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23 July 2015
Chakrika Kaniyar Experiential Dinner In Coorg
I have always heard a lot of the famous coorg Pandi curry and now I know why, it was heaven on a plate and the other dishes like the nooputtu and kuru curry was also very tasty. The hosts are actual kodavas and will take excellent care of you. So if you are a foodie like me then I would recommend them strongly.
24 April 2016
Ate to my heart’s content and had an amazing time while we were here. There are so many types of Coorg cuisine that one simply will not find the time to explore them all. The best dish I had while I was here with my friends was the Pandhi curry. Spicy and so good!
11 March 2016
As a vegetarian, I realized that options are very scarce for us when it comes to good, delicious food. But during our visit to Coorg, our host displayed a wide variety of cuisine fresh off the farm and it was simply amazing. Fresh, organic and filled with vegetables that will melt in your mouth, I enjoyed Coorg, in everyb sense,
28 November 2015
I guess I have a new favourite in South Indian cuisine now and it is definitely Coorg cuisine! From their different exotic breads to their spicy, coconut based curries, everything that our friendly host offered was truly lip-smacking.
20 September 2015
Divakar Bhattacharya Experiential Dinner In Coorg
Our hosts were very friendly and ensured that we were well fed and taken care of. There were many things that I found simply amazing about Coorg cuisine and as a budding chef; it was mainly the perfect balance of spices and that extra ingredient of love that went into the food that made me love the food here. Will go again to visit these friendly folk and I recommend you all do.
18 August 2015
Mu mouth start salivating whenever I think about the food I had here. Amazing experinece had a great time...totally loved it

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