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"My experience with the trek is just above the sky... I enjoyed a lot... Especially it's an beginners trek. We need to have basic fitness level to go for the trek. What's most best thing about the trek is our guides Mr. Surrender Rana, Mr.Ramesh who call themselves as Pahad ka Bacha and the team who filled us with delicious food and lots of care. They are so helpful through out the trek. Now coming to the trek everyday you will get to see different landscapes. The mightiness of the Majestic Himalayas is something which filled my heart with unbelievable experience. For people who would love to experience the nature with a decent amount of trek this is perfect. This trek could be a ignition start for the next treks we would like to go. Do go with the complete trek essentials what will be mentioned the list. For a good trekker the most important things are perfect shoes and proper clothing, this will make the trek easy. Experience the Majestic Himalayas, The secrets, wilderness, calm and blissfulness mountains give you!!.."
We were a group of 50 students who went on a trip booked through thrillophilia. We had two stops in our journey, Kullu, and Prashar Lake. Kullu: We reached Kullu after an overnight bus journey. There were 10 tents, each with clean attached bathrooms. The tents were in a secluded area by the riverside. The location was beautiful and private. We did river rafting (around 4 kms) and rope activities by the day time. Around the evening, we all enjoyed by the bonfire. You can also walk around the streets during the day, and get a feel of the place. All in all, it was a very memorable experience. Next morning, we left for Mandi in a bus, and then left for trekking to Prashar Lake. It was a picturesque 7 km trek, doable for beginners. The view was extremely scenic especially at the top. There were 14 tents for all us, and a sleeping bag for each (The temperature had really fallen due to a hailstorm). Tasty food was served by the lake . There was a great view of snow-clad mountains from the location. All in all, the place was very serene and beautiful. One drawback was, that there were just three dirty bathrooms for 50 people. This trip is very suitable for adventurous people wanting a break from the city life in a destination which is not overcrowded.
13 February 2020
This was my 1st solo trek which I was planning for years to gift myself when I get a job. The wait ended and also I realised that I had my Birthday coming on FEB which was a great time for me to spend my birthday in mountains. So I booked my trek and eagerly waited for the day to come. But, a few days before the trek was about to begin, I was a little worried about how will be the hospitality over there and will I be able to manage all alone. But, believe me this was the best decision of my entire life. The time I spent, the hospitality I received, the people I met there, and the happiness it all generated cannot be expressed in words. It was the best B-Day I have ever had in my life. This trek is highly recommended. Here are some pictures of me and the place for you to see. Cheers.
"I made sured that my first solo should be to the land of gods.\n\nOnce I reach Sankri village, where we had a night stay to acclamatize to the altitude.I felt the blankets where more colder than outside even we could see the Swargarohini peaks from the windows.\n\nIt was a 9km trek one side, thought easier but nowhere it was a flat terrain.\nThe whole trek was atleast 45% steep climb.\n\nBy 7am early morning we bought all our equipments for the journey on rent and started our trek with immeasurable level of hope to reach the summit.I was very happy that a mallu family was also there with me to do this, along with their 11 year old child.We found tea points even in the forest area to refresh us only to know it wasnt just us.There I met a 61 year old man with so much aispiration to reach the summit.\nPoint where I understood ,coming from south india just for the trek is nothing compared to the diligence they had.\n\nI felt so previlaged to be with such of crew with same level of desire to be at the top of a peak.\nA worthful emotion.\n\nAfter trekking for hours we reached Juda ka talab for our first stay in tents.It was my first experience to stay calm inside the sleeping bags.There we started sharing our own stories and became more closer friends but eventually slept.\n\nNext morning , we understood everybody heard what we were discussing whole night!!!\nFelt like I shouldnt have shared my love failure????.\n\nBut knowing each other was part of the journey and we started the trek to base camp with our trek leader keep saying Chalo Chalo guys....Hearing it evertime helped to push ourself further.\n\nReaching basecamp can be done by anyone with a diligent mindset but once seeing the mighty peak that you are going to climb next day it was scarier and you doubt yourself yet we were unwilling to giveup.\n\nUntil it was dark, we were sitting here and there just to gaze at the polychromatic mountains next to us.You start seeing mountains in all colours once the sun set about to happen.Words can never express the joy you get out of it.Letting our body and mind to calm down is so difficult but the nature can help us handle it better.\n\nWe started our trek to summit which is 4km one side at 3 am morining.I should say that part was a living in dream.We felt like we are moving through the Dark forest in Harrypotter series with blue shade showing everywhere and seeing animals footprints in the snow.It was so much to see and feel.\n"
"very good and supportive staff and trek leaders/guides are very friendly. love the experience."
The itinerary was very fulfilling and satisfying, the hotel was a good one, our guide was very well-known about each spot we visited, The journey was safe, we get to learn about the place culture, traditions, and its people life-style...
07 February 2020
We booked it for a group of 40 students and Thrillophilia offered the best price and services as well. The campsite was big enough to accommodate the group and the tents were very comfortable for the stay. They provided us with tasty food and we even got to eat pasta there which we didn’t expect. There were four guides with us and all of them were friendly. We had a great experience there and Thanks to Thrillophilia for it.
26 February 2020
The trek is completely easy and is best for the beginners. The climate there is great and the lakes look so beautiful at night. The view of the morning sunrise was just amazing and we had so much fun during the trekking.
08 March 2020
Our experience of the prashar lake trek was amazing. We were just two people and we joined a group departure. The people in the group were very friendly and we had a lot of unforgettable memories of the place.
19 August 2019
We visited there in winters and the entire trekking trail was covered with snow. We had never witnessed snow in our life and it was just amazing seeing it for the first time. The best part was on Day second we had snowfall at Prashar Lake and the feeling was undefinable. We had the best time there and were very happy with the experience. A must visit trek in winters.

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