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  • Situated in the eastern state of Queensland is famous for several sand beaches, detailed system of canals, waterways, surfing sports and theme parks. The major Gold Coast attractions are the beautiful beaches, including the world-renowned stretch of sand at Surfers Paradise. Beyond the beaches are vast tropical rain forest with breathtaking scenery.

    One of the main theme parks that include wildlife rides and attractions like penguin encounters, shark bay, dolphin nursery pool, and polar beer shores etc. Best time to visit: April End to May.

    Popular tourist destinations with friendly animals and birds, full of authentic, natural heritage and cultures. One can buy tickets online with great discounts; with a range of shows throughout the day. It’s the ultimate spot for all the age groups. Catch the free flight bird show and Eco-friendly Safari and visit the sanctuary market. October is the best time to visit.

    Here are some of the Best Gold Coast Attractions:

  • 01Visit Springbrook National Park

    Visit Springbrook National Park
    Image Credit :  Lenny K Photography
    Springbrook has been enlisted as a world heritage national park. Springbrook is the home to a world of epiphytes, strangler figs, rare birds and plants, glow in the dark mushrooms, vines tangling around trees, mossy fern groves. Few places in the world contain such plants and animals which remain unchanged from the ancestors in fossil records. Springbrook Mountain has its origins millions of years ago. Still not spoilt by excessive commercialization, Springbrook is a part of ancient Gondwana Rainforests and home to avariety of wildlife such as the rare Albert’s Lyrebird, rosellas and the bowerbirds. One can relax in the protected rainforest and look at the stars in the clear sky or pay a visit to the colonies of the glow-worms any time of the year.

    Location: Gold Coast hinterland 45 minutes from Surfers Paradise and about 1.5 hours away from Brisbane.

    Things to do: Walking tracks, picnic, guided tours and long walks, View wildlife and Horse riding.
    Trip to Springbrook and Tamborine National Park

    Trip to Springbrook and Tamborine National Park


    h8 Hoursh30 MinuteslGold Coast

    Starting from


  • 02Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

    Image Credit : phalinn
    Voted as one of the most popular tourist destinations, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has been the crown of National Trust of Australian properties. Enlisted also as one of the earliest nature-basedtourists spots of Queensland, this Sanctuary is an embodiment of all that the NTAQ represents: conserving Indigenous, historical and natural heritage and cultures. Blinky Bill is now present for the daily shows thereby making the total experiences worth paying a visit. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the ultimate spot to visit when on a holiday adventure with the family or loved ones.

     The four identifiable areas in the main sanctuary comprise of three on the eastern side of the highway: original sanctuary site on south of Tomewin Street, reserve lands around Flat Rock Creek, picnic ground and car park on the north of Tomewin Street and an area of land on the west of Gold Coast Highway, popular as the Western Reserve. A tunnel under highway links eastern and western sides of the sanctuary.

    Things to do: Catch the free flight bird show and go on the absolutely eco-friendly Segway Safari or visit the wildlife hospital and visit the sanctuary market. The best time to visit is in end of October and from 11 onwards.
  • 03Visit sea world gold coast

    Image Credit : Flying Cloud
    Sea World has been a popular oceanarium, marine mammal park, and a much-visited theme park situated on Gold Coast, Australia and includes animal exhibits, rides, and other attractions, promoting wildlife conservation by imparting education and rescuing and rehabilitating the injured, sick, orphaned wildlife.

    Activities: Catch the rides and attractions include Jet rescue- the newest roller coaster, Storm Coaster which is a Mack Rides Water Coaster, the Sea World Monorail System  the first and foremost monorail system which permits guests to travel in-between three stations all through the park, the Viking's Revenge Flume Ride which is a popular water flume ride, Castaway Bay containing a kid’s area featuring a Sky Fortress, Sky Climb and Battle Boats and Beach Break Bay, a themed zone that features rides specifically designed for kids.

