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Very easy process the operator sent the driver along with the keys in my hotel at the exact time, the car I book was the same that I selected. It was clean and spacious too, I had a great day traveling around Mumbai on our own, we can visit all the decided places we wanted too. The transfer went so good, we had a safe journey. Really if we hired a cab or taxi it would be more costly but this helps us save our money and we just need to full the tank and explored Mumbai. I like it.
Best and fast way to travel in the city saves energy and avoid traffic-jams. Awesome bike with an awesome experience.
Thanks, Thrillophilia for making our journey easy and safe, The city was so beautiful with so many attraction in which we are able to visit all. Everything because of this car-rental the pickup and dropped off the car was easy jut need to show the booking voucher and ID proof as well don't forget your valid driving-license, The car was in good condition as promised, as it did not give any problem at all during the journey. Lots of thanks
For us, it was not expensive because I and my friends we contribute the money and have the experience, we really wish too for a long time, we were able to fulfill our dreams roaming around the city with our dream-car. You too you can do as we did definitely you would have the best and remembered day-trip ever...Nice driver and smooth journey in the alley of Pune. We were planning to visit again and this time with another dream-car.
A best and romantic way to explore Mumbai with your partner. We cover all the famous attractions of the place in a smooth-way and stop-anywhere we wanted too. Amazing-service and the bike don't give any kind of a problem at all on the way. First-experience with this and as well with Thrillophilia but since it was hassle-free and way-cheaper booking from this company so I would book through Thrillophilia again next-time and also would definitely suggest this service to everyone
Very recommended to the solo traveler as this service saved so much time and as well as you can explore the city and nearby city according to your choices, don't worry the rental company is arranging for the pickup and dropped off of the scooter and just remember to take along with you the important things like license, and ID proof. I had a great experience with this I book for 2 days the scooter providing was the good one I do not face any problem during my entire journey. I would like to come back through Thrillophilia's online booking.
The delivery of the car was on-time and as well as a fast response from the local operator about the details through WhatsApp. The delivery representative was nice and funny too... the procedure was quick and fast... the car providing to us was super cool and so clean definitely we choose with a big car and it was spacious for my friends and me, we booked this for 2-days the entire 2 days it does not give any kind of problem at all. Really a well-maintained car and trusted rental company along with cheaper booking through the honest company ( THRILLOPHILIA )
The luxury car was really good and look stunning, traveling by this was simply amazing really we had a nice conversation with the driver and even allows us to play music according to our wish and during this journey, the driver suggests us a good restaurant of the place in which we take a break and dine with the famous dishes of the place in a traditional way. very easily the driver took us to all the selected places without-hassle as the driver knows every route very well so we are not missing anything that we planned for this trip.
The luxury rental car company is really worth recommending as it provided with good condition and shiny car as per our request along with a professional driver who drove us with perfections and makes us satisfied with this trip also gave the rare experience which was full of excitement and joy all the way. Thrillophilia booking portal, as well worth appreciated because the voucher is very easy to use once we met the driver such an easy process and the rate was affordable too and at the same time very worth the amount we paid for this super amazing experience.
My hotel was just near the rental main office so I go by self to pick the bike what I do not expect was that the rental office staff were very good and friendly too even treat me with a cup of tea... and real quick we did with the procedure and gave the key, and bike which was in good condition, we explore Mumbai as if we are local there and we enjoyed at each and every nooks and corner of the city... I would go with a rental bike again on my visit to Mumbai and also recommended-everyone.