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4 Nights Bali Honeymoon Tour with Sunset Dinner Cruise

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5 Nights Romantic Escapade to Bali with Water Activities

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6 Days Kuta and Ubud Honeymoon with Private Pool Villa

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6 Nights Luxury Escape to Bali with Resort Stay

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6d/5n Bali Tour Package with Flights

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Uluwatu Kecak Sunset Tour in Bali - Flat 20% off

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Lotus Lagoon

Lotus Lagoon in Candi Dasa has umpteen number of admirers from all over the world since it displays an amazing sight with an expansive water body brimming with pink and fuchsia lotuses and there is a small garden with statues in the centre. Tourists as well as locals come to enjoy the sight of Lotus Lagoon every day. While you come across the road, you will be able to see a temple on a higher elevation and the temple is the reason why the area got its name.

There are two shrines situated amidst the densely forested hillside. Once you reach there, you will be getting a better sight of the lagoon as well as the sea and the beach which together make Candi Dasa look so pleasant and glamorous.

Highlights: The lagoon will always be beautiful with a number of lotus in it and people who would love to spend some time to relax with peaceful environment, this is the best choice.

Location: Jl. Raya Candidasa, Sengkidu, Manggis, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia


Gunungan Hill

Feast your eyes with the jaw-dropping views of Candidasa town from the peak of Gunungan hill that is located in the eastern quarter of Bali. From this point, you can gape the exotic scenery of the town where the sea meets the shore. Another striking feature of this place is that it is known for snorkeling and travelers from both near and far come here to explore the bounties of water.

If you are looking for unexploited yet serene beauty then this is the ideal place for you. Make sure that you plan a visit in the months from June to September as the views of the valley are embraced by the plantations that are all covered by the coconut trails.

Highlights: Scenic views, ideal for snorkeling, farming terrains encircled by coconut groves.

Location: Nyuh Tebel, Karangasem, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80811, Indonesia

Timings: 24 hours open

Entrance Fees: None


Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple is also known as Pura Lempuyang Luhur and it is one of the oldest and most visited temples in Bali. The majority of Hindu population in Bali comes to this temple, thus it has gained much popularity among the tourists coming to Bali. The main temple that is the mother temple lies about 1175 meters above sea level on the peak of Mount Lempuyang in East Bali.  One can reach the heights via a steep staircase that would posit some real life adventure and you will be challenged to count 1700 steps watching the irresistible attractions in the surrounding.

The hordes of long-tailed macaques will surprise your visions. The ardent lovers of hiking and trekking will fall for the matured blend of mountains and the serenity bowing its head before you. You can ask for motorcycle taxis of the locals to take you till the asphalt ends at the Penataran Agung and then again you have to climb other thousand steps that would lead you to immerse in extraordinary sights.

Highlights: However, there is a strong belief among the villagers that you have to maintain a respectful behavior and you should not complain about the challenging way up. If you climb up the steps with a heavy heart, you cannot reach the top but lose your stamina in between. The calm and cherish-able serenity at the top would let you bewitched for long and the small temple owns rather a heightened mysticism.

Location: On top of Mt. Lempuyang, Indonesia


Pasir Putih Beach

A hidden beach in Indonesia which is the supreme attraction now is Pasir Putih Beach with several nicknames like White Sand Beach, Virgin Beach, and Hidden Beach etc. The 400 meters wide white sandy shore is a shocking surprise for the first time visitors. The shore is made absolutely beautiful with the presence of several tall palm trees that sway synchronically with the wind blows. It is nestled amidst a small village called Perasi, quite far off from the main city.

A lot of tourists from different parts of the world come to spend a quality time at the beach, alone or with their family. Tourists arrive here will stay at the guest houses and hotels located along the coast of Ujung or in Candi Dasa. The secluded beach is extended between two hills between Bugbug and Perasi. The beach is lying about 4.5 km east of the main hub of Candi Dasa.

Highlights: Since the beach is nestled amidst two hills and lush greenery, it is kept hidden from the outer side of the village and that is the supreme peculiarity of the beach. Also, there are a lot of cafes and small restaurants arranged in a line on the beach which serves tasty seafood delicacies and other items familiar on the island.

Activities: Swimming and snorkelling are two important activities people love to do at the beach. Boating is also an overwhelming activity. Those who love to have a tropical relaxation can find the beach as the best. There are spaces just to lie down and relax looking at the water cuddling the shore. You can enjoy playing football or volleyball on the sand or do sunbathing as well.

Location: From Kuta, it would take around 2.5 hours to reach the beach. Drive east from Kuta toward Sanur. From Sanur, you can connect to the Kusamba Bypass and continue driving on the coastal road along Candi Dasa and when you reach Perasi Village, you can seek help from the village to reach the beach.


