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Best Places to Visit in Malindi in 2019

  • 01 Che Shale Beach

    Nestled on the Kenyan coast, the Che Shale Beach is a beautiful beach of Kenya that attracts several tourists all round the year.

    Highlights: Visibly calmer, this alluring beach is known for its clear waters and soft sands which are the main reasons why visitors are attracted to the beach. Ideal for water sports and activities like swimming, diving and snorkelling, you can make a visit to this beach with your friends, family or colleagues just to enjoy the mystic atmosphere that the beach offers.

    Location: Che Shale Beach is located on Mambrui, Malindi in Kenya. There is a beautiful beach hotel by the same name located on the beach that makes for a great choice of stay.

    Timings: Open all round the beach.

    Price: Entry to the Che Shale Beach is absolutely free.

  • 02 Watamu Beach

    Image Credit : Watamu Beach
    Watamu Beach also known as the Turtle Beach is a rather more secluded and unadulterated beach of Kenya. Given its azure waters and white sand, the Watamu Beach is arguably one of the finest beaches in the world.

    Highlights: Watamu Beach is a long stretch of beach that is some 7 km long. The beach is majorly known for its clear waters, soft white sands and the local reefs. It brings forth phenomenal swimming opportunities for the visitors. You can also engage in activities such as sunbathing, surfing or simply taking long walks on the beach side. It is indeed an ideal beach to spend a calm and relaxing day by the sea.

    Location: Watamu Beach is located on the Indian Ocean coast of the Kenya. It lies some 15 km South of Malindi.

    Timings: The beach is open all round the year.

    Price: Entry to the beach is free.

  • 03 Watamu National Marine Park

    Image Credit : Watamu National Marine Park
    Watamu National Marine Park was established in the year 1968. Back then, it was one of the first marine parks of Kenya.

    Highlights: Situated in Kenya, the Watamu National Marine Park is located some 90 miles north of the Mombasa which is the 2nd largest city of Kenya. The coral gardens of the park are merely 900 feet from the sea level and are a home to approximately 110 species of stony coral, 600 species of fish and innumerable molluscs, invertebrates and crustaceans. The temperature at this place usually varies from 20 degrees to 30 degrees. In the year 1979, the park acquired the status of a biosphere reserve.

    Location: The Watamu National Marine Park is located in Watamu, Malindi, Kenya

    Price: For citizens of Kenya Adults: KSH 130 Child: KSH 125 For residents of Kenya Adults: KSH 300 Child: KSH 170 For non residents of Kenya Adults: USD 17 Child: USD 13