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    Green Route Trek

    If youre thinking magnificent weather, spotless greenery and unexplored paradise, the Green Route Trek will pretty much check everything off that list.

    About Green Route Trek

    Located in the virgin part of the Western Ghats, which is often referred to as "trekkers paradise", the trek has unprecedented surprises lined up for you.

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    Running along the Sakleshpura to Kukke Subramanaya Railway Route, the trek is situated in the hub of dense green forests. But, be prepared to stride it out and later, camp it out, for a couple of days.

    Trekking Route

    Board a bus from Bangalore to Donigal via Sakleshpur. Once you deboard, trek along the road till you reach Donigal station. This is where the trek really begins.

    The other option you could explore is to mark Sakleshpur as your start point which is about 8 kilometers before the Donigal Railway Station.

    The moment you begin, youre set to see fabulous waterfalls, walk your way through multiple bridges and explore plenty of tunnels which run along the railway line.

    Trekking on the Green Route Trek

    Also known as the Sakleshpura trek, the trek runs along the 147 km long meter gauge railway line from Sakleshpur to Mangalore.

    The trail starts from Donigal stations and ends at Yedakumeri station, which is 20 km away.

    Along the way, the trail takes you through interesting caves, forests, caves full of bats and other interesting experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

    You even get to cross a shallow river along the trail across a bed of slippery rocks, which adds to the adventure.

    Major Attractions

    Plenty of flora and fauna flourish in Sakleshpur.

    The Bisle Reserve Forest here is listed as one of the 18 most diverse spots in the world.

    The huge spread of the evergreen forests is complemented by a harmless sub-tropical climate, making it apt for nature to charm everyone.

    Located around Sakleshpur, is also Moodabidri, which is a Jain learning centre and quite a popular visit for all those who are keen on sight- seeing.

    Jenukal Gudda, also fondly referred to as honey stone mountain, can give you the good fortune of witnessing the Arabian Sea in Mangalore, sitting rather nonchalantly.

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    This however, is subject to the weather favoring your experience.

    Some other places of tourist interest in Sakleshpur are the Manjarabad Fort, the Sakleshwara Temple and Roti-Kallu, which is a biodiversity delight.

    Best time for Green Route Trek

    The monsoons might not be the finest time to visit only because the trekking experience will be rendered uncomfortable.

    And along with the water, leeches gather in numbers and will literally suck the blood out of your hike.

    To avoid therefore, the heat and humidity of the summers, plan a trip immediately post monsoons.

    The rains in Karnataka usually tend to bid goodbye by September, right after which will be an ideal time to get your gear ready.

    A word of caution

    You might encounter gigantic wild elephants, which are commonly spotted in the Gundya and Sakleshpura range.

    So, avoid wearing bright colors. Elephants dont like bright colors.

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