    Catch some of the popular shows are Affinity, Fish detectives, SpongeBob square pants 3-d, Dora’s best friend’s adventure and so on. Marine attractions must not be missed include polar beer shores, penguin encounters, ray reef, shark bay, dolphin nursery pool, seal harbor and so on. Upcharges include sea world helicopters, sea world books, animal adventures, sea world cruises and so on. Thus, summarizing it, visit sea world gold coast to make memories of a lifetime.

    Best time to visit: End of April to May and preferably on a weekday.
  • 04Visit Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast

    Image Credit :  holidaypointau
    The Gold Coast has been popular for the spectacular beaches, theme parks and thrilling rides, scenic rainforests and unlimited entertainment 24 hours every day. Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast has been popular as one of the largest water parks located in Gold Coast, both operated and owned by Village Roadshow Theme Parks. The park stays open throughout the year with the pools and the slides heated during winter months. For the much awaited splashtacular day out with the family, keep Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast, on the list with endless summer at its exposure.

    The 'AquaLoop' slide cannot be missed for the gut-wrenching experience which it offers as the trapdoor gets released, sending the riders to plummet and accelerate into a vertical and massive free fall. The ultimate adrenaline rush comes with the Extreme H2O Zone and followed by the Blackhole, the Tornado, Kamikaze and Mach 5. General Ticket charge is about $64.00 while several discounts and advantages apply to groups purchasing more than 20 tickets.

    Location: Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast is the famous water park located in Oxenford, Gold Coast.
  • 05Visit Dreamworld

    Image Credit : holidaypointau
    The Gold Coast is the city with numerous districts, Surfers Paradise ideal for sightseeing, dining, nightlife and holidaying. Dreamworld is a very popular theme park located on the Gold Coast at Queensland. Needless to mention over and again, it is the largest theme park in Australia with more than 40 joy rides and quality attractions, including the five thrilling roller coasters. Screamworld, as it has been named, includes thrill rides and children's rides to make the evenings memorable. Dreamworld has broken up into series of luxurious themed areas with anextensive collection of shows, rides, shops and quality attractions. From the entrance one gets to see the: Main Street, the Town of Gold Rush, the Rocky Hollow, the Dreamworld Corroboree, the Wiggles World, the River town, the Tiger Island, the DreamWorks Experience and finally the Ocean Parade.

     Ideal time to visit: As Gold Coast always packs a punch throughout the year; it does not matter when you're going. Unlimited entry to Dreamworld, Skypoint Observation Deck or Whitewater world for 1, 7 or even 21 consecutive days begin at $85, $89 and $95 respectively.

     Location: Dreamworld spanning over 30 hectares is located in the South East of Queensland at the north end of Gold Coast, on Pacific Hwy, 17kms north from the Surfers Paradise and 48kms south from Brisbane.
  • 06Visit Skypoint Observation Deck

    Image Credit :  phalinn
    SkyPoint Observation Deck is Australia's one and only beachside with an observation deck. Rising 230 meters in the sky, SkyPoint is among the Gold Coast’s popular attractions and is a destination worth a visit for locals as well as visitors. It provides a 360-degree panoramic view which stretches from surf the hinterland and beyond and provides the ideal location for its visitors to experience an unforgettable Gold Coast shimmering skyline or take views of Brisbane to the Byron Bay. SkyPoint Observation Deck thus is on the list of must-see places for Gold Coast visitors. With its unrivaled 360 degrees view from coast to hinterland, mini-theatrette, and feature zones along with the amazing displays providing the entire needed information, one can plan the holiday hit list without any hassle. During the night, SkyPoint Observation Deck can be seen to transforms into a high altitude and chic lounge bar with pleasing music.

