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Singaraja Tour Packages

Singaraja is a port town in Bali. It is a beautiful place where people come to relax and rejuvenate. The pristine environs of Singaraja are like therapy for the mind and body. There are several tour packages in Singaraja such as a trip to the famous Gitgit Waterfall, dolphin watching and sightseeing tour, hot spring volcano tour, Singaraja cultural tour, Tour to the Buddhist monastery and hot springs etc.


In case you are searching for calmness and serenity then start your Singaraja vacation by a visit to the Buddhist Monastery and Hot springs. The scenic beauty of this area along with calm lent by the visit to Buddhist Monastery Temple will surely take away tensions and stress from your life. If rich art and culture of Bali intrigue your mind then should must go in for a Singaraja Cultural Tour which brings you close to local craftsmen and you get to see ancient art and craft from close quarters.  You should also visit Ubud which is a small village where you can see exquisite stone and wood architecture. This trip also includes a visit to King’s Palace and the city museum of Singaraja. There are 300 year old Dutch buildings in Singaraja, which will give you a visit down memory lane.


The dolphin tour in Lovina Beach is a treat to nature enthusiasts. It spans around 10 hours. You reach Lovina beach in a traditional boat. Seeing dolphins rambling around in the deep sea is a beautiful sight. Other well known spots which you must include in your Singaraja tour package is the Git git Waterfall and Ulundanu Bratan Temple. Just make sure plan the tour well in advance and do not miss important spots in and around the city. Bali is also known for its hot springs. You must book a tour which takes you for hot spring volcano exploration.

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