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Traveller Tales from Mandya


Devi Chattopadhyay

23 October 2015

This was a really nice trip. Firstly, this place is close by Bangalore and very much in driving distance. Secondly, the adventure activities are well-organized. They are safe too. This way it is very e...

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Pooja Agrawal

21 May 2015

it was a trip with cousins. the first of this kind. i had arranged it was a big responsibility to keep up their expectation. thanks thrillophilia, u din let me down. the guides were so ...

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nikita mantri

09 April 2015

We had an awesome time at Kunti betta trekking. People who have never been to trekking can also try, the guides and organizer were very helpful during the entire journey. We didn't face any difficulty,...

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Harshit Agarwal

20 May 2015

I had gone there all alone. Made 4 new friends and a good trekking plus additional water sports and we did swimming in the open lake for half an hour. Enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to attend more

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Anand Shukla

04 May 2016

My girlfriend planned this surprise night trek for me. I love the sunrise and Kunti Betta night trek was the best trek that fulfilled my desire. The sunrise and the lush looking coconut grooves are som...

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varun singhania

24 May 2015

The trek to Kunti Betta was an awesome experience with very friendly guide. We had a really wonderful time. Would recommend to anyone who likes trekking...

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Gunjan Kumar

08 April 2015

A brilliantly organized trip to Kunti Betta, from being collected at the Marathahalli to our final step on the mountain, it could not have been better in any way. This was an excellent experience and o...

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Kedar Pagdhare

09 September 2014

It was wonderful experience indeed. It all started with the bus journey to kuntibetta. We were 7 ISMites along with 25 other enthusiast from Thapper started this journey. Along the way we played dumb s...

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Nidhi Jain

08 April 2015

It's worth going for Night Trek at Kunti Betta. Along the way all of us talked, played songs and danced. There was one stop in between before we reached kunti Betta. That place was also beautiful. Ever...

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