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Beijing Garden, Canberra
Canberra is also famous for this garden, A Chinese ancient garden at intervals Lennox Gardens, on the formation of Lake Burley mythical monster. A conventional Chinese gate welcomes guests. Ways meander past sculptures crafted by Chinese stone masonry the Chinese tent offers an area for the quiet get back get pleasure from the garden's serenity and delightful views across the lake towards a number of Canberra's known landmarks just like the National repository and Telstra tower.

The symbols, creatures from Chinese mythology, a unit of measurement revered as deities with each representing a celestial constellation, a season and one in all the cardinal points. So, on this sculpture you will be ready to see any type of birds and beasts like: A black turtle, an azure dragon, a vermilion (Phoenix) bird, a white tiger,

Location:Flynn Drive, Yarralumla

OPENING HOURS:-Open 24 hours a day

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Cockington Green Gardens, Canberra
Cockington Green Gardens a park of miniatures, situated in the Nicholls, Australian Capital Territory. Doug and Brenda, Sarah had an idea to create a miniature village in 1972 and Cockington Green was then opened on 3rd November 1979.The business is a family owned and operated, incorporating over four generations. Cockington Green Gardens offer to visitors an experience one cannot find anywhere else.

Venture into this delightful and fascinating display of meticulously crafted miniature buildings set in the beautifully landscaped gardens to make the Canberra visit complete. Created by Doug and Brenda, Sarah Cockington Green Gardens is family owned and operated attraction, with nearly four generations involved in its operation over the past 35 years.

Opened to the public in 1979, Cockington Green is one of the Canberra’s landmark attractions and being a winner of an Australian Tourism Award with many local tourism industry awards in present time. While being in the park, one can visit the Rose Room indoor exhibition, featuring ‘Waverley’ a 34 room Dolls House, enjoy a coffee in the Parsons Nose Garden Cafe.

Location: 11 Gold Creek Road, Canberra,Australia.
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Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra
A Canberra city person comes for The Lake is commonly underestimated; however, its superb quality methods around it and a loop walk may be terrific thanks to seeing a number of the nation's landmark buildings. The views square measure special all year around, though this is my favorite’s time of season once the colors square measure spectacular. Otherwise, you will take a leisurely cruise around it and luxuriate in the panorama from the water.

Swimming within the lake is certainly doable in summer, though I'd advise not ingesting an excessive amount of the water. This lake has three loops for walking, running and sport. One is concerning 5k, one concerning 9k and also the different concerning 16k, therefore, one thing for all. a stunning time out.


Location: Canberra, Australia.

OPENING HOURS:-Accessible all hours

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Canberra Railway Museum, Canberra
A small place in the Australian capital, the previous station and museum-y stuff within is bittie and adorable! The cool stuff is that the sweet previous train cars you get to steer through and explore.Professional tip - you'll enter the train automotive barn and explore the previous cars being renovated, do not be shy!

Professional tip - pay the additional for the 15-minute train ride to Ryswick and back, it is a hoot! Let your inner kid loose here. a piece ongoing, in common with several places like this Brobdingnagian amounts of volunteer effort is required during this place abundant significant engineering was ongoing and thousands of hours desirous to be done. Terribly attention-grabbing place terribly dedicated individuals there.

Location: Geijera Place, off dancer Street, Kingston, capital of Australia Territory, Australia, 2604

Opening Hours: Daily: 10am - 3pm

ENTRY prices: Adult $5.00
                         Exclude special events. Youngsters underneath the age of 2 square measure free.
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The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
Canberra city is the famous for national gallery of Australia. As associate degree creator I appreciate that this building was thought about one 1970 the "Brutalist", is most of famous palace for visiting it for its excellent assortment (and the design, that an addict of mine worked on). Another friend, my brother, upgraded the building currently with a replacement face that extremely adds lots to the building entrance. Do not miss visiting this building and its excellent assortment, fully environment category (and higher than something in the state capital, from that we're moving to Canberra). Do not miss the out of doors sculpture garden, and as you approach this monument, experience the superbly planned and improved surroundings with the good National Portrait Gallery opposite.

Location: Parkes Place, Canberra 2601, Australia.

OPENING HOURS:-Daily: 10am - 5pm daily except Christmas Day.

