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Phillip Island Tour Packages

Phillip Island Tour packages have a multitude of offerings. A short day’s trip away from the South coast of Australia the island is a hub of wildlife activity. There are penguins and seals and humans engaging in car racing! Sightseeing tours of the island takes one to the shore where Penguins come walking in groups. This phenomenon is referred to as the Penguin parade by tourists who watch them in glee, cameras in hand. Next, you can be taken to the Seal Rocks which is where the biggest congregation of Australian Seals take place every day. One can just sit there in the lap of nature surrounded by turquoise blue water and white sand beaches and watch seals make a nuisance of themselves. In the correct season, you can walk along the coastline watching whales and dolphins. When you are taken to the Koala reservation center you’ll see adorable little Koala bears sleeping away to glory here and there and everywhere! In addition, one can take special Wildlife coastal cruises that give you an opportunity to witness all the wildlife dotting the coasts. There is a lot to do on Phillip Island beyond watching wildlife as well!

Motorcycle racing and car racing is a popular sport here. Tourists can participate as well as watch from afar depending on the amount of thrill they want in their vacation. In addition, being an island Phillip Island also offers an opportunity to engage in all popular water sports like swimming, surfing, snorkeling etc. One can visit the Nobbies to sit back, relax and enjoy marvelous views of the ocean. This is a headland with wooden boardwalks to take romantic strolls on and lawn chairs along beaches to sit and sip beers while contemplating life and its ups and downs. Avail Phillip Island tour packages to visit this beautiful place as it is a must visit whenever one is in Australia.

Popular Packages

Package Name Duration Price Rating Details
Phillip Island Beach & Wildlife Escape in Melbourne 2D 1N ₹ 9563 3.0 star View Details
Phillip Island & Wilsons Promontory Wildlife Tour in Melbourne 2D 1N ₹ 14663 4.0 star View Details
Trip to Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island 2D 1N ₹ 13192 3.0 star View Details
  • l
    Phillip Island
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity If you are looking for some amazing wildlife adventure in Australia, this tour is a perfect fit for you. Explore various wildlife century on the Phillip Island and get a chance to cuddle and feed various beautiful Australian animals like koalas, kang...

    Good 3.0
    29 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    Phillip Island
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the ActivityIf you are looking to spend some relaxing time in Australia, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this tour is a perfect fit for you.Visit one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Australia, the Phillip Island and some of it's most exotic tou...

    Very Good 4.0
    30 ratings

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  • l
    Phillip Island
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Start your journey from the Melbourne city on day one at around 7:15 AM and proceed to the Mornington Peninsula.Visit Bathing boxes, and cross the port Phillip by the boat.Get a chance to see the dancing dolphins, sea birds and even whales while you cr...

    Good 3.0
    26 ratings

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Phillip Island

  • Q. What are the top attractions for a sightseeing tour in Phillip Island?

    Phillip Island is located very close to Australia’s South coast and is a hub of wildlife activity. There are thus, a lot of places to visit when one sets on a sightseeing tour here. Apart from wildlife in nature parks and natural habitats, there are museums, stores and other such common tourist spots here as well. The top attractions are as follows:

    •   Phillip Island Wildlife Park
    •   Big Tap Statue
    •   Phillip Island chocolate factory
    •   Phillip Island Nature Park
    •   Koala Conservation Centre
    •   Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
    •   Shipwreck SS Speke
    •   Forrest Caves
    •   Famous theme park - A Maze ‘N Things

  • Q. Where can I go on wildlife safari tours in Phillip Island?

    Many a time tourists visiting Australia take day long breaks to go on wildlife safari tours in Phillip Island. These tours capture the essence of all the different varieties of wildlife available in Phillip Island and what’s more exhibits them in their natural habitat. They generally include the following spots in Phillip Island.

    •   Australian Wildlife Park
    •   Woolamai Beach – Churchill Island Heritage Farm
    •   Swan lake
    •   Seal Rocks
    •   The Nobbies
    •   The Blowhole
    •   Summerland
    •   Penguin Parade

  • Q. Which are some famous scuba diving tours in Phillip Island?

