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Corbett Tour Packages

India is one of the nations where the wildlife sanctuaries are major tourist attractions and Corbett Tour Packages surely will offer you the best experiences. The national park houses a variety of floral and animal species. This has made Corbett National Park a destination that attracts photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, and people who want to see animals in their natural habitat. This national park is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, beside the Ramganga River. First established in 1936, this national park houses some of the rarest animals. Other than animals, birds, and reptiles, more than 50 species of trees can be found here too.


The safari tours of the five parts in Corbett National Park, Sonanandi, Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, and Domunda, are extremely enjoyable and thrilling. There are different time slots for visiting the parks but early morning and evening slots are best times to see wild animals. The Corbett National Park is India’s oldest of its kind. The park was mainly built to preserve tigers and other endangered animals. The beauty and the richness of the forest have been preserved really well, which ensure a grand experience of the wildlife. The jeep safari is the safest way to watch the animals safely and also learn about the history of the Corbett National Park from your guide.  


The park currently has more than 150 tigers, which is what the park is famous for. The name of the park was derived from the famous British hunter, Jim Corbett. He was closely involved with the project of building this area and bringing it under the forest preservation laws. Today, a huge number of travelers from all around the world gather in Corbett National Park every year. The Government of India also massively promotes Corbett Tour Packages in advance of the seasons, This wildlife preservation is hugely regarded as once in a lifetime experience by the visitors.  

Popular Packages

Package Name Duration Price Rating Details
Jim Corbett Tour Package from Delhi 5D 4N ₹ 6000 4.0 star View Details
5 Days Memorable Wildlife to Scenic Hills Tour 5D 4N ₹ 14000 3.0 star View Details
8 Days 7 Nights Mussoorie to Nainital Tour 8D 7N ₹ 29000 3.0 star View Details
Jim Corbett Tour Package with Camping 3D 2N ₹ 4500 4.0 star View Details
Jim Corbett Tour Package from Nainital 3D 2N ₹ 4500 4.0 star View Details
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    Jim Corbett Tour Package from Delhi
    d5 Days n4 Nights

    Jim Corbett, regarded as a prominent tourist spot for adventure lovers due to its pleasant natural beauty and a wide scope of adventurous thrills. Jim Corbett, based in Nainital possesses great surety of delivering optimum travel goals that encourage high spirit in the a...

    Very Good 4.0
    28 ratings

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  • l
    d5 Days n4 Nights

    About the Activity:Gear up for an exciting wildlife cum sightseeing tour and make your holidays an exciting one along wth your loved ones.Start your tour after reaching Corbett and get ready for the amazing adventures ahead. Freshen up and make yourself comfortable.Head ...

    Good 3.0
    23 ratings

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  • l
    d8 Days n7 Nights

    About the Activity:Make your vacation a special one with this 8 days 7 nights tour from Mussoorie to Nainital and get a chance to witness the beauty of this region.Start your tour after getting picked up from the airport and check into the hotel at Mussoorie.Visit the Ke...

    Good 3.0
    32 ratings

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  • l
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the tour: There are many amazing ways in which to spend a short vacation but spending some precious days in the midst of the natural beauty of the mountains is a unique experience altogether. This Jim Corbett Tour Package with camping offered is a perfect way...

    Very Good 4.0
    29 ratings

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  • l
    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the tour: With so many long weekends in a year, the chances of heading out to the mountains for some peaceful refreshment abound. There are many amazing places around Uttarakhand where tourists can enjoy some days of leisure coupled with adventure in the mids...

    Very Good 4.0
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What You Should Know More About Tours in Corbett

  • Q. Which are the best campsites in Corbett?

    The Corbett National Park provides you with the chance to stay amid the greenery and the wilderness. There are many camping facilities in the forest where you can spend a couple of most enjoyable days. These are your best choices:

    • Camp Forktail Creek- there are 12 luxury tents with private balcony and a common dining area.
    • Camp Kyari- there is both options for sleeping bags and beddings so you can pick your needs.
    • Jungle Brook Camp Resort- this camp has a luxurious restaurant that serves dishes from around the world.
    • Corbett Ramganga Resort- it has the most comfortable cottage tents and offers modern hospitality services.
    • Corbett Jungle Lore- bamboo huts and huge tents, this place has all the resting options for you.
    • Jim’s Jungle Retreat- one of the most luxurious camping area in the national park.

