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A short trip but peaceful one. You can see a lot of colourful birds and relax by the beach of Chidiyatapu. Also the sunset views from the beach should be watched.
nice it was
Since we did not know much about Indian history, we decided to hire a guide to show us around. Our faith was justified. Our guide really knew a lot about the history of the jail and of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, and he spoke very well. There was no communication gap between us. The light and sound show was amazing too. Thanks for the beautiful Indian experience.
Frankly, I didn’t expect the tour to be that good. The guide was fantastic, there is no other word to describe him. Knew tons about the local history and the architecture, and spoke fluently. Great experience.
We had a good time with the guide in celluar jail. Highly recommended!
I have great memories of the tour and of the light and sound show at the end. It was a smooth experience and the guide was eally good l. Paired it with their sea walk and Diglipur tours in Andaman. It was fascinating. Thanks
I did not know anything about Andaman and its history, so I took on this package. Loved it! (as usual). Highly recommended for non-history buffs especially.
Thanks for the amazing experience at celluar jail. I intend to travel more with you in the coming days. Great packages offered on the site.
Highly recommend
Taking a guided tour of the Celluar Jail in Andaman was the best decision I made. We went as a family and had no real knowledge about what we had to see and experience. Thought it was best to hire a pro. So glad we did. The guide really knew a lot and was polite. The children enjoyed it too because he made everything seem so real. There were no technological glitches or hassles even though we booked the tour just a day before. overall good