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  • Now while you are in Hanoi you can never miss a chance to explore Hanoi’s nightlife which is truly amazing. While you are staying in Hanoi you would love to explore the nightlife with lots of options. If you want to go clubbing then there are a lot of option like the Minh's Jazz Club, Dragon fly bar lounge, legend beer etc. Dance to the beat of the music as you hit the dance floor of the night clubs.

    If you are not going out for clubbing then you can just stroll on the streets while enjoying the lightings of the whole places. Roam in the busy streets and interact with the people and learn about their cultures. The interesting thing about this places is that the whole city glows up in the night in different colours.

    Here we bring you the list of Hanoi Nightlife which will help you through your vacation:

  • 01Water Puppet Theatre

    Image Credit :  Dan Costin
    For tourists who want to experience some great performing arts in the city of Hanoi, this is the best place where all kind of performances happen. The theatre is quite famous for its theatrical water puppetry show with accompanying music that sounds lovely. It is also sort of spiritual in nature as the event is according to their culture.

    57b ?inh Tiên Hoàng, Hoàn Ki?m Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Highlights: It is an ideal cultural place for all kinds of visitors no matter which country or ethnicity they belong to. The water puppet show is the unique speciality of the place which you will find nowhere else. It is a popular tourist attraction and if you are ever in Hanoi, you must make it a point to visit the Water puppet theater.

    Best time to visit: You must check out the show timings on their website in order to know when to visit.
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  • 02bia hoi junction

    Image Credit : Damien @ Flickr
    Bia Hoi Junction is a wonderful place in Hanoi where you can sit on the street and enjoy your chilled beer. This junction is a good destination in order to enjoy the nightlife in the city. The crowd in the vicinity is very friendly which will keep you excited. You can visit Bia Hoi Junction with your friends and loved one in order to absorb the attractive nightlife of Hanoi. There are a number of eateries in the area which can also be accessed for savoring delicious food. There are smooth furniture sections offered at Bia Hoi Junction which are quite comfortable to sit and enjoy your beer. You need to carry city map in order to locate this place.

    Image Credits : @adayinthelifeofmaso

    Location: Hàng Bu?m, Hoàn Ki?m, Hà N?i, Vietnam

    Highlights: An amazing outdoor sitting space for the visitors to cherish the night in Hanoi.
    Best time to visit: May- September is the perfect time to visit this place.
  • 03Minh's Jazz Club

    Image Credit :  ctot_not_def
    Minh’s Jazz Club is a perfect place to spend your night time in Hanoi. This club offers a sorted ambience that is admired by the local crowd. Minh’s Jazz Club is known for its music which will keep you pepped up for the whole night. You can hit this place with your friends and loved one to enjoy a lovely time. Minh’s Jazz Club is a small club but the drinks menu is very vibrant. If you are visiting this place on the weekends, then make sure you book a table in advance.

    Image Credits : wit*chazel

    Location: #1, Trang Tien Street | Behind the Hanoi Opera House / Along the Side Exit of the Hilton Hotel Next to the Vietnam Drama Theater, Hanoi 1000000, Vietnam

    Highlights: The liquor collection at this club is very classy.

    Best time to visit: Visit this place after the sun sets in order to enjoy the ambience.
  • 04Funky Buddha Club

    Funky Buddha Bar is a modern day bar that is filled with a classy crowd. Out of all the nightclubs in Hanoi, this bar has a different ambiance. You will enjoy the music at Funky Buddha Bar which is managed by some of the talented DJs in the city. The place is spacious and can accommodate a large crowd on weekends. Funky Buddha Bar is well known for its customer service that is very active. This bar is located in the old city but is admired by the local as well as tourist crowd. The drinks offered at Funky Buddha Bar are very unique. The interior matches with the furniture of this place that offers a charged up view.

    Location: 2 Ta Hien | Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Highlights: The lights at Funky Buddha Bar switch according to the pace of the music that is quite trippy.

