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    Corporate Training Outbounds

    "At Thrillophilia, corporate training outbounds are made equally fun as any other fun team outing!" The learning that one can derive in an outdoor exotic location through high energy activities and fun games is unmatched with that what happens in a classroom session.

    We conduct training outbounds for various levels in an organization ranging from Senior level to Mid-level management to new joinee induction and management students. Our Experts design a completely Offbeat curriculum that can be customized to cater to the special needs of the organisation.

    Training Modules:

    •  Leadership Skills (targeted to get into the next roles)
    •  Team Bonding (especially for new joinees)
    •  Team Development (how team strength can take performance to a new level)
    •  Time Management (benefits for the organization)
    •  Productivity in Organizations (how can this be achieved)
    •  Humour in Organizations (uptight or loosen up at various levels in organization)
    •  Creativity & Problem Solving

    Live Outbound Caselets:

    1) Keane Senior Management Offsite - Jungle Tribal Theme!

    Day 1 was planned to be on Survival of the fittest. 

    The mid to senior level management of Keane India participated in this event from across locations such as Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

    The offsite was planned over two days with team Development as the focus for Day 1 with issues such as competition, co-ordination and trust being addressed. This day was jam packed with lot of fun games, corporate training outbounds and some high energy activities with gyan sessions flowing through the day.

    Day 2 was focused on Individual Performance as that impacts team performance largely.

    Here, individuals were pushing themselves beyond their own comfort zones to discover their hidden potential impacted success of their team. As a part of our corporate training outbounds, this day was dedicated to learning through adventure and thrill at Ramnagar Rocks. 

    The learning through themes and storyline just sinks in the message so strongly that people recall the funny character names in cafeterias over coffee.

    2) AQ Team Outbound - On a Hill Resort

    The whole organization travelled together and the purpose of this corporate training outbound was to make them have quality fun time together and get some learning in the process. Done in one of the exotic locations in Kerala, on a hill resort, this became a memorable outbound.

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    With the two days focussing on different aspects of team bonding, the team experienced varying levels of fun as well as energy. With some innovative games this outbound was the adequate mixture of fun and thrill for a unit of 70-80 people.

    3) Sarla Birla Faculty Team Offsite - Bollywood in the Middle of Forest

    One of the premium educational institutes top faculty offsite. Never seen people at that age so enthusiastically doing activities on ropes and playing games. This one was for very senior people not only in age but also in experience and hence it was a training executed very differently.

    The focus was on Team Goal Setting and Achievement and inter/intra group interaction. With Bollywood as the theme and a wonderfully woven storyline, the faculty had a cherished time.

    Executing in the middle of the forest with very limited resources, delivering value becomes all the more challenging and that is exactly what we specialize in. One after the other, we succeed in delivering Customer Delight (our core value) to our customers and make their corporate training outbounds, an eventful affair.

    4) Ascendas Outbound - On an Island Resort

    Learning through team games, this outbound was a lot of fun. Focussed on Team Bonding and Inter-personal Communication with some of the senior-most folks of the organization (CEO) traveling on the outbound, the training consultant gave the group a wonderful experience throughout the two day plan.

    With outdoor experts conducting yoga sessions and adventure activities, individual performance was also brought in the game along with stressing on overall team development. The island resort was a perfect setting for the management offsite and corporate training outbounds.

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