    Diving at Phillip Island is a unique experience especially when Seals get involved. Due to the cold weather the visibility is not always what one would wish it to be. However, there are still plenty of interesting centres for diving here. Some of these are:

    •   George Kermode – wreck diving; One has to be a little experienced in diving to dive here
    •   Seal Rocks – one can dive with seals here! But one has to be a certified diver else they are not allowed to sue this shore for scuba diving
    •   Pyramid Rock -  you’ll get a lot of varieties of fish and other sea animals here
    •   Honeysuckle Reef – this is a sweet spot for diving and safe for beginners as well

  • Q. Where are the best sites for snorkelling in Phillip Island?

    Being an island, Phillip Island offers a lot of snorkelling opportunities. The rich variety of sea animals in the surrounding waters makes this activity even more exciting. However, cold weather compromises visibility allowing you to see clearly within less than 10 meters. If someone still wants to enjoy this sport they can visit any of the following beaches:

    •   Berrys Beach
    •   Safety Beach in Cape Woolamai
    •   Cowes Main Beaches
    •   Anderson Road to Red rocks – also a part of Western Cowes Beaches
    •   Forrest Caves Beach
    •   Kitty Miller Bay Beach
    •   Newhaven Beach
    •   Rhyll Beach
    •   Silverleaves Beach
    •   Smiths Beach
    •   Summerland Peninsula Beaches
    •   Sunderland Bay Beach
    •   Ventnor Beach
    •   YCW Beach

  • Q. Which are the different cruising experiences in Phillip Island?

    Going for coastal cruises from Australia to Phillip Island or from Phillip Island to the surrounding islands will both be an enriching experience. One can relax on the deck while enjoying the all-round view and the feeling of being surrounded by water on all sides is inexplicable. Following are a few popular cruises one can take:

    •   Wild Oceans Eco boat Tours
    •   Market cruise
    •   Cape Woolamai Cruise
    •   Christmas Fireworks Cruise
    •   Wilsons Prom Whale Cruise
    •   Wilsons Prom Cruise
    •   Seal Watching Cruise
    •   Twilight Bay Cruise
    •   Winter Whale Cruises
    •   Phillip Island Penguins & Boat Tour

  • Q. Which are the famous sailing sites in Phillip Island?

    Phillip Island is a prime place to go sailing. You can take your yacht or boat around the entire coastline, enjoying the calm waters and catching some of the sea animals there for a good dinner. You can hire boats or take the ones you have bought with yourself from the mainland. You can also let agencies plan your entire boating experience, from the route to the instrument. Following places have boating or sailing services to offer:

    •   Cowes – Cowes Yacht Club
    •   Westernport Bay
    •   Rhyll
    •   Newhaven

  • Q. Where can I do parasailing and kayaking in Phillip Island?

    Among the numerous other water sports one can engage in at Phillip Island are also included parasailing and kayaking. For tourists who are looking to add a tad bit more thrill and adventure and love an adrenaline rush, these sports are a must try! Fortunately for these people Phillip Island has a lot to offer in this segment. Following are popular areas to experience these sports in:

    •   Cape Woolamai – Isolated calm beaches away from the hustle of typical commercial areas, parasailing and kayaking experiences here can be a lot of fun!
    •   Wetlands of Rhyll – use kayaks to explore narrow waterway networks beyond the confines of the Rhyll foreshore. The exotic wildlife and the calm environment set the mood for the activity.
    •   Churchill Island – Kayaking along the coast of this area is an enriching historical experience as this is the site of one of Victoria's oldest settlements.
    •   Cowes beach – calm blue waters with shores devoid of rocky formations makes this beach ideal for first time kayakers.

  • Q. Which are the best beaches to visit in Phillip Island?

    There are plentiful beaches on Phillip Island. One can engage in wildlife viewing, water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling and surfing or just sit back and sunbathe at these beaches. The best of them are:

    •   Berrys Beach
    •   Safety Beach in Cape Woolamai
    •   Cowes Main Beaches
    •   Anderson Road to Red rocks – also a part of Western Cowes Beaches
    •   Forrest Caves Beach
    •   Kitty Miller Bay Beach
    •   National Surfing Reserve
    •   Newhaven Beach
    •   Rhyll Beach
    •   Silverleaves Beach
    •   Smiths Beach
    •   Summerland Peninsula Beaches
    •   Sunderland Bay Beach
    •   Surf Beach
    •   Ventnor Beach
    •   YCW Beach

  • Q. Which are the best places for a shopping tour in Phillip Island?