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Questacon, Canberra
Questacon is a National Science and Technology center, which being an interactive science centre was opened in 1988, and was developed by the noted professor of the Australian national university Mike Gore, who was also a physics lecturer and later on also became the founding director of Questacon. Its building was presented by Japan to the Australia for 1988 bicentenary and being opened on 23rd November 1988 with the contribution of ¥ 1 billion nearly being half the cost of an A $19.64 million. It was formerly housed at the old Ainslie Primary School..

Questacon is a part of the Australian government with department of Innovation Industry Science and Research since 3rd December 2007 and its current director is Professor Graham Durant. Its vision is "a better future for all Australians through engagement with science and innovation”. On Thursday 18 September 2008 a Questacons review was released. This review was commissioned by Minister Kim Carr and also chaired by John Simpson of National Australia Bank.

Location: Parkes, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
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Namadgi National Park, Canberra
Australian Capital Territory, bordering Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. It lies to 40 kilometers which is 25 miles to southwest of Canberra. The national park protects the part of the northern end of the Australian Alps with its spectacular granite mountains. Its habitat ranges from grassy plains over the snow gum forest to alpine meadows. The fauna is also much varied, consisting of Eastern Gray Kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, magpies, Rosella and ravens which are commonly seen.

The water catchments area of the park supplies to approximately 85% of Canberra's water. In this sub-alpine region the weather range from the cold winter nights on warm summer days, and it can change too quickly. Snow normally falls on the Bimberi and Brindabella Range during winter, and is not an uncommon throughout most of the park. The highest mountain is Bimberi Peak at 1,911 meters, which is 6270 feet, which is the highest peak in the Australian Capital Territory. The national park is classified as an IUCN Category II protected area.

Location: 40 kilometers southwest of Canberra, Australia.
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The Australian War Memorial, Canberra
Very moving expertise to go. The radio-controlled tour was wonderful. Does not matter what percentage times you visit, there is continuously one thing else you will find. Since my last visit, there is been an associate extension to the deposit and a pleasant restaurant to possess one thing to eat/drink whereas high the show of period planes. Simply will pay each day here. Several due to the volunteer employees United Nations agency area unit ready to facilitate with researching relatives United Nations agency served within the numerous wars and conflicts.

Extremely suggest a visit for all ages, you'll leave packed with pride and admiration. Associate applicable monument to honors the fallen, with an incredible unobstructed read facing the Parliament House. Ample free parking and the awfully well-documented involvements of Australians in the wars around the world.

Location: Treloar Crescent, Canberra 2601, Australia.
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Mount Ainslie Lookout, Canberra
The Canberra area is fabulous and site seen area unit locals and infrequently walk up the mountain for exercise and also the read at the tip. Mount Ainslie delivers for each of those goals!
The walk up is within the real Australian bush, complete with mobs of kangaroos and lots of birds. Intermittently you'll be treated to superb views of Canberra, even as the first town designer Bruno Walter Burley griffin meant.

When you get to the highest - a decent 30-45 min walk from the War Memorial - you'll see spectacular views of Canberra and surrounds. The foremost dramatic area unit straight down ANZAC parade to the Parliament homes on the far side. If you're a neighborhood or a visitant, you want to see this read. You can drive or walk as you prefer.


Location: Mount Ainslie Dr., Majura ACT 2609, Australia

OPENING HOURS:-Accessible at all times


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Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra
People Canberra is like the most because there are Good guests Centre with useful guides. Maps offered. Smart ways around numerous sorts of plantings and Australian environments, plenty of that at pre-wheelchair friendly. We tend to notably like the forest vale and Eucalyptus field. The restaurant is sweet for occasional and cakes.

We walked from the top of the gardens on to the Black Mountain Summit Path that was exhausting going and not in the slightest degree appropriate for wheelchairs or but active folks. However, it absolutely was worthwhile to go to the Telstra Tower and see the brilliant views. Those of people coming for fresh the mind and also took meditation.

Location: Clunies Ross Street | Black Mountain, Canberra 2601, Australia.

OPENING HOURS:-Gardens: Daily Morning 8.30 am to Evening 5pm daily; Visitor Centre: Daily Morning 9.30am to Evening 4.30pm; closed Christmas Day

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Telstra Tower, Canberra
Telstra Tower is also known as a black mountain tower and was formerly known as a Teleco Tower is a telecommunications tower lookout that is situated above the summit of Black Mountain in Australia's capital city of Canberra. Rising 195.2 meters (640 ft) above the mountain summit, it is not only a landmark in Canberra, but also offers panoramic views of the city and its surrounding countryside from an indoor observation deck and two outdoor viewing platforms.

