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  • Nestled amidst the dense and rugged settings of Nainital district in Uttarakhand, this wildlife abode is one of the pioneer projects to protect the majestic Bengal Tigers. Built in 1936 as the 'Hailey National Park', it was later renamed as the Ramganga National Park in an around 1955 and finally to Jim Corbett National Park in 1957 in the honour of the legendary hunter Jim Corbett.

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    A colonel in the British Indian Army, Jim Corbett was one of the most renowned hunters of the colonial era. Though he was known for all his encounters with the man-eating beasts, he was often referred to a 'sadhu' or saint by the local villagers. Post retirement, he not only turned into a wildlife author, but also took active part in spreading as well as creating awareness among the common people. His efforts to protect the endangered Indian Tigers, his works on how to conserve these predators, and his passion towards the wildlife played an important role in the significant rise in the population of the Royal Bengal Tigers.

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    Spreading across, the park is considered as the oldest and one of the largest in the country. A home to more than 400 different species of flora and fauna, it mainly comprises of rugged hills, marsh lands and grasslands with sufficient supply of water round the year. Talking about the flora population around the park, it has a total of 11o different species that forms an evergreen covering and serves as a natural habitat for different wildlife species.

  • Types of Safaris in Corbett

  • 01Elephant Safari

    Elephant Safari
    Image Credit : Peter Davis
    Spotting some of the deadly predators along with other playful dwellers of the park has its own charm and cannot be missed at any cost! But again, if this exciting activity can be done while sitting on the back of a giant yet gentle mammal of the park, the fun and excitement will surely become double!

    Elephant safari in Jim Corbett is one of the most exciting and fun frolic things to do. One of the most sought after safari options in the park, elephant safari not only allows you the closest encounter with the fascinating charm and the inhabitants of the jungles, but also takes you to some of the core areas that are almost impossible to access with jeeps or open canters.

    In addition, these safaris ensures a perfect eco-tour within the park which in turn contributes to the conservation steps of the park. Conducted under the guidance of well-trained and expert mahouts, elephant safaris also ensures maximum safety, fun and excitement to the visitors.

      Elephant safaris are conducted twice in a day; 06:00 - 08:00 in the morning and 03:00 - 05:00 in the evening; timing is applicable for both summer and winter.

    The popular zones for elephant safari are Bijrani and Dhikala.

    The safaris are conducted on the first come first serve basis and needs no prior booking.
  • 02Canter Safari

    Canter Safari
    Image Credit :

    Conducted and operated only by the forest officials, canter safaris are yet another exciting way to delve deep into the wilderness of Jim Corbett Park! Operated twice in a day, usually open-roof canters with a seating capacity of 16-18 members are used for this purpose.

    For a larger group of visitors, canter safaris are the most ideal ways to enjoy wildlife safaris. Also, as the vehicles assures maximum safety to the passengers, visitors of almost all age groups can enjoy these rides; however, minors must be accompanied with an adult during the safaris.

    The safaris usually lasts for around 5 hours and takes the passengers to some of the most popular sites for wildlife spotting and as the vehicles are open, they promises you the most fascinating experience of the wild! Also, since only 4 canters are allowed at a time, it is advisable to book the safari well in advance.


    Summer: As summers offer much clear views, the first batch of safari starts at around 05:30 in the morning and continues till 12:30 in the noon. Post this, the second batch starts at around 12:20 in the noon and winds up by 06:30 in the evening.

    Winters: Safaris during the winters start by around 06:00 in the morning and closes down by around 11:00. The last batch of canter is allowed into the forests between 11:00AM to 04:00PM only.

    Zones: Among all the four buffer zones, only Dhikala Zone is open for canter safaris.

    NOTE: Since the safaris are carried out in eco-friendly zone, visitors should carry a disposable bag to carry back their leftovers and leave no trace within the park. Also, alcohol and non-vegetarian foods are strictly not allowed during the safaris.

