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03 November 2014
The Zanskar River Expedition is a nice and a classy vacation to take. It was once in a lifetime kind of experience. The river expedition felt as if it was never ending. I loved it totally. It was quite intriguing and interesting. One must take it to feel the happiness of this vacation. Also, this vacation was just perfectly organized. Thanks to my husband and the organizers. The River expedition was neither too risky nor a laid back kind. It was a perfect amount of adventure and fun. This vacation was so meant to be. I loved it. It was mind boggling good. One can enjoy this even if he or she is not a pro in swimming.
23 February 2015
Though the first 5 days of our trip was really beautiful, we got to taste the exhilarating rapids from the 6th-1th day. And to be honest, while rafting from Lamaguru to Nimu, we all were scared to our bones and spines. But all thanks to the facilitators of Thrillophilia for encouraging us and keeping us motivated all the way.
09 June 2015
Pros: this is a cost effective and a fun vacation. This is super duper fun. This does not require any additional skill set. Any common person can take this trip. This is highly safe even for solo travellers. I totally recommend this. Cons: Travel to this place is a literal pain. The transport facilities are not that great. The travel guide speaks only Hindi and at times it’s quite annoying and tough to understand instructions. Overall, it was indeed a good and a nice experience.
17 February 2015
Rafting in the Zanskar was so enthralling and adventurous. Started from Reymala with grade-III rapids. By god, every moment is so unpredictable. At the end, when our team reached Nyerak, the essence of the rafting expedition was still alive in our minds. Had the best of river rafting experience in life with Thrillophilia team. kudus to you guys!
13 September 2014
Tanushri Bhattathiri The Zanskar River Expedition 2020
If you are an adventure freak, a travel lover, and a person who loves to do challenging things, this trip is for you. This is some high quality fun. You will love this trek totally. I had a really great time with this. It was quite awesome and even interesting. It is quite expensive though, but the cost is totally worthy for the things done is my opinion. So go ahead and take this trip. You will never ever regret it. It is super awesome. I totally enjoyed it. Give it a try you will not regret it at all.
09 June 2014
Very Good
The Zanskar Expedition is something that I really liked. I loved the vacation. It was quite awesome and interesting. I had a really great time with the whole experience. It was just awesome. I totally loved it. I never felt that any trip can be this exciting. This is a trip that you need to go with a bunch of like-minded friends. The more the merrier kind of trip: Try it out, you will definitely love it.
24 June 2015
Zanskar River Expedition was a new experience to me. I cannot describe how nice it was. It was adventurous and fun. Thrilling and beauty roped in to one is this vacation. That being said, the food all through the trip was exotic. Travel to this place was the best travel in my life. Also, the expedition was quite affordable.
24 July 2014
Very Good
The Zanskar River expedition is kind of fine and good. I cannot call it the best trip or anything. It was just fine and average in fact. I wish I have taken better expeditions than this.
18 October 2013
I really loved this trek. The trek was quite awesome. It was a nice and a fun trip. The vacation was quite enjoyable and great. I loved the whole weekend. It was so meant to be. Also, this was quite inexpensive too for what it is worth. Do try it, you will not regret.
17 May 2015
It was a great and a breath taking experience. I loved the river expedition. The travel to the meeting point was a menace. However, apart from that the whole trip was perfect and nice. We had some great, high-quality fun. It was simply the best and the nicest trip ever. I am so happy and glad to have taken this.

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