In April 1970, the Postmaster General at the time commissioned the Commonwealth Department of Housing and Construction to carry out of feasibility study in relation to tower on Black Mountain accommodating both communication services and facilities for visitors. The tower was about to replace the microwave relay station on Red Hill and the television broadcast masts already on Black Mountain.

William Roy, at the time in charge of Canberra ABC radio and television transmitters, was employed to supervise the installation of technical support equipment in the Tower and became a first Principal Technical Officer. Black Mountain Tower then was opened on 15 May 1980 by Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. It was officially being named as Telecom Tower, and when the telecommunications company was re branded in 1993, became Telstra Tower.

Location: Canberra, Australia.
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Mount Majura Vineyard, Canberra
We recently visited Majura winemaker wherever we tend to were pleasantly shocked by the standard and blends of their wines. We tend to significantly enjoy the Visitviniferous painter, Molli, and sweet Molli all of that we tend to down very well with the cheese and meat platters we purchased. Sitting outside in the afternoon sun was tremendous .if you do not see the grapes sign early you'll miss the turnoff.

Nonetheless, we tend to found a service space to show around and went back. Smart vary of reds and whites and an excellent tasting space, you sit down and wines come back to you. Finally and theist significantly the wine was fantastic!! We tend to purchase six bottles!!

Location: RMB 314 Majura Rd, Fyshwick 2609, Australia.

Opening Hours:-Thursday to Monday- 10am to 5pm: ANZAC Day: 12pm-5pm: and some days like on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, January 2nd and Good Friday closed.
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National Carillon, Canberra
The National Carillon, which is situated on Aspen Island in central Canberra, Australia is a large carillon managed and also maintained by the National Capital Authority on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia. The carillon was a gift from the British government to the people of Australia so as to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the National Capital, Canberra. Queen Elizabeth II opened National Carillon on 26 April 1970.

The 50 meters tall National Carillon tower was designed by the Western Australian architects Cameron, Chisholm Nicol. The concept initially came from an architect Mr. Don Ho working with Cameron Chisholm Nicol in 1968.In 2004 the carillon also underwent a refurbishment including renovation of the interior function facilities and the addition of two extra bells.

Consultants were the CCN, from the Sydney office. Carillons must have at least 23 bells which to be considered as such and the National Carillon has 55 which was increased from 53 during refurbishments in 2003.Each ball weighs from seven kilograms to six tonnes. The bells span four and a half octaves chromatically.

Location: Aspen Island, Central Canberra, Australia.
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The National Portrait Gallery, Canberra
Canberra city has after having spent many hours strolling through the large expanses of the NGA, the Portrait Gallery was on behalf of me a welcome modification.
I was all fascinated staring at the variety of the portraits. Such is that the talent of the many of our Nation's greatest artists, that the paintings virtually appear to return to life.

I will be able to undoubtedly be visiting once more. After having spent many hours strolling through the large expanses of the NGA, the Portrait Gallery was on behalf of me a welcome modification. On a way totally different scale with smaller gallery areas, the PG had a sense of way bigger intimacy and reference to the large assortment of beautiful portraits.

Location: King Edward Terrace, Canberra 2600, Australia.

OPENING HOURS:-Daily: 10am - 5pm; Closed Christmas Day.

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Floriade, Canberra
Floriade a flower and entertainment festival held annually in Canberra's Commonwealth Park featuring extensive displays of flowering bulbs integrated with sculptures and other artistic features. Florida comes from the Latin word floriat, which means designing with flowers. The festival attracts the tourists from around Australia and overseas in the spring from mid September to mid October every year, and is considered as the most important regular event for tourism in the Australian Capital Territory.

It is being called "Australia's Celebration of Spring”. After some controversy regarding an entry charge, admission to Floriade has been free for many years. Floriade was the idea of Christiaan Slotemaker de Bruine, Landscape Architect with Department of Capital Territory in Canberra. He commenced the design in 1986 and based it on the world famous 'Keukenhof' garden in The Netherlands.

