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This was my first time fishing. The local fishermen, Murli, and his family together taught me how to prepare a net. It was an amazing experience. We then took to the sea and caught a lot of fishes, I am amazed, and galdly thank Thrillophilia for this.
We have arrived at the place very conveniently. Ferry ride was nice. Lots of eat out places near the beach. Fishing was a new kind of experience with the local fishermen.
It was a complete off-beat experience for our family. Fishing with the locals is a completely unique thing to do in Pondicherry.
11 February 2019
A fun, offbeat activity for the family with a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable guide. Especially enjoyed trying my hand at casting the nets. The seafood cooked up for us later was delicious as well. Recommend it as good way to spend half a day when in Pondicherry.
I'm not much of a fishing person, but my husband insisted so we bought this package. I must say it was surprisingly fun and the people were really nice and helping.
Beautiful beach. The locals were really friendly. They kept asking about our job, our place, and other things. I loved their company so much. We reached Pondi early morning. Views were mind blowing during early morning. after breakfast at a local hotel only we went for the fishing trip. It was filled with so much fun and excitement. For me, it was the first time. The fishermen were making me distracted from my fear about the waves. They kept us so comfortable. I caught only one fish but it was like a thrilling moment. Thank you people for such a nice time.
I’m quite keen about fishing, but there isn’t much to go on with in the cities. Pondicherry was a pleasant surprise! Thanks to Thrillophilia, I spent some of my best hours with like minded people, while the tour guide Mr. Stevens instructed us properly about how to make and sue fishing nets and baits. He also taught us some of his wife’s favourite fish recipes, after which we had a hearty meal. We could actually eat the fish we caught. We also got an insight into the life of the local fishermen, and I got so excited, I planned to go there again the next day. Thanks, Thrillophilia. Truly recommended.