     Location: SkyPoint Observation Deck located on the Levels 77 and 78 of Q1 Building at Surfers Paradise. The one-time entry starts at $24 while day and night admission is priced at $19.
  • 07Visit WhiteWater World

    Image Credit :  zayzayem
    Introduced by Dreamworld, the WhiteWater World isn’t yet an ordinary water park – it is a water ride park which features the extreme waterslides on the planet with lovely family oriented and friendly attractions. WhiteWater World pays homage to Australian surf culture, and it is the first Australian park where one gets to experience four hottest waterslides. With thrilling water rides one gets to enjoy the newly featured games and rides and other attractions such as the ‘The BRO” or 'Triple Vortex’, the first eight-lane octopus racer of the world or even the 'Super Tubes Hydro Coaster' - the intense water rollercoaster; 'The Green Room' a funnel ride; 'The Rip' which is the biggest gurgler; or 'The Temple of Huey' and 'The Cave of Waves' that allows you to witness the surging 1.5 meter waves. Children and adults can also enjoy, play and splash at Wiggle Bay, with sprays, toddler rides, and water pianos!

    Location: WhiteWater World is situated in the South East of Queensland at the northern end of Gold Coast, on Pacific Hwy, about 17kms north of Surfers Paradise and about 48kms south of Brisbane. The best time to visit would be during autumn and spring.
  • 08Visit WarnerBros.Movie World

    The Gold Coast has been the premier holiday destination of Australia and Gold Coast Tourist Attractions include Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast, Paradise Country, Australian Outback Spectacular, and Sea World Resort. If you have been wondering how to find daily show timings at movie world, you ought to know that every visitor is handed a map of the park and list of show times as soon as one enters the park. It is recommended the children under 14 years of age be accompanied by any adult. At the Warner Bros Movie World ‘Parent Swap’ has been introduced that is offered to friends, guardians or parents who may have a child unable or very frightened to go up on a ride. With the Parent Swap one person enjoys the ride while another waits with a child. When the first individual is done with their ride the second, goes to the queue front and enjoys the ride, minimizing delays. Visiting the Warner Bros Movie Park can never be a disappointment.

    Location: Located on the Pacific Motorway on Gold Coast, Queensland. The best time to visit would be during holidays specifically before Christmas and during 1-7pm.
  • 09Surfer's Paradise Beach

    Being a suburb within the local government area of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Surfer’s Paradise beach is built on a completely energetic and electric scene. Having a population of 19,668, it is world famous for international events, pumping atmosphere, and nightlife venues. Also, it has many high-rise apartments and a wide beach for surfing. The most amazing feature of this beach that hails tourists from all over the world is the Surfer’s Paradise Meter Maids that is specifically designed to develop goodwill with the trippers. The Cavill Mall is the biggest shopping precinct of the area accompanied by the Cavill  Avenue, which is the busiest shopping strip in Queensland and the main center of activity for exciting nightlife. It can be said that this beach is the tourist and entertainment hub of Gold Coast as it offers many facilities of fun and frolic.

    Highlights: Cavill Mall, Cavill Avenue, Surfer’s Paradise Meter Maids.
  • 10Coolangatta Beach

    Image Credit :  Nezzen
    The southernmost suburb of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is the Coolangatta Beach having a population of 5,193. It shares its economy with its neighboring twin town Tweed Heads situated in New South Wales. The Gold Coast Airport has some of the runway crossing the border into New South Wales The delicious food served by the clubs and the restaurants of the holiday region at the Coolangatta Beach includes local seafood that tastes amazing. The Tweed River supports the fishing fleet of the region and the Greenmount Hill offers a perfect spot for swimming. It is connected to Rainbow Bay from where a point named the Point Danger can easily be reached. Coolangatta has worldclass oceanfront hotels, clubs, restaurants, and much more for the entertainment of visitors. The famous Twin Towns Services Club serves as the home to various international as well as local acts.

