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    Dodital Yamunotri Trek

    Dodital is believed to be the land of Lord Shiva. Dodital Lake is at an elevation of 3024 m.

    It is bounded by dense forests comprising of oak, pine, deodar and rhododendrons trees.

    The crystal clear lake harbours some of the rare species like Himalayan Golden Trout.

    The bordering forest area is home to a number of Indian Wildlife species.

    River Yamuna originates from Yamunotri, which is located at an altitude of 3,291 m.

    You cross through a number of shimmering waterfalls while trekking from Hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri.

    Considered to be one of the four dhams for Hindus, shrine of Yamunotri is situated at an elevation of around 3235 m above sea-level in a steep valley.

    You can view Banderpoonch peak from here. Yamunotri lies nearly 1 km ahead from the temple area.

    River Yamuna originates from the glacial lake on the Kalinda Parvat, which is located high above the temple.

    The uphill trek to reach the Yamunotri is difficult. On the way up, you come across pristine view of the verdant meadows.

    On this moderate-difficult trekking trail, you pass through some of the most fascinating variations in the picturesque landscape.

    The trekking trail is dotted with thick forests, high altitude grasslands, lush green meadows, gurgling streams, murmuring waterfalls, thick virgin forest.

    Dodital-Yamunotri trek soothes your spiritual side and also delights your adventurous side.

    The base of this trek is at Sangam Chatti, which is situated at an elevation of around 1,350 m.

    How to Reach

    Rishikesh - Uttarkashi (motorable) - Aghora - Dodital - Seema - Hanuman Chatti -Yamunotri

    Rishikesh has the nearest railhead, from where one can reach Uttarkashi via Narendranagar.

    Uttarkashi and Dodital have well-maintained motorable roads.

    From Uttarkashi, a track passing through Gangotri, Kalyani, and Aghora, leads to Dodital. Alternate route, Dodital can be reached from Dehradun via Yamuna Bridge and Barkot.

    Exact Location: It is located at a distance of around 32+ km north of Uttarkashi.

    District: Uttarkashi.

    Nearest Town: Uttarkashi.

    Trek Length: Agoda to Dodital: 16 km; Dodital-Darwa Pass-Sima: 16 km; Sima to Hanuman Chatti: 18 km;
    Hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri: 13 km

    Best Time to Visit: March to October.

    Things to Carry

    • Walking stick
    • Hiking shoes
    • Woolen clothes
    • Water, juices, snacks
    • Electric torch
    • Medical kit
    • A good compass
    • An extra pair of clothes

    Other Information

    Jankichatti: A small beautiful hamlet, Jankichatt is situated at an altitude of around 8,770 ft above sea level, and is located 5 km from Yamunotri.

    The village is famous for its thermal springs. Its close to the trekking trail connecting Hanumanchatti-Yamunotri.

    Yamuna River meanders through Jankichatt. It houses Lakshmi Narayan Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

    Dayara Bugyal: Dayara Bugyal means high altitude meadow. Its 27 km from Uttarkashi, near Bhatwari, on the Uttarkashi-Gangotri highway. In winter, the slopes turn into a skiing range.

    The place offers a breathtaking view of the Himalaya Treks.

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