  • 03Jeep Safari

    Jeep Safari
    Among all the safari options in Jim Corbett Park, jeep safaris are the most popular. Conducted twice in a day, these safaris are allowed throughout all the buffer zones of the park and allotted in a group of 25-30 jeeps at a time; depending on the zone. Compared to the canters, as these vehicles are smaller in size, they takes you some of the core areas that are inaccessible by the canters. Though smaller in size, they promise you an extremely enthralling and exciting jungle or wildlife safari within the park.

    Keeping you close to the wilderness of the national park, jeeps take you to some of the hidden corners of the jungles that are quite often visited by the majestic Bengal Tigers and other wild predators. They are in fact the best option to embark on a tiger trekking trail within the park.

    With the jeep safaris, you can also embark on exciting sightseeing tours around the park. Sitabani Buffer Zone that do not come under the recommended buffer zones of the park, is also one of the most popular sites for jeep safaris. Owing to its tranquil and serene ambience, visitors can make it this zone and spend some of the pleasant and blissful moments with the Mother Nature in Sitabani.


    Summers: Like the canter safaris, jeep safaris during the summer starts at around 06:00 in the morning and continues till 09:00 in the morning. The next batch of jeeps are allowed into the jungles between 03:00 - 06:00PM.

    Winters: Keeping in mind about the visibility constraint during the winters, the first batch of jeeps are allowed between 07:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Following this, the second batch starts at around 02:00PM and continues till 05:00 in the evening.

    Zones:  Jeep safaris are allowed to all the four different zones of the park. However, the number of jeeps allowed might vary according to the Forest Permit.

    NOTE: Since the number of jeeps permitted varies according to the zones, it is advisable to book the safaris well in advance; 30 days is the suggested time frame.

  • Types of Flora and Fauna in Jim Corbett

  • 04Flora

    Image Credit :

    Fringed with the gurgling Ramganga River, numerous ridges and plateaus, the park serves as an ideal abode to a kaleidoscopic range of flora and fauna. While the abundance of water bodies and the favourable climatic conditions supports the growth and nurture of different types of flora species, it finally results in all the required conditions for the significant wildlife population of the park.

    The list of flora within the park starts from non-flowering plants like ferns, lichens, mosses and continues with different types of flowering plants including the exotic orchids, dodder, scarlet red flowers and several others. The park also has a significant number of woody climbers like melletia auriculata, crypotepris buchanani, porana paniculata and others. Among the types of grass and herbs, you can find kansi, baib, tiger grass, khus khus, cyanthia, drymaria diandra, bhilmora, euphorbia hirta, clover and others alike.

    Different types of shrubs and bamboo plants can also be found in large number within the park. On the other hand, chir pine, date palm, kanju, jamun, aamla, banj oak, semal, maddar, kanchnaar and dhak are some of the commonly found tree species within the park.

  • 05Fauna

    Image Credit :

    Talking about the fauna of the Jim Corbett National Park, predators like the Bengal Tiger, leopard, jungle cat, fishing cat and leopard cat mainly comprises the list. Other dominant inhabitants of the park include Indian Elephant, buffalo and Himalayan Black Bear. Among the other types of mammal, you can find a large population of barking deer, sambar deer, hog deer, chital, sloth, Indian grey mongoose, otters, yellow throat martens, Himalayan gorals and others.

    The park also has a significant population of avifauna. Till now, a total of 586 different species has been recorded within the park. This includes birds like parakeet, crested serpent eagle, bee-eaters, tawny fish owl, red jungle fowl and several other migratory and local birds.

    A large number of Indian python, crocodile and gharial along with wide range of reptiles, amphibians and fishes can also be found within the park.