     Highlights: Tweed Heads New Year’s Festival.
  • 11G: link

    Image Credit : simon.morris
    Also famous by the name Gold Coast Light Rail, G: link is the light rail system serving the city of Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. It is a 13-kilometer 16-station line connecting the Broad Beach and the Gold Coast University Hospital. It contains 14 air-conditioned trams each having a capacity to carry 309 passengers. These trams have ample of space for prams as well as wheelchairs and include surfboard racks feature. It operates every 7.5 minutes at peak times. The time that it operates is from 5 am to midnight on weekdays, and 24 hours on weekends i.e. Friday and Saturday nights. The G: Link route takes the tourists to some of the major attractions of Gold Coast like Southport CBD, Griffith University, New Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Pacific Fair, and Broadwater Parklands.

     Highlights: air-conditioned trams, space for prams and wheelchairs, covering destinations of Gold Coast.
  • 12Natural Bridge

    Image Credit : holidaypointau
    Located in the south west of Gold Coast, Natural Bridge is in the local government area of South East of Queensland, Australia. The name has been derived from a rock arch in Springbrook National Park and through this arch flows a tributary of the river Nerang. Situated at the southern extent of the Nerang River Valley, Natural Bridge sits between Binna Bura and Springbook Plateau in the Scenic Rim Region. On the western side, it is guarded within Lamington National Park and is dotted with waterfalls, peaks, as well as lookouts that rise above 1,100 meters. A community based camp is run by the Police Citizens Youth Club as an initiative by the community group accommodation centre. Species like cascade tree frog, sooty owl, koala, green cat birds, paradise rifle birds, etc. can be seen in the springbook national park.

    Highlights: the nocturnal tour of microbats and glow-worms, walking, bird watching.
  • 13Kurrawa Beach

    Image Credit : Dan T Townsend
    Kurrawa Beach lies on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and is popular amongst the enthusiastic surfers. It is well known for hosting the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships by the
    surfing enthusiasts and is popular nationally as well as internationally. The Kurrwa Surf Life Saving Club is one of the leading clubs of Kurrwa known for surfing sports and at the same time is popular amongst the locals for its bistro and bar. The trippers across the world come here for spending their holidays and relish a full dose of entertainment along with mouth-watering meals and refreshing cocktails and beers. To the north of the main beach area is a playground and a duck pond for progeny, which is also meant for picnic purpose and barbeques. Activities like cycling, rollerblading, walking, and watching the alluring view are famous things to do here.

     Highlights: Pacific Fair, Kurrawa Surf Club, Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant.
  • 14Snapper Rocks

    Image Credit : Michael Dawes
    A small rocky perforation on the northern side of the Point Danger, Snapper Rocks is situated at the southern end of Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast. It is counted as the most popular surf beach of Gold Coast as it has appropriate conditions for board riders. The amazing Quicksilver pro surfing tour takes place at the Snapper Rocks beach every year and visitors from all over the world gather here in large and large numbers and fulfill their love for surf sports. This place is best for the surfer’s at the time of south-easterly swell due to its super clean waves and the best barrels of the Gold Coast region. Another famous thing here that attracts the tourists every year is the Super-Bank, a well-known man made surf break, letting the surfers to catch a wave to the Coolangatta Beach.

    Highlights: Quicksilver pro surfing tour, Super Bank.
  • 15The Rockpools

    Situated in the heart of the city Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Then Rockpools is a famous children’s water park of Gold Coast. It is exactly located in the south port of the Gold Coast having attractions like large playground for kids, jumping pillow, and much more like a man made creek and water jets. Ample of parking space is available at the Broadwater Parklands, which is situated at the traffic lights and intersecting point of Marine Parade and Nind Street in Southport. In addition, here is a pay and display car park, which is available at very affordable prices. The Rockpools can be used for free and for the safety of the visitors, lifeguards are at service. Basic utilities like toilets and changing facilities are available as well. Other facilities like Boardwalk, Barbeques, Picnic tables, scooter facility, showers, disability toilets are also an added consideration.

     Highlights: Rockpool Café.
  • 16Robina Town Shopping Centre

    Shopping at Robina Town Shopping Centre will be a very exciting affair for you. With more than three hundred and fifty shops and food joints, this Gold Coast’s largest shopping centre defines luxury shopping and dine-in. From fashion to departmental stores, you can find almost everything in the Shopping Centre.