    Shopping in Phillip Island for souvenirs or other items can be fun. There are no large scale malls rather small beach shops and shacks. Handicraft items special to the area can be picked up at cheap rates from these small huts and shacks on the beaches. Following are a few shops one should visit when shopping here:

    •   Moonlight Bay Gallery
    •   Bonsai Island
    •   Abicor Southern
    •   Cape Winds
    •   Cowes Coastal Candles and Decor
    •   Flowers of Phillip Island
    •   Front Room
    •   IGA Supermarket Cowes
    •   Full Circle Surf
    •   Jim’s Bait and Tackle
    •   Market On Chapel
    •   Sarsaparilla Boutique

  • Q. What are the most romantic things to do on your Phillip Island honeymoon tour?

    A day’s trip from Australia Phillip Island can be a good place to take a date for a romantic day out. It can thus, be seen as a popular couple’s haunt. There are several activities for couples to engage in here:

    •   Romantic strolls on the beach
    •   Candlelight dinner by the beach
    •   Visits to seal rocks to view playful seals
    •   Sit back and relax at the Nobbies with a delicious breakfast or lunch picnic
    •   Water Sports – get your swimsuits out and enjoy the water
    •   Sailing along the coast or going on a cruise while enjoying your plus one’s company

  • Q. Which is the best place for canyoning in Phillip Island?

    Canyoning is another rare and unique experience offered by Phillip Island. While there are not many spots to go canyon hopping in here, the hidden caves on Cowes beach would be a sweet spot for the same.

  • Q. Which are the famous food and wine tours of Phillip Island?

    Food and Wine options are in abundance on this island. One can enjoy freshly brewed wines by visit to the many wineries the island houses or enjoy a hearty meal at one of the many various multi cuisine dining rooms. Following are some good options for both:

    •   Ocean Reach Brewing
    •   Purple Hen Winery
    •   Phillip Island RSL Sub Branch
    •   The Cape Kitchen
    •   The Foreshore Bar & Restaurant
    •   Youki's Licensed Japanese Tapas Bars
    •   Harry’s on the Esplanade
    •   Isola di Capri Restaurant and Gelateria
    •   Panhandle Tex Mex Eatery and Bar
    •   Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
    •   Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm
    •   Caldermeade Farm & Café
    •   Phillip Island Vineyard & Winery
    •   Rusty Water Brewery Restaurant and Bar
    •   Southern Gippsland Wine Trail
    •   Bass Valley Wines
    •   Bimbadeen Phillip Island
    •   Bassine Speciality Cheeses

  • Q. What are the famous destinations to take a bike tour in Phillip Island?

    One can take a bicycle and go touring the entire island. Depending on one’s stamina one can set a route covering as many of the following key locations of Phillip island as possible:

    •   Summerland Beach – timed to view the penguin parade
    •   Seal Rocks
    •   The Nobbies
    •   Forrest Caves
    •   Twilight Bay
    •   Big Tap Statue
    •   Cowes Beaches
    •   Settlements on Churchill island
    •   Wineries


  • Q. Which are the best destinations for historic tour of Phillip Island?

    Phillip Island is not just all fun and excitement. It also has a rich history and there are several popular destinations with wealthy heritage worth of visits in a historic tour of the island. Following are the best options:

    •   Phillip Island Museum
    •   National Vietnam Veterans Museum
    •   Churchill Island Heritage Farm
    •   Settlements on Churchill Island
    •   Cowes - Phillip Island Heritage Centre

  • Q. Which are the best places for paragliding in Phillip Island?

    With two official spots for hand-gliding as well as paragliding, Phillip Island just keeps getting more and more of an interesting visit. There are several flyable spots within the island. However, these have not been officially declared safe for paragliding and one cannot be seen flying anywhere close to the Phillip Island Nature Park. However, it is still a popular and thrilling sport for tourists to engage in while on the island. Following are the two sites where you can official paraglide in:

    •   Grossard Point
    •   Rhyll