Floriade started in 1988 as a one off celebration of Canberra's 75th birthday and Australia Bicentenary of European settlement. Due to the success and popularity of the event, it has run every year since then with every year having a new theme and is currently the largest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere

Location: Canberra's Commonwealth Park, Canberra, Australia.
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Royal Australian Mint, Canberra
The Royal Australian Mint is a coin mint, which was opened in 1965, situated in the Australian federal capital city of Canberra, within the suburb of Deakin. All new Australian circulating coins are minted at the Royal Australian Mint. Before the opening of the Australian mint, the Australian coins were struck at branches of the Royal Mint, which were the Sydney Mint, Melbourne Mint and the Perth Mint.

The Royal Australian Mint is the first mint in Australia not to be a branch of the Royal Mint of London. The only other operational mint in Australia was the Perth Mint. Planning for a mint started in 1959, when it was proposed to move Royal Mint branch from Melbourne to Canberra. It was officially opened through The Duke of Edinburgh on 22 February 1965, coinciding the decimal currency, which was introduced into circulation on 14 February 1966.

The mint consists of two buildings, an administration building and a process building. The administration building house engravers, a laboratory, and a vibration-free basement where coinage is measured to ensure correct size and weight. The mint is an Australian Public Service agency, staffed through the Department of the Treasury.

Location: Deakin suburb, Canberra, Australia.
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the Parliament Houses (Old and New), Canberra
We went on one amongst these tours and totally enjoyed it. it absolutely was real worth for cash. The in-depth tours area unit offered a day. a number of these tours explore the building and also the Parliament in additional detail whereas others explore special stories of the collections and other people at Parliament House. For security functions, participants should gift icon identification for all behind the scenes tours of the building. If you do not have this, you will not be able to precede the tour.

Parliamentary sitting days:- On days once Parliament is sitting these tours can explore highlights within the public areas of the building. Get additional out of your visit by combining an associate in-depth tour with a visit to a period of time to check Parliament in action.

Times: Morning 10.00am is to Afternoon 12.00 pm, and 3.00pm a day (except Christmas)

Cost: Adults $15, Concession/Child $10 
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Jervis Bay, Canberra
Canberra city people come to visit again for whilst exploring Jervis Bay attends Currawong a quaint seaboard city. There is a wonderful walk you'll do with exquisite views. Go to the terra firma then head south, you'll see a car park. There is so many Park here and take the bush track. Just follow the signs. Another suggestion is on the thanks to Currawong there's a beautiful beach referred to as Honeymoon Bay.

It’s a dirt road through the military grounds. Appeared pretty nice however we have a tendency to visit it a couple of days when the rain and storm, therefore, the beach wasn't terrific and superb as we have a tendency to see on the footage. Higher go there within the summer season and occasionally. I thought this is the best location in the world.
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Old Melbourne Gaol, Canberra
With my family and friends, I made a decision to begin 2014 with Associate in the Nursing journey down the Naval Special Warfare South Coast! However this was our initial vacation beside ‘the friends’. I’d prefer to say that we tend to selected Batemans Bay as a destination due to its beautiful string of beaches however in actual truth, we tend to were rather restricted with accommodation selections given the minute nature of coming up with this trip! Batemans Bay is a straightforward drive from the state capital and took roughly four hours (280km). With lovely mountain scapes and superb coastal views on the means, Mother Nature unbroken North American country diverted.

We poor up the stretch with many pits stops together with visits (we went double, on the means there and another time on the come leg) to the sinker van in Berry! Another notable stopover would be Ulladulla, a fishing village wherever contemporary native food is aplenty. And after all, it’s not a road trip till you purchase contemporary fruit on the route roadside! Batemans Bay was conjointly running its initial formation evening market in Clyde Street, simply outside Innes Boatshed.

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National Zoo and Aquarium, Canberra
I enjoyed winding through the installation and seeing a decent vary of animals from Australia and around the world. You’ll be able to get quite near the small cities- just like the penguins and therefore the meerkats- and want you're a part of their world for a minute. I got amazingly near a hyena too - he lay down right next to the glass that backs onto the vivarium.

The National installation and vivarium aren't low cost to go to if you're coming up with an occurrence visit; therefore, the animals have superb habitats. Nice use of plants and streams through the installation, with sensible aggregation for the path and benches here and there for taking a possibility. You'll be able to book into accommodation right at the installation or book into a special event like ' meet the cheetahs'. Once you pay, you'll be able to keep all day if you would like.

Location: 999 Lady Denman Drive, Canberra 2611, Australia.
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