    Highlights: Enjoy a cup of coffee and relax at the Food Atrium. After shopping enjoy the latest movie on the comfortable chairs of the Events Cinema. You can also spend some fun time at AMF Bowling and M9 Laser Skirmish. Finish your day with a delicious meal from one of the beautiful lakeside restaurants of The Promenade.

    Location: The Robina Town Shopping Centre is located next to M1 Motorway. It is less than a kilometre away from Queensland Rail Robina Station. The free shuttle service from the Centre is operational on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

    Timing: 9.00am - 5.30pm
  • 17Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre

    Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre is a must visit place in Gold Coast for a full day family fun and shopping spree. The shopping centre has more than two hundred outlets of some of the most celebrated brands across the world. Apart from that, the shopping centre also houses some of the best restaurants to tantalize your taste buds. From fresh produce to homewares, fashion to health & beauty, the shopping centre has almost everything for your need. It is a popular place amongst both tourists and locals.

    Highlights: Enjoy the one of its kind cinema experience at the Reading Cinemas in Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre. There are fourteen big screens running the latest blockbusters. If you wish to experience the exclusive luxury and comfortable environment, the Gold Lounge has two separate cinemas with bar and dining.

    Timing: On most days the centre is open from 9.00am to 5.30pm
  • 18Infinity Attraction

    Enjoy this thirty minutes, one of its kind, and astounding journey, traversing to the maze like walkthrough, designed with modern technology and detailed audiovisuals to give you the best experience of your life. There are special effects, illusions and sounds that will make you feel that you are in an elaborate dream. The creators of Infinity Attraction considered it as an immersive art, which instead of engaging one or two of your senses, lets you engulf your whole being.

    Highlights: At the end of this other dimensional journey, browse the gift shop for most unique gifts to stimulate your mind. Buy a souvenir that will remind you to come again and again to enjoy the most wonderful experience of your life.

    Location: It is located right at the heart of Surfer’s Paradise, the tourism and entertainment hub of the Gold Coast.

    Timing: 10am - 10pm.

    Price: Approximately $27.00 for Adults.
  • 19Greenmount Beach

    The Gold Coast has some of the most incredible and popular beaches. Greenmount Beach is one such idyllic beach, characterized by warm white sand and pristine water. The beach is separated from the Coolangatta beach by the coastal head called Greenmount Point. Most of the time, the waves here are gentle, making it ideal for surfing and swimming. Several trails can be taken to enjoy a beach walk. You can take the trail to steer towards the Greenmount Hill to reach Point Danger which is a good place to enjoy whale watching.

    Highlights: Greenmount Beach Surf is located at the southern corner where you can enjoy refreshing drinks. Grab a delicious meal at the Rainbow Bay, overlooking the picturesque beach with lapping waves and warm sand.

    The beach starts at the eastern end of Coolangatta Beach, at the suburb of Coolangatta, south of Gold Coast.

    Timing: N/A

    Price: N/A
  • 20Tamborine Mountain

    Image Credit : JIGGS IMAGES
    Tamborine Mountain is one of the most tranquil spot in Gold Coast that takes you away from the hubbub of city life, to indulge in the serene and scenic beauty of tropical rainforest, exotic birds and incredible flora and fauna. Apart from the breathtaking view, the destination also offers you a range of comfortable accommodation, a host of restaurants, arts & galleries, wineries, breweries, cafes and other shops.

    Highlights: There are a host of things that you can do at Tamborine Mountain. The Skywalk tour is a unique way to experience the beauty of the beautiful rainforest. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the area by floating on a hot air balloon. Apart from that, it is an excellent place for bird watchers and people who enjoy living close to nature.

    Location: It is located in the Scenic Rim, just an hour’s drive away from Gold Coast.