  • Q. Which are the different buffer zones for overnight stays in Corbett?

    The Corbett National Park is the only wildlife sanctuary of India where you can stay overnight. However, most parts of the forest are restricted. You can only spend the night in the “buffer zones” and there are four of them.

    Durga Devi Zone

    This area is a heaven for the bird watchers. There are many species of birds in this zone, including maroon oriole, grey headed eagle, crested laughingthrush, and many more.

    Bijrani Zone

    This is the zone that is most preferred by the tourists who want to watch wild animal. From tigers to elephants and deer, you can catch a glimpse of a large variety of animals.

    Jhirna Zone

    This zone is known for the bears. They can be often spotted going about their natural businesses. This zone is the newest of all the four zones.

    Dhikala Zone

    This is the most popular zone in the Corbett National Park. This is also the largest of them all and houses the Bengal Tigers among many different wild species.

  • Q. Which are the best elephant safari tours in Corbett?

    Elephant safari is regarded as one of the most enjoyable ways to travel in the forest. The Corbett National Park is no different. A Corbett National Park elephant safari will allow you to experience the wildlife more closely and you can spend more time in the forest. There are three elephant safari time slots in the park, 6 AM, 3 PM, and 5PM. You have to book the safari in advance, except for the safari in Tiger Reserve Zone. That has to be booked on the spot and reservation depends on availability. The elephant safari starts from the Bijrani Zone and you need to hire a jeep to reach there. It costs INR 3500 for one elephant, which can carry up to 4 people.

  • Q. Which are the best Jeep Safari tours in Corbett?

    The jeep safari in Corbett National Park is the most popular way to roam in the forest. When the Royal Bengal Tiger is the main attraction among the visitors, the national park also houses many other varieties of animals and birds. The jeep safari will take you to the farthest corners of the Corbett National Park where you can experience jungle in its full glory. There are many time slots for the jeep safari and it costs INR 4500 for Indian visitors and INR 8000 for the foreign visitors. You can book jeep safari online. These are the zones where the safaris start from:

    • Bijrani Jeep Safari Zone
    • Jhirna Safari Zone
    • Dhela Safari Zone
    • Durga Devi Safari Zone

  • Q. Which are the different trekking routes in Corbett?

    Most sections of the Corbett National Park is not safe for trekking. However, if you want to feel the forest under your feet then there are ways to do that in the Corbett National Park. You can do the 4-day trekking from Kathgodam to Kotabagh Valley. You can take a jeep to the trekking site near Kathgodam and start your journey. Cross the forest paths, feeling your lungs with the fresh air, through Domas to Akashkanda. You can stay there overnight and leave for Kunjakharak the next morning. The next day, trek up to Kotabagh valley where the journey ends. You can hire a car from there.

  • Q. Which are the best areas for a cycling tour in Corbett?

    If you want to discover the forest on a cycle then a cycle tour around the Corbett National Park is just what you need. If you know how to handle yourself on a mountain bike then all you need is to rent one and start exploring. You can visit the Sitabani Forest area and ride on the forest trails to Rampur, while enjoying the sight of the greenery and jungle villages. Continue to Garjiya village, where the famous Garjiya Devi Temple is located.

  • Q. What are the attractions for a sightseeing tour in Corbett?

    The Corbett National Park is a well preserved wildlife sanctuary. Quite naturally, the entire land offers you all the beauty you can expect from a rich forest. You must visit these sightseeing destinations in the national park area to make your tour memorable:

    • Kosi River
    • Go Wild Adventure Park
    • Garjiya Devi Temple
    • Corbett Tiger Reserve
    • Sitabani Temple
    • Corbett Falls
    • Corbett Museum

  • Q. Which are the best educational tours in Corbett?

    The Jim Corbett Museum in Corbett National Park has in display some of the rarest pictures, documents, and memorandum that will help you learn about the history of India’s oldest national park. You can also learn about the exciting stories about Jim Corbett’s hunting days. The guided tours of the national park offer you all the knowledge you need about the wildlife.