  • Buffer Zones in Jim Corbett National Park

    Though the park is famed as the only national park in the country that allows overnight stay to the visitors, entry within the park is restricted to certain areas. Keeping in mind about the safety of both the visitors and the natural dwellers of the jungles, the whole of the park is divided into four different zones where tourist activities are allowed. Known as the 'buffer zones', these are Dhikala, Jhirna, Bijrani and Durga Devi zones.
  • 06Dhikala Zone

    Dhikala Zone
    Largest of all the buffer zones, Dhikala Zone is the hub for the visitors to the park. With the Dhangadi Gate as the entry point, it is known for its abundance of wildlife species like Bengal Tigers, Asian Elephants, deer, chital, crocodile, reptiles like cobra, and birds like vulture, dove and several others. November (mid) to June (mid) is the best time to visit this buffer zone of the park.
  • 07Jhirna Zone

    Jhirna Zone
    Only 16km from the heart of the Ramnagar, this buffer zone is one of the newly introduced among all the other zones. Well connected with the city limits, it can easily reached by buses, taxis and other means of communication.

    In addition to the stunning beauty of this zone, it is also known as one of the ideal spots to have an encounter with the fascinating bears. While Jhirna Gate serves as the entry point to this zone, it is best visited during the months of October to the end of June.
  • 08Bijrani Zone

    Bijrani Zone
    Image Credit : Roshan Panjwani
    For the nature lovers who crave to witness the different flora species of the park, Bijrani Zone is the most ideal place to be! Located only 1km from the limits of Ramnagar, it is also popular among the wildlife lovers. With the Amdanda Gate as its entry point, it serves as a perfect place to spot wildlife species like elephant, tiger, deer, chital, and monkeys along with an array of bird species. October (mid) to June (end) is the best time to visit the Bijrani Zone.
  • 09Durga Devi Zone

    Durga Devi Zone

    Upon entering through the Durga Devi Gate of the park, you will be at the Durga Devi Zone that is known for a significant number of avifauna species. A paradise for the bird watchers, it shelters a large number of grey headed eagle, marron orile, crested laughing thrushor, black chinned yuhina and others. For a much exciting and fun frolic experience, you must visit this zone during the months of November (mid) to June (end).

    In addition to these four main zones, the park also has some of the secondary sightseeing areas that are equally popular among the visitors. These are:

  • 10Dhela Safari Zone

    Dhela Safari Zone
    Incorporated within the tiger reserve zone in 2014, it is one of the famed eco-tourism zones within the park. Around 13km from Ramnagar, it remains open throughout the year and attracts a large number of tourists who yearns to enjoy the undulated views of the nature and wildlife of Jim Corbett Park.
  • 11Sitabani Buffer Zone

    Sitabani Buffer Zone
    Image Credit : Roshan Panjwani
    Though this one does not come under the limits of the main park, it still attracts a significant number of nature enthusiasts. Its tranquil ambience, scenic beauty and openness serves as the main attraction among the tourists.
  • Things to do in Jim Corbett

    While the lush and dense forests of Jim Corbett Park serves as an ideal home to a wide range of wildlife; some of which has already been declared as endangered. Owing to the large population of various exotic species, the park makes it an ideal destination for several enthralling activities. In addition, the rugged and exhilarating settings of the park also entices the adventure junkies and the leisure seekers to indulge in an array of activities and quench all their yearnings for thrill and excitement.

    Here are some of the most popular activities and things to do Jim Corbett National Park:
  • 12Camping

    Image Credit :
    If you are among the camping enthusiasts, you must visit the Corbett National Park! Guarded by captivating hillocks, adorned by several rivers and fringed with lush greeneries, it is the only park in the entire country that allows overnight camping to the visitors.  Among all the activities you can enjoy within the limits of the park, camping always ensure you maximum exposure to the untouched beauty of the park.

