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Multi Rope Activities in Munnar
Multi Rope Activities in Munnar



About the Activity: Indulge in this amazing multi rope activities in Munnar, an activity which is certainly meant for brave hearted people. Feed your thirst for adventure while riveting in this stirring adventure. Fuel up your energy and get ready to indulge in an array of nerve-wracking activities available here. Gather your wits for exciting activities like swinging bridge, cargo net, multilane – in order to complete these exciting activities all you require is a proper technique. Watch your step as you balance yourself carefully while walking on the rope. The best and easy way to successfully complete these activities is by clinging to several parallel ropes that hang from the top for support. You can also indulge in other thrilling activities such as Burma Bridge and Zip lining. Feel your heart racing as you prepare yourself to indulge in these exciting multi rope activities in Munnar that promises you with ample doses of fun and adventure. Transportation Types: Available at an extra price Activities: Swinging Bridge, Cargo net, Multilane, Burma Bridge and Zip lining Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging  

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

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