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05 January 2020
I can certainly say that there is nothing more exciting than spending some time with your friends in a racing boat. The instructer was very polite and extremely knowledgeable. He did some cool tricks with the boat and nowhere did we feel that our safety was not in the balance.
21 February 2020
The Black Forest and the Rhine Falls were in my bucket list for so long. I was excited to visit these places and I loved the place. Not only did I enjoyed my visit but also loved learning the craft of Titisee. This was a new experience that I had in my life and I cannot forget learning this craft. The best part of the trip was having a black forest cake in the black forest. I would totally recommend you to plan your trip to the Black forest.
06 January 2020
Had never heard of this hidden gem of a place before! The trip, despite being short, covered the best of the features in that region- Laufen castle, Rhine falls, and even the famed Bahnhofstrasse street, which is said to be the Swiss counterpart of Avenue 5! Also, The view of the Rhine falls will remain etched in my memory as a wonderful souvenir from Switzerland!
02 February 2020
We had never thought that travel could be this stress free and smooth.The tour took us through all the corners that were left uncovered by us. The boat cruise was an enthralling experience
03 January 2020
One of the best experiences in Switzerland so far! Thanks for the lovely arrangement. It is the best and most cost-effective day trip for someone who wants an off-beat experience in Switzerland with a well-arranged itinerary. Laufen Castle and Rhine falls have my heart! The Laufen castle is so underrated! The medieval artifacts from this castle are such a big reminder of the extravagance of the nobility! And the view of the Rhine falls from the castle is lovely!
16 January 2020
If you are in the lookout for some exploration and a little bit of fun, the Swiss Museum Of Transport is the perfect place for you. The guide there is very informed. I got in and enjoyed a number of rides and activities that are spread out in the area.
16 November 2019
The trip was very comfortable and me and my friend got to explore a lot of things at Harder Kulm in a short span of time. A definite recommendation for everyone visiting Switzerland for a holiday. The folk show there was also really enjoyable.
07 December 2019
The journey was pleasant and my parents were delighted to see a place with such great culture and history. If you are visiting Switzerland, a trip to Harder Kulm is a must.
13 December 2019
I was planning to embark upon an adventurous expedition with my little ones and it so happened that I found the Chamonix Mont-Blanc tour on Thrillophilia while planning my trip. Upon arrival at Geneva, the guide was recognizable and very helpful in making us feel comfortable. The entire trail was filled with fun and the view from the top was amazing.
06 November 2019
Our kids had a lot of fun in the museum. I recommend it to everyone visiting beautiful Switzerland. One of the best experiences in the entire place is the cable car ride that is shaped in the form of chocolate.

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