    In addition to this, it also allows you to stay close to the wilderness of the forests along with many different activities and things to do. The park has a large number of private as well as government camps that promises exciting camping options to the visitors.
  • 13Jungle Safari

    Jungle Safari
    Image Credit :

    Jungle safaris are in fact the most popular activities within the fascinating settings of the park. A gateway to the lush and magical beauty of the park, these safaris are conducted across various corners or the buffer zones throughout the day. Taking you through the natural habitats of the jungle dwellers, these safaris not only allows you to witness and spot the grandiosity of the jungles, but also offers you numerous chances of spotting the mighty predators of the jungles.

    Conducted through jeeps and open canters, these safaris allow you to opt for the most convenient and exciting ways to delve deep into the dense thickets and have a glimpse of their wilderness. While the jeep safaris are more suitable for a smaller group, the open canter safaris are preferable for larger groups and alike.

    Also, for those who want to explore and enjoy the magical beauty of Corbett's fascinating range of wildlife in a steady pace, they can opt for the elephant safaris and step into the wilderness of the park. Mostly conducted during the early mornings, these safaris also prove to be exciting ways to witness and enjoy the appealing charm of the park.

  • 14Wildlife Spotting

    Wildlife Spotting

    A visit to Jim Corbett National Park without wildlife spotting is never complete! As tourist movements are allowed in certain parts of the park, one can avail the jungle safaris conducted daily and make their way into the buffer zones for an enthralling wildlife spotting experience.

    Most of the wildlife spotting safaris make their way through the Dhangadi Gate and takes the wildlife lovers to the Dhikala Zone which is known for its abundance of wildlife. Conducted for a considerable amount of time, these safaris allow you to witness and spot the dwellers of the jungles in their natural habitats and also from a close hand.

    Bijrani and Jhirna zones are also known for their amazing range of wildlife population. While the Jhirna Zone serves as a befitting destination to spot the bears, Bijrani Zone allows you to have an encounter with species like elephant, tiger, crocodile, and chital along with a myriad list of avifauna.

  • 15Bird Watching

    Bird Watching
    Image Credit :
    Talking about the fun frolic nature activities in the Jim Corbett Park, bird watching also attracts a large number of nature lovers to the park. Among all the popular spots for this exciting activity, the Durga Devi Zone sounds to the most wonderful location.

    The lush green settings around this zone and the availability of foods attract a large number of local as well as migratory birds to this locale. Winter is the best time or bird watching in this zone as during this period of the year, it attracts a large number of migratory birds to this region.
  • 16Nature Photography

    Nature Photography
    When it comes to the immaculate beauty of the Mother Nature, Corbett National Park outshines most of the national parks in the entire nation. An ideal home to a fascinating range of flora and fauna, its enchanting beauty proves to be a true delight for the shutterbugs. Be it nature or wildlife photography, the bucolic settings and the exotic range of the park's wildlife entices photographers from almost all the corners of the world.
  • 17River Rafting

    River Rafting
    Image Credit :
    For the adrenaline seekers, the park also offers several enthralling games and activities; river rafting is undoubtedly one of the thrilling offers of the park. Set beside several gurgling rivers, one can find many different rafting sites around the park. Ranging from easy to challenging, one can cruise through almost all sorts of rapids while visiting the park.
  • 18Angling


    When it comes to angling or game fishing, Corbett National Park can be called as one of the most promising destinations in the country. Among all the spots or destinations for angling, the Ramganga River host the most wonderful spots and camps for angling. And among all the fishing spots in the vicinity, Matwasha nd Rikawasi are the two renowned destinations for golden mahseer fishing.

    The Kosi River flowing through the thickets of Corbett also offers several exciting spots for game fishing. However, fishing in Kori River is permitted only during October to June.

  • 19Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking
    Image Credit :

    The rugged landscapes and settings of the park also attracts a considerable number of mountain bikers from various corners of the globe. The different levels of biking around the park make it even more enthralling for the bikers. Also, in addition to biking, one can also indulge in nature sightseeing, camping, and wildlife spotting around the park.

    To note here, you should avoid the monsoons as the terrains within the park get washed away due to the heavy rains.

