Umea Tourism, Sweden: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022
Umeå is the largest city in the northern region of Sweden, located close to the northeastern coast at a mere distance of about 15Km. In 1622, the city was founded by none other than the then royal figure- King Gustav II Adolf of the Swedish empire. Geographically, Umeå falls within the Scandinavian region, so the northern border is full of natural wonders. As you will move towards the south, human settlements will increase in both number and quality.

However, Umeå still has a close connection to nature, thanks to the 2300 birch trees present on both sides of the pavements, Umeå is the cultural capital of Sweden, and hence a lot of popular tourist attractions are there. One of the most notable and famous museums is Väven in Umeå, where the main house is made from Birchwood. Bildmuseet is another cultural landmark where popular exhibitions are being organized.

If you want to embark on some adventurous journeys during your stay in Umeå, you can look forward to the Tavelsjoleden trail. Starting from caves to large lakes and lofty mountains are the main attractions of this trail route. Lake Nydala is another highlight around which you can take a stroll and enjoy bird watching. Umeå enjoys semi-arctic weather with short summers and long and profound winters. Due to the nearby Gulf Stream, the winters are mild and soothing.
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