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Pushti Bandopadhyay Wild Tropical Rush in Coorg
Very Good
It is so exciting to see Tropical Rush returning. Last time, I spent a quality time with a bunch of great enthusiasts and this time also it would be a level higher, I hope. But one suggestion I would like to mention is about food. If many more options of food are there, it will rather enhance the whole charisma of the event. Everything else arranged by you was fine for me.
Bhilangana Achari Wild Tropical Rush in Coorg
Tropical Rush was a great event which helped me enjoy the maximum. I am looking forward to have a good time once again in Coorg this November. I expect rather more people this time; then it will definitely be awesome.
Vasundhara Dubashi Wild Tropical Rush in Coorg
Very Good
I am happy to see Tropical Rush is again on the track. Last time, I had a lot of fun and still cherish those moments. I am waiting so eagerly to join the team on November 5th. I hope this time also it would be thrilling.
Vasudha Bhattacharya Wild Tropical Rush in Coorg
Very Good
Whoah! Tropical Rush is back? It is a great sign at this point of time. I was wondering why such events are taking so much time to get launched. Coorg, here I come to alter your paths once again.
Chandraayan Shah Wild Tropical Rush in Coorg
I have participated in Tropical Rush last time. Those two days were really packed with plenty of fun moments. I have joined the team there along with couple of friends of mine. I remember how beautifully each event or activity has turned our sports freaks inside on. Cycling, mud race, obstacle race, marathon etc were there which led us to be a part of the beginning of some new friendships. We have gone through so much of laughter, so much of masti there. The event was well organized as everyone got the chance to completely involve in the each of the activities. The appreciation medal they have given is an acknowledgement for our sportsman spirit. But one thing I would like to point out is that if there is more number of people, you can lift the event up to another level. All these activities demand energy and enthusiasm in abundance. Also, if you compete with a huge team, you can enjoy much more. So it would be great if you spread the word among other sets of people including the locals. The food served was also good but it would be great if you can keep some energy bars handy so that you won’t feel tired very much at the end of the race. I was feeling completely happy not because I finished the race first but I became friends with a lot of like- minded people and through which I get to know that each moment should be celebrated. Hence, I am so eager to suggest everyone to partake in this event. Trust me; you would be exploring the new definitions of happiness here. And what now! Of course I am going once again to meet those teams of sports freaks.