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Consider being a little different, consider giving a little more time, consider the little joys obtained giving time and consider everything experienced in spending the day in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise. When in Singapore everyone is busy googling all the things to do and every place to visit, some even occupied in exhausting themselves moving cross-country to cover every possible destination listed. Hold on! Relax! Let out a deep breath and explore the best walking tours in Singapore City. Travel is meant to soothe your nerves and not work them up double. Planning a trip to Singapore need not require a lot of brainstorming and too many bookings and inter-city movements. Sometimes walking the lanes at your own pace and observing the surroundings is all it takes to appreciate and live in the moment.


The outskirts of Singapore does have a lot of greenery to venture out into, but the bustling city has so much more to offer.
The Nightlife of Singapore is one of the greatest attractions of the city, renowned worldwide. While you walk the streets of Singapore, the lit up facades tell you tales with a vibrant gesture. The local markets with their daily trade and mouthwatering authentic delicacies can only fill-up the hunger pangs while the heart will pine for more. Thrillophilia has many such walking tours in Singapore throughout the year. These walk tours are conducted at all times of the day and it can be clubbed easily with the other planned expeditions. Most of the tours also include lunch and dinners in the famed restaurants of Singapore. Take a break from moving vehicles and give a chance to Singapore to enchant you while you walk down the streets.

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