  • 20Rock Climbing and Rappelling

    Rock Climbing and Rappelling
    Image Credit : resortscorbett
    Be it rappelling or rock climbing, the park has its own charm and allurement! As already said, the park offers several craggy an uneven rock formations, it serves as an ideal hotspot for these two adventure activities.
  • 21Nature Treks

    Nature Treks
    Among all the ways to explore and discover the natural charm of the park, nature trekking promises the most wonderful experience to the visitors. Though permitted across a handful of regions inside the park, you will never find a dull moment during nature trekking inside the park. An absolute way to discover the lush beauty of the nature, it also allows the visitors to camp within the premises of the park and enjoy its alluring charm from a close hand.
  • 22River Crossing

    River Crossing
    Image Credit : Dave Croker
    Owing to the several gurgling rivers; especially the Kosi and Ramganga Rivers, Corbett also hosts an array of spots for river crossing. During the activity, the participants are harnessed to a rope whose other end is tied to the opposite side of the river, and thy have to cross the river with the help of the rope. The activity not only makes it for an enthralling experience, but also introduces the thrill seekers to the various types of terrains, gorges and boulder strewn paths within the park.
  • Places to Stay in Jim Corbett

    Being the only national park in India that allows overnight stay to the visitors, Jim Corbett also houses a number of wildlife resorts and camps across its length and breath. Here are some of the most popular and ideal places to stay within the limits of the park:
  • 23Le Roi Resort

    Le Roi Resort
    A resort that goes friendly with your wallet, Le Roi is also among the must visit resorts in Jim Corbett. Overlooking the lush and dense thickets of the Himalayas, this retreat has around 24 rooms that are authentically designed to offer a pleasant and comforting stay to the guests. In addition to this, wooden flooring, elegant furniture, glass windows and other facilities within the rooms will add an extra charm to your stay.

    Along with a luxurious stay, the resort also promises delicious foods to its visitors. Expert chefs and cooks within the Le Roi Resort knows the art of pampering your taste buds and make you crave for more! Other facilities and amenities of the resort includes coffee shops, swimming pool, fitness centre, in-built bar, intercom facility and lot more.
  • 24Ramganga Resort

    Ramganga Resort

    Located around 20km from Dhikala Zone and 29km from Durga Devi Gate of the park, Ramganga Resort is one of the most sought after retreats in Ramnagar. Nestled amidst lush greeneries and guarded by fascinating hillocks, it is known for its luxurious offerings and offers a blissful stay amidst the wilderness of the jungles.

    Irrespective of when and with whom you are visiting, it promises a warm hospitality and range of dedicated service to its patrons. Well-equipped and spacious rooms, modern amenities and facilities, separate swimming pool for adults and kids, indoor and outdoor game options, and a library within the resort will surely make your stay memorable.

  • 25Corbett Riverside Resort

    Corbett Riverside Resort
    Seated on the banks of the Kosi River and around 7km from the Bijrani Gate of the park, this holiday home is also among the best places to stay in Jim Corbett. Offering you the best of the wildlife experience, the resort boasts of its aesthetically designed rooms and the bucolic surroundings.  A perfect place to wind up and soak in the wilderness of the jungles, glass rooms in Corbett Riverside Resort is a true delight for the visitors.

    These rooms not only keeps you close to the nature, but also offers panoramic views of the surroundings. Among the other amenities and facilities of the resort, there is swimming pool, health centre, multi-cuisine restaurant and lot more in this resort.
  • 26Maya The Forest & Spa Resort

    Maya The Forest & Spa Resort
    Image Credit :

    An ode to luxury and comfort amidst the lush settings of Jim Corbett, Maya Resort promises a pleasant stay to the visitors who crave for a perfect holiday in Jim Corbett. With an in-house spa, the resort also assures a relaxed and rejuvenating experience to its patrons. In addition to this, the array of activities conducted within the resort, adds an extra amount of fun and delight to your holiday.

