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24 April 2015
this has been a truly amazing experience for all of us and we had a really nice time. The pllace is teeming with mosquitoes though and you need to make sure that you are well protected!
18 August 2015
This nature camp was really nice and we had an amazing time here. surely the place has become poular by now, but if you have not heard of the glaibore nature camps, this is the best time to go ideally and we really made some amazing memories here.
20 September 2015
This was a great way to spend my time outdoors, the whole place is just mesmerizing and refreshing! The fresh air and greenery is a sight for sore eyes.
15 September 2015
Gudakesa Bhattacharya Day Out at Jungle Lodges Galibore
If you're a nature lover this is the right destination for you! It was the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life! The place is truly beautiful and breathtaking and we had a gala time, a lot of activities were planned for us and I had a great time
19 April 2015
Went here in September and it felt like it was autumn all over the place. The place is so beautiful in so many ways and we had such an amazing time with all our loved ones. I enjoyed this feeling and we wish we could do this again.
10 April 2015
Very Good
The place was awesome but the arrangements were not very clean. Could have been better.