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Traveller Tales from Chidiya Tapu


Harinakshi Shah

24 November 2017

Our trip to Ross Island was really great and we had some great time learning about the whole island, we also enjoyed the beautiful sunset, it was very lovely.


Sarada Mehrotra

24 November 2017

Our boat ride from water sports complex was fun as it was first time for me on a boat. The view at the island was spectacular, saw some rare species of insects and birds and know I know why this island


Chandini Desai

24 November 2017

Went on this tour with my 2 kids and wife, we had some good time exploring the island. We came to know about the history of the island and how it gained popularity these day, Irfaan our guide was very ...


Rameshwar Bharadwaj

24 November 2017

Wow! It was such a great trip to Ross Island and Chidiyatapu. Our pickup was right on time and once we reached Ross island with a boat ride. We had a great guide, he was very informative and was detail...


Shubha Kaniyar

24 November 2017

I loved it a lot, the sunset was just amazing. We had some great company during the trek. Trekking through the jungle was lot of fun.


Dharmaketu Marar

24 November 2017

The trek was really great although a bit tiring. Make sure to wear proper shoes during the trek, this will save you from insects bites, also carry water bottles and don't forget to enjoy the beautiful


Tanushree Verma

24 November 2017

Another great adventure for both of us. Went on this trekking adventure with my wife at Chidiyatapu, it was great. Trekking through the jungle was really great, saw variety of wildlife. Somehting diffe...


Abani Mahajan

24 November 2017

Superb beach with fallen trees and lots of nice views. Our trekking trail was very scenic, knowlegable guide. The sunset was very beautiful. Good experience.


Archan Patel

24 November 2017

I along with my wife went on trekking in Munda Pahad at Chidiyaptapu. We started at around 12:00 PM from our hotel. The trekking route was really great and we enjoyed some great views. We were accompan...

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