    With a total of 24 well-furnished rooms, colourful lawns, and a range of modern amenities, this holiday retreat makes it for a wonderful experience in and around the park. Its facilities like modern bathrooms, LCD TV, power backup, swimming pool, gym, and several others cater to all the needs and requirements of the patrons.

  • 27Wood Castle Resort

    Wood Castle Resort
    Image Credit :
    Located around 10km from the heart of Ramnagar, Wood Castle Resort is an ultimate retreat to surrender oneself into the hands of nature! Seated at the foothills of the Shivalik Ranges, it keeps its visitors enchanted with all its delightful services and offerings.  Rooms here offers astounding views of the surroundings and are decked with almost all the modern amenities and facilities.

    Serving a range of delicacies from Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine, it promises a flavoursome stay to the visitors. Also, indoor and outdoor game options, spa and ayurvedic treatments, and all the other facilities provided by Wood Castle will surely make your holiday much more exciting.
  • 28The Den Corbett

    The Den Corbett
    A resort that perfectly camouflages with the lush jungles and forests, The Den Corbett is yet another ideal retreats in Jim Corbett! Whether you are travelling with your family; including kids, friends or colleagues, this holiday home around the park will promise you pleasant and memorable moments.

    With an array of facilities like swimming pool, activity rooms, entertainment centres and others, it makes you feel comfortable while enjoying the bucolic settings of the evergreen forests. Rooms within the resort are laced up with elegantly designed furniture and makes you feel like a home at any point of your stay.
  • Other Places to Visit near Jim Corbett

  • 29Garjia Temple

    Garjia Temple
    Located around 14km from the limits of Ramnagar; along the way to Ranikhet, this sacred temple is seated amidst the gurgling water of the Kosi River. Originally a large monolith, it has the Goddess Garjia Devi as the main deity and is one of the most pious temples among the locals.

    Newly wed couples throng this temple after climbing a series of stairs to seek the blessings of the goddess. In addition to the religious importance, it also serves as an ideal spot for the hikers and nature lovers.
  • 30Sitabani Forest Reserve

    Sitabani Forest Reserve
    As already mentioned, Sitabani Forest Reserve is not a part of the park; rather, it is a dense forest that proves to be a paradise for the bird watchers. In addition to its exotic range of avifauna, one can also spot wildlife species like elephant, tiger, leopard, wild boars, king cobra and several other endangered species in this reserve. Also, as the only way to get into this zone is either by a jeep or elephant safari, it attracts a large number of visitors to Jim Corbett.
  • 31Corbett Water Falls

    Corbett Water Falls
    Taking the fun and delight of your national park visit further, the Corbett Water Falls is yet another not to be missed marvel around the limits of the park. Nestled amidst lush and evergreen thickets, this cascade is located around 25km from Ramnagar and has a lagoon-shaped pool where visitors can enjoy swimming and other recreational activities.
  • 32Dhangari Museum

    Dhangari Museum
    While entering the park premises through the Dhangarhi Gate, you can visit this delightful museum that holds various information about the history of Jim Corbett National Park. Visit this museum and you will get to know a lot about the geography, topography and several other important details of the park.
  • 33Kosi River

    Kosi River
    Image Credit : Rajarshi Mitra
    A much sought after destination for the adventure fishing enthusiasts, Kosi River forms the eastern limit of the park. Though its trails do not enter the park, it is often visited by the dwellers of the jungle searching for water. Owing to the large population of mahseer in the river, it also attracts a significant number of migratory birds throughout the year and proves to be an ideal place for bird watching.
  • 34Corbett Museum

    Corbett Museum
    Image Credit :
    Located in Kaladhungi in Nainital, Corbett Museum is in fact one of the must visit places in and around the park. The once a home to the legendary hunter Jim Corbett, it has now been turned into a museum that houses his personal belongings like caps, guns, fishing nets, letters and several other antique pieces that belonged to him. A visit to the museum will give you an insight about the life and work of this renowned hunter of the past.
  • 35Nainital

