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  • 01A Cultural Walking Tour of Kashi

    A Cultural Walking Tour of Kashi
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    • lKashi
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    • Raghavendra

    Kashi is said to be older than history itself, in the words of Mark Twain. With references to the city in the Vedas, Varanasi is the one of the oldest cities in the world to have been continually inhabited.

    This fascinating walking tour can be availed at 8AM or 3PM. Explore the rich history of Varanasi in this walking tour of around 3 hours, as you walk through its narrow lanes.  Explore the oldest markets of the place that still buzzes with activity and showcases the most vibrant colours.

    As you explore the markets on foot, witness a 400 year old saree market and the nearby spice and grains market. Moving on to the riverside, visit the temple of the Lord Kaal Bhairao who is popularly called as the Kotwal or the Police Chief of Varanasi. Last, but not the least, witness the amalgamation of cultures in Varanasi with a visit to one of the magnificent mosques built by the Mughals along the river. With this visit, this walking trail comes to an end.


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