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    Corbyns Cove Beach Wind Surfing

    Corbyns Cove Beach gets its name because it is in the shape of a cove or a C-shaped bay. It is a nice beach lined with coconut trees. Unlike the beaches of Havelock, this one is more crowded.

    Nearer to this beach, resorts of both government and private are availabe.

    How to get there

    By Air: Chennai/Calcutta to Port Blair by air.

    By Sea: Regular passenger ship services ply between Port Blair and Chennai (1,190 km), Kolkata (1,255 km) and Visakhapatnam.

    Nearest Town: Port Blair which is 57 km away.

    Distance: Chennai “ Port Blair “ 1190kms, Calcutta “ Port Blair- 1255kms.

    Best time to visit: October to May.

    Exact Location: Situated 10 south east of Port Blair.


    • Although proper care is taken in the sports complex, it is our duty to abide by the rules for our own safety.
    • Wear beach clothes while wind surfing. It is advisable to carry tanning ointments, sun block ointments, a pair of sunglasses and hats.

    Other Information

    Corbyns Cove tourism Complex: 7 km away from town, this complex is ideal for swimming, sun basking and surfing. Facilities like water sports, Restaurants and bar are available.

    Chatham SawMill: 5 km North-west of Aberdeen Bazaar, is the British built Chatham sawmill one of the oldest and largest timber processing plants on Indian Territory . Photography is prohibited here. Most of the timber goes from here to the mainland.

    Sippighat Farm: Located 15 km from Port Blair en route to Wandoor, this Government owned farm is used for research in various kinds of agricultural products.

    Wandoor: This stunningly beautiful group of 15 islands forms part of the 280 sq kms Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park . There are a number of good beaches on Wandoor but the strong currents call for caution. Do not venture on the corals as they might get damaged. Daily boat trips are organised to these uninhabited islands

    Chiriya Tapu: At the southern tip of South Andaman, an hours drive from Port Blair, is Chiriya Tapu or Bird Island; a tiny fishing village with mangroves, shell-strewn beaches, sharp rocks and vast coral reefs. South pf the island is a beach well known for snorkelling

    Image Source: HellotravelScottdavis

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