Taman Ujung Water Palace

Karangasem Regency in Bali is filled with many historical sites. Ujung Water Palace is one among them which was formerly a palace and now it is called Ujung Park or Sukasada Park. From Amlapura, it lies about 5 km away. The palace houses three large pools. In the middle of the pools, there is Gili Bale, the main building. It is connected to the edge of the pool by the bridge.

The palace was built by the King of Karangasem, Gusti Bagus Jelantik. The ownership of the palace was given to Karangasem Royal family. The construction of the building was finished in 1909 under the guidance of a famous architecture from China and the Dutch. It had faced nearly devastation by showers of hot ash in 1963 which was followed by the eruption of Mount Agung and an earthquake in 1979. Restoration of the building happened afterwards and retained its splendour and now it is one of the most features attractions in Bali for locals and visitors.

Highlights: The palace displays a great combination of Balinese and European architecture so well. The three large ponds enhance the beauty of the building to a greater height and they are connected to each by long bridges and pathways.

Timings: 07:00 am to 07:00 pm

Location: Desa Ujung, Jalan Raya Taman, Tumbu, Karangasem, Tumbu, Kec. Karangasem, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80811, Indonesia.


Tenganan Pegringsingan

A village with pure legacy of thousands of years in the regency of Karangasem in Bali is Tenganan Pegringsingan. Before coming to the knowledge of outer world it was known by anthropologists as one of the most important secluded societies on the archipelago. Since 1970s, the village has been going through some changes and variations and developments. From then on, tourism started imposing its clutches on the soil of this village.

What attracts people toward this village is its unique culture and preserved customs. Bali Aga is the predominant culture here which holds the original traditions and rules of the ancient people intact and the atypical architecture was also a talk of the town.

Highlights: The village’s specialties lie in its peculiar music that is Gamelan selunding music and geringsing double ikat textiles. The legends about the village say that the inhabitants of this village were selected by Indra, the god of war to administer a territory which to be a microcosm of the world and they were suggested to keep the territory pure and clean. Thus the concept of territorial, spiritual and bodily purity has a lot of significance in the village.

The Bali Aga people are believed to be originated or descended from the pre-Majapahit kingdom of Pegeng. The rules are very stringent for those who live in the village and only those who have born in the village are allowed to continue staying there. Anyone who marries outside the village should leave the territory and go out of the community. The houses in the village are arranged on both the sides of the north to the south concourse with the doors of them opening onto it.

The narrow entrances of each house allow only one person to enter or come out of the house at one time. There are two temples on both the entrances of the village.

Rituals: Almost all the rituals in the village are closely similar to the main ones Balinese culture follows but one of the unique features is the wide use of geringsing. People believe that geringsing is capable of keeping impurities and any kind of danger out of their village as well it protects humans from adverse influences during the transition from one phase of life to the next.

Location: Jalan Raya Nyuh Tebel, Tenganan, Manggis, Indonesia. It is located northwest of Candidasa about 5 km away from the main road.


Goa Lawah Temple

One of the most prominent temples in Bali is Goa Lawah which is a huge complex constructed around a cave. The cave houses hordes of bats and thus its name flourished as Bat Cave. The temple’s birth was claimed to be in the 11th century by Mpu Kuturan. He was an early priest who was the reason for Hinduism to come to the land of Indonesia, experts say. Located in the village of Pesinggahan Dawan, the temple is the major landmark to be visited on your tour of Candi Dasa or Bali.

The story of the temple says a prince from the Mengwi kingdom had chosen the place to hide away from the enemies and eventually reached at Besakih Temple on the foot of Mount Agung. The story was not proved right or wrong till date. The locals and the temple community say that the cave leads to three locations viz. Mount Agung, Talibeng and Tangkid Bangbang and various accounts declare that when Mount Agung erupted in 1963, ash came out of Goa Lawah.

Highlights: It is a large complex situated on the north side of the Jalan Raya Goa Lawah main road. Those who come to visit Bali would take a short break to visit the temple for prayers. At the entrance of the temple, you can see two large banyan trees and as you enter the temple, you will come to see a central courtyard. Three bale pavilions at the three corners of the complex. Also, there are ages-old shrines that holds nectar bats and a Shivaite shrine which was there for thousands of years. It was once a place for meditation for many sages.

Location: Jalan Raya Goa Lawah, Pesinggahan Village, Dawan District, Klungkung


Tirta Gangga Water Palace

A former royal palace in eastern Bali is Tirta Gangga which is located about 5 km from Karangasem near Abang. The fame of the palace is the contribution of its water palace owned by Karangasem Royal. It was designed and constructed in 1948 by the last Raja of Karangasem. The water gardens are the most important contribution of the king and the island people were surprised to see the Raja working with the labourers to help the construction of the garden. The prime feature of the gardens of the water palace is the atypical blend of Balinese and Chinese architecture.

