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Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

Shuklaphanta is a wildlife hunting reserve in Kanchanpur district and is the most popular testimony of nature conservation in South Asia. It is the first national park of Nepal and is also included in the world heritage sites as well. The forest has always remained undisturbed which makes it the choicest wildlife reserve.

The reserve caters to some 24 species of mammals along with 350 species of birds and 14 species of fish. You will also find Nilgai and Jackal in this wildlife reserve.

: The reserve has accommodated some 200 swamp deer along with 50 wild elephants and 30 tigers.

Best months to visit
: October to April.

: Rs.5000.

: Mahakali, Nepal

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

If you love watching bird’s then you can’t miss to visit this reserve. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is considered to be the smallest reserve amidst the Terai National Park. It is often called the bird’s paradise too as it has some 493 species of birds. Apart from all this it is the only reserve where you will find a beautiful amalgamation of peace along with paradise of nature.

: It is the only reserve where you can spot the endangered Arna ( a wild water buffalo) and some endangered species of birds too like Swamp Francolin, Bengal Florican and much more.

Best time to visit
: November to February.

: If you are planning to stay in a camp close to it, you can get it around Rs.16014.

: It is located close to Kamaladi in Kathmandu.

Parsa Wildlife Reserve

Parsa wildlife reserve lies next to the famous cousin Chitwan which has given a greater prominence to this reserve. It is home to many tigers and hence spotting a tiger in this reserve is far easier. Apart from the usual animals you can also spot cobras and pythons which makes this reserve even more exciting for one to visit. Hence a safari trip to Parsa wildlife reserve will surely be an experience in itself.

: You will find hordes of wild elephants, tiger, leopard and sloth bear amongst others.

: It is located in the south central lowland Terai of Nepal, close to Narayangadh.

: Rs 100.

Best time to visit
: October to February.

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