    Image Credit : draskd
    Located around 260km from Jim Corbett, Nainital needs no introduction! A heaven for the winter lovers, this stunning hill station in Uttarakhand is among the best places to visit in and around the park. Seated on a pear-shaped valley at a height of 2,084m above the sea level, this hilly retreat offers a plenitude of adventure, leisure, recreational and sightseeing options to the visitors.
  • 36Ranikhet

    Image Credit : krishan pandey
    Also called the 'Queen's Meadow', Ranikhet is located around 203km away from the park. A pictorial hill station in the Almora district of Uttarakhand, it also serves as a cantonment town for some of the regiments of Indian Army. With a list of places to visit and exotic range of flora and fauna, Ranikhet is also popular among the visitors and is a must visit hill station in Uttarakhand.
  • 37Bhimtal

    Image Credit : Ram Balmur
    Around 22km from Nainital and 158km from the limits of Jim Corbett, Bhimtal also attracts a significant number of tourists round the year. A quaint city located 1,370m above the sea level, it also serves as an adventure hub for the thrill seekers. On your visit to Bhimtal, you can indulge in activities like boating, horse riding, mountain biking, hand gliding and several others.
  • 38How to Reach Jim Corbett National Park

    How to Reach Jim Corbett National Park
    Image Credit :
    By Train: 

    If you are coming from Delhi, you can board any trains between Delhi and Ramnagar; headquarter of Jim Corbett Park. From Ramnagar, you can easily reach the park by hiring a taxi. Trains to Ramnagar are also available from other cities like Lucknow, Varanasi and Allahabad; all these trains travel through Kanpur.

     By Road: 

    Ramnagar is well connected by roads to cities like Delhi, Haridwar, Bareily, Nainital, Ranikhet, and Dehradun, via the route to Gajraula, Moradabad and Kashipur. You can also visit Ramnagar from other places like Haldwani, Kashipur and Kathgodam.

     By Air: 

    If you are travelling by flight, Phoolbagh in Patnanagar will serve as the nearest airport to Jim Corbett.

  • 39Essential Info about Jim Corbett National Park

    1. Entry permits are mandatory for the visitors.

    2. Carry valid ID proofs during your visit to Jim Corbett National Park.

    3. Visitors should carry a litter bag and bring back any non-biodegradable left overs like plastic bottle, metal foils, tin cans and other similar.

    4. In order to avoid any kind of mishaps within the park, make sure you always appoint a government approved tour guide.

    5. Do not disturb the dwellers of the jungle in any form.

    6. Do not carry non-vegetarian foods during the jungle safaris.

    7. Avoid playing loud music or any unwanted noise during the jungle safaris.

    8. Avoid using headphones or earphones during the safaris.

    9. Wear khaki or olive green clothes during the jungle safaris as they gets easily camouflaged with the nature.

    10. Drive slowly while within the jungles and avoid using horns as much as possible.

    11. Pay heed and attention to the tour guides and instructors.

    12. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other forms of intoxicants are strictly prohibited within the limits of the park.

    13. Do not enter into the jungles post sunset.

    14. Carrying guns or arms of any type into the park is a punishable offence and might lead to serious punishment.

    15. Do not indulge in feeding the animals in any form; it is strictly prohibited and might be considered as a cruelty towards them.

    16. Visitors’ vehicles are not allowed within the park; always board the government approved vehicles for jungle safaris and wildlife spotting.

  • 40Distance from Major Cities

    1. Delhi: 260km

    2. Jaipur: 499km

    3. Rishikesh: 142km

    4. Haridwar: 118km

    5. Nainital: 142km

    6. Mussoorie: 201km

    7. Manali: 639km

    8. Chandigarh: 347km

    9. Dehradun: 171km

    10. Ranikhet: 182km

Wildlife in Corbett

Jeep safari in Corbett

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