    Best time to visit: Prefer weekends as the crowd is all funky.
  • 05Hanoi Press Club

    Image Credit :  Rose Ferrer
    Hanoi Press Club is a good destination for the local crowd to enjoy a lovely meal along with classic alcoholic drinks. You will feel relaxed at Hanoi Press Club which has a lovely interior. The best thing about this destination is that, the whole ambience is calm and soothing that is perfect for the middle-aged crowd to spend their evenings. Hanoi Press Club is located in Hoan Kiem District which makes it easily accessible. This place is perfect for business lunches and dinners. The steak menu offered at Hanoi Press Club must be tried if you are visiting this place. Outdoor seating can be accessed at this restaurant/bar which is very special for spending quality time with your loved one.


    Image Credits : ptmitchell

    Location: 59A Ly Thai To | Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Highlights: This place is managed by a wonderful staff which is a huge advantage for the customers.

    Cost: INR 673-3364
  • 06Vietnam Central Circus

    Vietnam Central Circus is a must visit destination if you are in Hanoi. This destination is perfect to enjoy a lovely show that includes a number of entertaining acts. You will fall in love with the ambience that is set at Vietnam Central Circus. There is a lot of crowd that comes to watch the performers. There are a number of activities that take place in Hanoi and Vietnam Central Circus is the top listed source of entertainment. You can visit this place with your friend, family or loved one. There are different packages available to visit Vietnam Central Circus. The performing area is very huge that can accommodate a large crowd.

    Location: 67 Tr?n Nhân Tông, Nguy?n Du, Hai Bà Tr?ng, Hà N?i, Vietnam

    Highlights: The fire acrobats performing at Vietnam Central Circus are quite talented and attract a large crowd.

    Best time to visit: Do prefer the evening show.
  • 07Hanoi Opera House

    Image Credit : stupiddream
    Hanoi Opera House is a popular Opera house in the city with a capacity of around 600 people which is always filled. Many famous opera singers are known to perform here and it is the official place for the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet. It has been in existence since more than 100 years know and is regarded as one of the historical places in the city.

    Image Credits : Rose Ferrer

    Location: 1 Trang Tien St, Hanoi, Vietnam. The location is in close proximity with some famous hotels and tourist places which you would like to visit.

    Highlights: The place is considered one of the best architectural landmarks of the city. Much often, the opera house is filled with tourists from all over the world.

    History: The opera house was made by the French colonial administration between 1901 and 1911. Previously it was built mainly for the French audience and only selected artists performed there but now many type of artists participate here.
  • 08Legend Beer

    Legends Beer is a classic bar that is known for its subtle ambience. Unlike the modern pubs & nightclubs, this bar has an authentic feel to it. Legends Beer has a vibrant drinks menu that will surely impress you. You can access a number of international wine brands along with amazing brands of liquor. The balcony section offers a lovely view of the surrounding area. Legends Beer is located at a perfect destination overlooking the lake. This place is very crowded on the weekends, so make sure you manage your visiting time accordingly. If you are planning to spend a relaxed time with your friends and family, then do prefer Legends Beer. The staff working at this bar is very friendly.

    Location: 01 - 03 - 05 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Highlights: The full bar area of Legends Beer is well furnished that makes it look appealing.

    Cost: INR 1009-2018
  • 09Dragonfly Bar Lounge

    Dragonfly Bar Lounge is a decent pub that can be chosen for spending a quality night in Hanoi surrounded by drinks and music. The outside seating of Dragonfly Bar Lounge is mostly preferred by the visitors as it offers a lovely view of the old French colonial building. The ambience is very comforting which is perfect for business meetings or causal meet up with friends. The tourist crowd admires Dragonfly Bar Lounge for its amazing cocktail menu. The music offered at this bar is good but too loud at times. The weekends are quite messy as there is a large crowd especially during the night time. You can check the reservation beforehand in order to avoid this chaos. Dragonfly Bar Lounge is slightly expensive as it attracts majorly the posh individuals of Hanoi.

    Location: 15 Hang Buom, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam

    Highlights: The drinks at Dragonfly Bar Lounge are unique and refreshing.

    Cost: INR 4171
  • 10Sunset Bar at InterContinental Hotel

    Image Credit : wiki
    Sunset Bar at InterContinental Hotel is an excellent place to spend your evenings in Hanoi. This is a modern day restaurant/bar that is rich in its architecture and setup. You will admire the whole area that is well lit and has a classic range of furniture items. There is a good feeling about this place that will keep you stuck. Sunset Bar at InterContinental Hotel is perfect for a romantic date in Hanoi. The food along with the drinks menu is very vibrant. The seating space is managed outside that makes this bar more attractive. You can spot a lovely crowd at Sunset Bar at InterContinental Hotel that wishes to savor a lavish meal under the night sky.

