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It was fun and interesting at the same time, The place really melts our hearts so beautifully built. The resort is nice scenery and as well as the surrounding areas. The staff there were approachable and they were friendly especially with the kids and make them so comfortable. All the fun activity was truly great and really it was fun waiting in a line and as well we did a thrilling activity like zipline, rock climbing, and rappelling which was an excellent blast. Definitely the resort and the booking company surprises us with many amazing things. Everything was a hassle-free.
Convenient to use and a really good place to visit with family definitely kids would have fun. My kids had a great time in the kid's play zone yes, it was not that big but they would like it as the staff were very friendly with them and entertained them, the swimming pool was big and clean in which we had a good time swimming, exercising and sit relaxed there with friends and meeting new friends too. Indoor and outdoor games were fun really and all the facilities are in good condition and everybody busies enjoying themselves. Worth the price...
I have been in this resort couple of time I really like about it as the resort gave stunning-views of the place as well good-photos, the management there was proper and the staff was reliable and friendly the meals were good as always tasty and healthy, the activity was just amazing especially the waterfall-visit all people are excited, we all-together had a great time there. so I write this and also would love to recommend this to all, this resort really goes-well with all types of a group... booking from Thrillophilia is something great as the price is always affordable.
The resort was beautiful from the outside and inside, the lawn was so pretty and from the resort, it gave a tremendous view of the mountains and the lake. The fun activity was enough for my kids to had there amazing times the whole day and they seem very happy and liked this place so very much... The staff was passionate and helpful for the guest. This resort was well-maintained and well-arranged all thing was set properly to make it more beautiful. Everything went great as we expected and wanted to be, so well-pleased. Good job Thrillophilia and the team.
This resort has really a beautiful and greenery garden in which I love to spend time there with my family. I took part in the fun activity also especially indoor games, this resort provided us good facilities and the staff there was nice and kind. The pool was clean and big which my siblings had a great time there...Overall we had a fun day out there last weekend. I would like to recommend this resort to all families, friends, and couples for a good day fun at a very affordable price with lots of good fun activities and good meals.
We all as a family were happy and had a great day out at this Mantra Resort everyone was busy enjoying in a different activity and especially kids they never get tired and continuously played one activity to the other, The resort served with good breakfast and lunch too which was delicious and we all were happy and make us think that we should give good marks of your effort and well-organized. From our end, we would like to give you a full score that is a 5 star... kudos team and keep doing a great job and surprising us.
Yes, I saw the pictures on the website about this property really I do not believe after I saw with my own eyes that its looks the same, What is important and melt my heart was the views of the mountains and valleys from the resort. The resort was well-built and everything on it was super-amazing the pool was nice and the Raindance area was nice too just near the pool on which we had a great-time, the unlimited-meals were fresh and delicious in which we enjoyed it so much... The cost was cheaper and the experience was absolutely great.