Highlights: The grounds of the water garden are made of three separate complexes and each has ponds and beautiful sculptures. The lowest complex possesses two large ponds and a water tower while the second complex consists of water pools. The last or the third one has the main complex which is the home of the former Raja. Now, there are restaurants and four bungalow units for rent in this complex.

You can see an underground pipe system that goes to the upper swimming pool. It emerges out through the mouth of a demon statue and flows into a lower level pool. From there, it flows into some ponds and into the rice fields that are creating the border of the gardens. The water is always considered holy and used for religious purposes also. There are some ceremonies held during spring led by the local temple priests.

Timings: It will be open from 08:00 am to 11:00 pm on all days.

Location: Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia. It is located about 6 km away from the town of Amalpura and at a distance of 83 km from Denpasar.

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Listings in Candidasa

What You Should Know More About Candidasa

  • Q. How to reach Candidasa from Bali airport and what is the distance between airport and Candidasa?

    The trip from the Bali International Airport to Candidasa City takes about 90 minutes. Depending on the time you reach Bali, you might have to hurry or wait for a seat in the next bus to Candidasa. You might also want to hire a cab to avoid the heavy passenger traffic on public transportation. Renting your own vehicle is another option you can pursue. The fare for the taxi would come to around 30 USD on average.

  • Q. What are the various modes of transport to reach Candidasa?

    If you are seeking public transportation, the best option is the city bus. You can also take the privately run minivans but their availability is not regularized. Just ask a local where to hop on a ride. It is always better to start your Bali vacation more comfortable. Hiring a cab would be a recommended option. Some might also want to rent their own vehicles from the rental service providers around the airport. You have the option of both motorcycles and two wheelers.

  • Q. What are the public transportation to reach Candidasa?

    Public buses and privately run minivans are the only way to reach Candidasa from the Bali International Airport.

  • Q. What is the best time to take holidays in Candidasa?

    The best months to be at Candidasa are between May and July. These are the coolest months in Bali, when the rains are yet to arrive and the sun is a bit softer on the skin. While the city is open all round the year for tourists, you would want to avoid the rains of the extreme heat. Humidity is a constant thing that you will have to worry about all round the year – there’s no escaping it!

  • Q. What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Candidasa?

    Candidasa is a nice place to be at in Bali. Cheap accommodations and a range of opportunities for outdoor activities make it one of the most popular Bali cities. A stay of 3-4 days would be ideal if you want to explore a bit of everything that the city has to offer. A well-designed tour package for Bali is always an added cherry on the cake.

  • Q. How is the general climate in Candidasa?

    The general climate of Candidasa, as the rest of Bali, is fairly humid all round the year. However, in the moths of June-July, it will be relatively cooler. Between August and December, you can expect a fair amount of downpour. The rest of the year is hot and becomes comfortable for city sightseeing only after dark.

  • Q. What kind of clothing is suitable for Candidasa?

    If you are traveling to Candidasa, it is best to carry light cotton clothing. The usual choices would be shorts, skirts, beachwear, short trousers, cotton shirts, light cotton dresses, sleeveless tops and the like. It is however important that you are well covered up when in the local markets of visiting a place of worship. Lastly, sunglasses and hats would save you from the sun.

  • Q. Is it safe to travel to Candidasa?

    From a cultural perspective, Candidasa or for that matter any place in Bali is perfectly open to receiving tourists. There is no direct threat to your safety. However, you might want to take extra precautions when it comes to food and water. It’s really risky to go local when it comes to water activities.

  • Q. How expensive is Candidasa?

    Starting from your arrival in Bali International Airport, you can expect to pay about $20 for transport to Candidasa. Once you reach the city, you can expect a budget range of $30 - $100 for a decent accommodation Street food is cheap but you would want to avoid getting too local for health reasons. Bali is in fact one of the cheapest place to spend a vacation. If you are a couple travelling on budget, expect a one week itinerary to cost under $500 for both, including everything.

  • Q. Can I rent a motorbike or a bicycle in Candidasa?

    Renting a motorcycle would be a great option if you are planning on making a road trip. Having your own vehicle also gives you much more flexibility on the road and you will not have the limitations of the bus stops. Renting is also a great way to get into the vacation mood, whether you are traveling with friends or with your partner. A bicycle too can be an option but be prepared for a lot of work on your muscles!

  • Q. What are the popular places to visit in Candidasa?