    Location: Intercontinental Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Highlights: The seating area of Sunset Bar is very attractive and will surely mesmerize your senses.

    Cost: INR 3400-5400
  • 11King Pirates Pub

    King Pirates Pub is a decent place to spend the night or have a great evening with a bunch of friends. Most people visit the pub not for its awesome food or drinks but for the staff that makes them feel so welcoming that they love to return back several times.

     One of the coolest things that you will see here is that the hotel staff here are wearing pirate outfits which totally match with the theme of the restaurant. The ambience is pretty chilled out just as you would expect from a pub and the food is delicious too.

    Location: 24A Hàng Gi?y, Hàng Bu?m, Hoàn Ki?m, Hà N?i, Vietnam

    Timings: The pub is open from 11 in the morning to 1 in the night. On Sundays, it stays open till 12 midnight.

    Price: The Price is cheap and the pub offers happy hours too which you can benefit from.
  • 12Mao's Red lounge

    Mao's Red lounge is a nice place to chill with decent music in the background. There are some antiques you can spot here and there and click pictures with. This is termed as an iconic bar in the city and is usually packed with people who visit here often.

    Although the place looks small, it has many people's memories attached here. The place serves extra ordinary drinks at the best possible price and the ambience seems just perfect to spend a nice evening here. It has received a good rating from people who have already visited the bar before and they have praised the lounge bar for the options available here for drinks.

    Location: Hàng Bu?m, Hoàn Ki?m, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Timings: It is open from 9 in the morning to 12 in the midnight. However, it stays closed on Sundays.

    Price: Liquour here is cheaper than rest of the nearby bars.
  • 13O'Learys Vietnam - Ba Trieu

    If you want to try out some other cuisines than Vietnamese, this is the best place to be at. Although Vietnamese is very delicious, there are times when you want to explore other cuisines, for that purpose you can visit the O'Learys Vietnam – Ba Trieu. Most people like the fast food available here but you can try something different too.

    Besides its sports bar, the place is not too noisy and offers a calm ambience. The bar is quite famous for its classic quesadillas and beer. The staff here is very customer friendly and they will treat you just like you deserve to be treated.

    Location: 38 Ba Trieu, Hanoi City, HANOI CITY 100000, Vietnam

    Timings: It is open all days of the week from 7 in the morning to 11:30 in the night.

    Price: Price is a little high but depends on the type of food and drinks you order.
  • 14The Doors Cafe

    The Doors café is a place where you get to eat delicious food and drink sumptuous drinks but all the limelight is taken away by the lively music playing here. If you are a fan of such setups, there is no other place to have your lunch or dinner than The Doors café. They have different kinds of bands arranged for every occasion and it is a delight to listen to them.

    The café is small in size but that adds up to the overall aura and ambience it has. The reason why it attracts so many people here is because of the live music played here. You will witness good old rock bands playing classic evergreen songs while you enjoy your food.
    Location: 11 Hàng Ch?nh, Hàng Bu?m, Hoàn Ki?m, Hà N?i, Vietnam
    Timings: The Café stays open from 8 in the morning to 11 in the night.

    Price: No entry fees, Price is relative to the food you order.
  • 15Hanoi Rock City

    Hanoi Rock City was the first venue for live music in the city. If you want to experience authentic independent live music, there is no other place you would rather be. You will find all kinds of local and international events being held here which adds up to the overall appeal of the place.

     The Hanoi Rock City is dedicated to finding and nurturing new local talent by giving them an opportunity to play here. Moreover, even locals can witness international artists here which people just love. There are many touring artists who come here to play and experiment with their new tunes.

    Location: 27 Ngõ 52 Tô Ng?c Vân, Qu?ng An, Tây H?, Qu?ng An Tây H? Hà N?i, Vietnam

    Timings: The bar is open from 5 in the morning to 11;30 in the night.

    Price: There is a small entry fees here but it is donated towards social work.