  • 21Cavill Avenue Mall

    At the heart of the Surfer’s Paradise lies the best nightlife and shopping avenue of the Gold Coast – The Cavill Avenue Mall. It is the fun and leisure centre of the Surfer’s Paradise, with a number of shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs as well as some of the best food joints. The avenue is a place where you can see some of the incredible live music performances.

    Highlights: The Cavill Avenue Mall houses some of the best restaurants that offer a wide array of mouth watering cuisines from all over the world. The close by streets is the major attraction of the Cavill Avenue Mall. The street has some of the best night clubs, tattoo shops and economical yet incredible food.

    Location: The Cavill Avenue Mall is located in Surfer’s Paradise and is just a little more than hour an hour’s drive from Gold Coast International Airport.

  • 22Boat Tours

    If you wish to enjoy the serene water of Gold Coast in a relaxing environment with a glass of drink and family and friend, the best way to do it is to take a luxury boat tour. There are innumerable boat tours that are operational in the Gold Coast to let you experience the sultry tropical ambience, swimming in the balmy water and interact with the abundant seal life. Enjoy the sumptuous lunch while trailing on the beautiful azure water.

    Highlights: Many of these boat tours offer you a range of water activities including dolphin feeding, whale watching, snorkelling, kayaking, and sand tobogganing etc. It is excellent opportunity for those who want to enjoy their time at a quiet pace.You can also explore the islands and parklands with their unique shopping centres, art galleries and restaurants.

    Location: The boat tours are operational at multiple locations across the Gold Coast.

  • 23Purling Brook Falls

    Purling Brook Falls is one of the largest falls in Gold Coast and is one of the major tourist’s attractions in Gold Coast. The gorgeous falls and the surrounding vistas is a sight to behold. The Purling Brook Falls Lookout is a smaller and easier trail to follow with beautiful landscape and abundant flora and fauna. The Purling Brook Falls Circuit is a 4 km journey that starts form Gwongorella picnic area and takes you through the dense eucalyptus forest from where you can descend to the base of the waterfall. From there you will climb through the rainforest to reach back the starting point.

    Highlights: Do not forget to book an appointment with the Springbrook Observatory to watch the mysteries of night sky through powerful telescopes. Also, visit the largest glow worm colonies of Australia.

    Location: Located at the centre of Springbrook National Park, a World Heritage Site. 
  • 24Currumbin Beach

    Image Credit : bobarcpics
    Currumbin a coastal suburb of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is another major tourist attraction. With a population of around 2,785, it has the iconic Currumbian Wildlife Sanctuary that hails tourists all over the world. The major attraction why people would love to come over here is the Swell Sculpture Festival that is held along the Oceanway between Currumbin Creek and Elephant Rock. This festival is famous for the Artwork that is displayed on private and public places across the Gold Coast region. Exotic animals like fish at the Haley Park, mother seal and pup along the Oceanway, pelicans along Currumbin Creek’s bank, and a horse in the park at Broad beach can be found here. Also, there is a metal goddess within Reedy Creek’s subdivision accompanied by a ship on Danger Point.

    Swell Sculpture Festival, Gold Coast Titans Club, and Gold Coast Rugby League, The Bin Short Film Festival.
  • 25Mermaid Beach

    Image Credit : HerryLawford
    Mermaid Beach is a suburb in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia that lies next to the Broad Beach. There is a perfect blend of dining options for the visitors ranging from Asian to Australian cuisines. It has three fantastically themed 18-hole courses at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach. Not only this, there are waterways, jungle trail, and much more. Here you can encounter exotic animals, experience water rides, conquer motorized experiences, and have the times of your life. The accommodation options available at the Mermaid Beach are many. The top on the list are Caravan Parks, apartments, Hedge’s Avenue, Millionaire’s Row, and also there are certain beachfront properties where visitors can reside during their trip. The things to do list at this beach is not a short one as well. Highlights: You can play mini golf at the Putt Putt Golf Course, play Jungle trail, fun run, or eat at BSKT café.