    Camping is done on pre-defined campsites near source of water.

    Do not dirty the surrounding places. All the waste should be disposed off away from the camping site.

    Best time to visit: 

    July to October

    Things to carry:

    Walking stick 
    Binoculars and camera
    Sleeping bag
    Hiking shoes 
    Woolen clothes 
    Water, juices, snacks
    Electric torch
    Medical kit
    A good compass
    An extra pair of clothes

Trekking in Hemis

This classic trek is also called the "Baby Trek" because of the easy and mild hiking conditions. Starting from Likir, one passes through several villages among the richest in Ladakh tour and its worth visiting the monasteries of Likir, Ridzong and Tingmosgam on the way. This is the trek that can be done throughout the year, as the passes are not very high and don't get snow-blocked during the winter. This is one of the easy Trekking in Ladakh, where one does not need a tent. It leads through historical villages with stupas, mani walls, chortens and small gompas. In July the noon temperature
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Kang Yatse & Dzo Jongo are located in the Markha Valley, in the Ladakh Region. Actually there are two peaks one is easy and non-technical (6200mts high), and the other one is technical (6400mts. high). Though there are many options for this summit, but the best way is to do it with the Markha Valley trek with 6 days of acclimatization trek from Spituk to Hankar, 4-5 days to reach upto summit and back to base camp, and 2-3 days from base to Nimaling and then to Shang Sumdo Via Gongmarula (5150mts). Our journey commences from Leh Ladakh tour in a jeep after which we head onto Zingchen. Further
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This thrilling trek would begin at the renowned Lamayuru Monastery and take you through the uncharged Ripchar Valley, touch several smaller villages, exploring the lush pastures and nomadic inhabitants. You can also see many local species of lowers and birds, especially if you visit between July and August. Cross over a few high passes that offer stunning views of the Zanskar and Karakoram ranges. The initial phase of the trek would culminate in Chilling villagethat is famous for Ladakhs metal works. From here, you would be using the cable pulley to cross the river. Our equipment would be ca
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The trek in the region of lower Ladakh takes 5 days. The best months to visit this place are between the middle of June and the start of the September. The highest point from which one can view is Charatse La which is around 3650m tall. The uniqueness of this trip is the monks, their monasteries, the inhabitant villagers and their homes. The villages in remote places are part of the everyday trekking in this region. You start your trekking from Leh and drive down to Liker which is around 45kms from Srinagar.You then take a tour of the monastery which is present upstream in the village.Yangth
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