Best Spa & Rejuvenation Tours in Penang - 2020

Penang, a part of Malaysia, is a wonderful holiday destination that offers various Spa in Penang Tours. These spas are a place based in mineral-rich springs/hot springs/seawater/wellbeing and provide different types of mental and physical health-related treatments. Such treatments include mud bath, body wraps, bathing/soaking, facial, body and other massages. In addition to these, sauna and steam bath, aromatherapy and other types of treatment are available. Their aim is to rejuvenate and also reenergize both the mind and the body, which can become fatigued over time. The main benefit a spa in Penang provides is relief/reduction of stress that builds-up due to pressures of daily life. It helps you to relax and control anxiety levels by keeping frustrations at bay. This, in turn, makes you feel more relaxed and happy. Certain treatments improve the skin, hair, overall complexion and blood circulation and help you to feel good about yourself.

They can improve the quality of sleep and thereby improve your health. This can then lessen the number of times you fall ill. They can also reduce general pains of the body and those specifically caused by problems such as arthritis. They can additionally provide exfoliating, detoxification and beauty treatments aside from those aimed at general or specific health and wellbeing. But, there are a variety of different spa & rejuvenation tours in Penang for you to choose from. Each offers a different type of combination, that is, facials, massages, body scrubs and spa packages. For this reason, it is important to go through each of them to at least get an overall idea. This facilitates your decision-making process in choosing the correct type of facial or massage or body scrub or spa package. Accordingly, a general description of each of the tours is given below.

The Danai Spa Facial Therapy in Penang at Malaysia Tour provides a selection of soothing and rejuvenating facials. They include seventy-five-minutes Radiant Intensive, thirty-minute Revitalize Express, ninety-minute Luminous Advance Integral, and sixty-minute Glow Basic facials. These tighten, brighten and hydrate the skin and make you look radiant. Additionally, the prices of facials vary and their specific treatment-combination literally make your tired skin ‘glow’. The Danai Spa Massage at Penang in Malaysia Tour gives you the option of choosing from different but relaxing massages. These include ninety-minute Aromatherapy, ninety-minute Volcano-Heated Rock, ninety-minute Danai Signature, ninety-minute Pregnancy, seventy-five-minute Hawaii Kahuna, and ninety-minute Herbal Pouch massages. Each of them differs with regard to the treatment combination and price. They aim at reducing aches, pains and stress and increase positive-energy levels and calm.

The Danai Spa Body Scrub Therapy at Penang in Malaysia Tour offers you different exfoliating treatment-combinations. These result in a lovely smooth skin that looks radiant. The thirty-minute Luscious Strawberry Yoghurt and the thirty-minute Farm Fresh Milk and Honey scrubs moisten and soften your skin. The two polishes, thirty-minute Moroccan Rose Luxury Body and thirty-minute Orient Herbal Body, make it smooth. The thirty-minute Tropical Ginger Salt Glow soothes and lessens aches and pains. Each differs according to treatment-combination and price but aims at rejuvenating the skin and re-energizing the body. The Experience Danai Spa at Penang in Malaysia Tour provides you a number of spa treatment packages. The Wisdom of Ayurveda treatment package consists of three different messages. These are forty-five-minute Abhyanga massage, forty-five-minute Shirodhara and scalp massage, and sixty-minute Kalari Marma massage. The total duration is two hours and thirty minutes. The Simple Radiance treatment package is conducted over a period of two hours and thirty minutes. It includes ninety-minute Danai Signature massage and sixty-minute Botanical Facial. The Hawaiian Pampering Bliss treatment package combines massage, scrub, de-stress therapy over a two-hour duration. It includes seventy-five-minute Hawaii Kahuna massage, thirty-minute Milk and Honey Scrub, fifteen-minute De-stress Therapy soak with Jacuzzi.

The Asian Best Treasures treatment package offers either ninety-minute Heated Herbal Pouch massage or ninety-minute Volcano-Heated Rock massage. Additionally, the three-hour treatment package provides thirty-minute Ginger Salt Glow and forty-five-minute Exotic Bali Boreh wrap. The Royale Spa treatment package starts with either sixty-minute Luxury Rose massage or Sandalwood Majestic massage. This is followed by either sixty-minute Royale Radiance facial or Sandalwood reflexology. There is a choice at both stages of the treatment package and total duration is two hours and fifteen minutes. The Gentleman’s Stress Relief treatment package consists of a total duration of two hours and forty-five minutes. The combination involves forty-five minute Gentleman’s facial, thirty-minute Ginger Salt Glow and ninety-minute Aromatherapy massage. The Favorite Treats treatment package has a total duration of two hours and fifteen minutes. It comprises ninety-minute Danai Signature massage, thirty-minute Ginger Salt Glow, and fifteen-minute Lavender Relaxing bath.

However, there are certain facts that you need to be aware of while availing spa & rejuvenation tours in Penang. One of the most important points is making reservations beforehand and then going ahead with the treatment. Spas usually recommend that you look at available treatments and book appropriate one(s) ahead of time. The reservations are conveniently made through a phone call, email or if you prefer by visiting the Spa. But it is important to obtain all the details of each treatment as this helps you reach the correct decision. This, in turn, leads to a good outcome and the one you had really hoped for.

In addition and very importantly, there are certain restrictions in case of pregnant women regarding the various types of treatments. They include massages only during the second and third trimesters and avoiding all heat-related treatments like body wraps/steam-rooms. However, facial treatments and body scrubs (that are gentle on sensitive skin), manicures, pedicures, and hair-removal (waxing/threading) are allowed. But it is always a good idea to consult your Doctor before opting for a spa treatment. A spa in Penang can also impose certain age-related restrictions like parental consent or accompaniment. For example, children below a particular age may be allowed inside the spa with parents only. Further, treatment is permitted only if parents sign a parental consent form. With regard to clothes, valuables phones, and electronic devices, clients are asked to be careful. Simple not special clothes, no valuables, phones in switched-off mode and preferably no electronic devices, are recommended.

Privacy is something a spa in Penang is extremely careful about and ensures for all clients. For instance, the areas of the body that are not part of the treatment chosen are covered properly. Additionally, all clients are asked if they want to include sensitive areas of their treatment (example, body massage). With regard to late arrival or appointment cancellation, spas are again fairly strict. All cancellations have to be notified a certain number of hours before the starting time, to reschedule them. If this is not done, then a penalty may be imposed. For late arrival, treatment is usually carried out but may be shortened if there is another client afterwards. Thus, Penang has a variety of spa tours to make you feel relaxed, calm and happy. Certain necessary rules are imposed, but these ensure that you have a pleasant experience. The spa treatments reenergize, refresh and rejuvenate your body and mind and increase levels of positive energy. Through their positive impact on your health and wellbeing, they make you feel good about life and yourself. Hence, a spa tour ultimately results in a wonderfully positive and constructive outcome for you.

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