    Bali is a land of attractions. The main attractions of Candidasa include:

    • Goa Lawah Temple
    • Lempuyang Temple
    • Amed Beach
    • Jemeluk Viewpoint
    • Candidasa Lotus Lagoon
    • Kerta Gosa Hall of Justice
    • Pasir Putih Beach
    • Taman Ujung Water Palace
    • Tirta Gangga Water Gardens
    • Tenganan Pegringsingan

  • Q. What are the different activities one can do in Candidasa?

    A lot of things can be done in Candidasa. These include:

    • Discover the unique Rumah Bambu Pengalon
    • Check out Charly’s Chocolate Factory
    • Find nirvana in cheap beachfront resorts
    • Uncover the Pasir Putih Beach
    • Witness the Balinese courage through the Makare-kare Festival performances
    • Visit (you can even choose to stay) at Tirta Gangga Water Palace
    • Photograph landscapes at the Taman Ujung Water Palace
    • Immerse in the Balinese history at Kertha Gosa Pavilion
    • Take a boat ride through the tranquil Lotus Lagoon
    • Visit the Goa Lawah Temple – the Batman’s hotel!
    • Experience local cuisine at Warung Padang Kecag
    • Romance at the Lezat Restaurant
    • Scuba Diving at Gili Tepekong and Bali Bubbles
    • Take a submarine in the Indian Ocean to check the magical underwater
    • Try out Free diving and Apneista Yoga

  • Q. What are the various budget hotels and home stays in Candidasa?

    Bali has a great number of resorts available for the tourist comfort. Some of the hotels and homestays in Candidasa are:

    • Ida Beach Village
    • D'Tunjung Beach Resort
    • Arco Iris Resort
    • Anom Beach Inn Bungalows
    • Temple Cafe & Seaside Cottages
    • Bayside Bungalows Candidasa
    • Candi Beach Resort & Spa
    • Kangkung Cottage
    • Puri Pandan Restaurant and Bungalow
    • Bali Palms Resort
    • Puri Oka Beach Bungalows
    • Mutiara Bali
    • Ashyana Candidasa Beach Resort
    • Good Karma Home Stay
    • Geringsing Bungalows
    • Dasa Wana Resort
    • At The Beach Candidasa

  • Q. What are the various luxurious resorts available in Candidasa?

    There is a range of luxury resorts in Bali. Some of them in Candidasa includes:

    • Candi Beach Villas
    • Puri Bagus Candidasa
    • Rama Shinta Hotel
    • Discovery Candidasa Cottages & Villas
    • Rama Candidasa Resort & Spa
    • Bayshore Residence
    • Bayshore Villas Candi Dasa
    • Candi Beach Resort & Spa
    • Sea Breeze Candidasa

  • Q. What are the various private villas in Candidasa?

    Bali has some best options for villas. The ones in Candidasa include:

    • Villa Sasoon
    • Villa Asada
    • Anda Villa
    • Villa Rama
    • Villa Barong
    • Candi Beach Villas
    • Tirta Nila Beach House
    • Villa Kelapa Candidasa
    • Discovery Candidasa Villas and Ayurvedic Spa
    • Villa Gusmania

  • Q. How to reach Tenganan Village?

    Located in East Bali, the Tenganan Village lies between Candidasa and Karangasem and is fairly separated from the rest of Bali. This is a village where you still witness the age old way of life. A pre hinsu settlement, the village might seem to be stage managed but it actually hosts a lot of artists, craftspeople and farmers. The easiest way to reach the Tenganan Village is to hire a cab from the city. You may also take your own vehicle for an amazing ride. Most hotels also arrange tours to the village on a daily basis.

  • Q. What is the culture of Tenganan Village? Which language is spoken in Tenganan Village?

    Tenganan today is a Hindu dominated culture but it in history, it hosts the emergence of the traditional Balinese culture. You will also find a lot of Polynesian influence in the village. It’s a living museum where people are dependent on self made artwork and farming/fishing. The rich rice lands support the maximum population of the village. You won’t however find an accommodation for tourists here and there is no entry to the village after dark. The culture is well kept amidst the locals. The language spoken here is a form of Balinese that is unheard elsewhere. Expect to pay a fee to enter the village.

  • Q. What all can be done in Tenganan Village?

    Tenganan is one of the last reminiscents of the age old Bali culture and is one of the few traditional villages that have yet not been influenced by foreign culture. The village maintains its adherence to ancestor worship, animal beliefs, cosmology and other traditional rituals. This is a closely knit community wherein marriages take place within the village folk and closed to outsiders. The isolated community has also fairly opened to tourists and if you are keen on experiencing the real Balinese culture first hand, a trip to this village is a must.

    Check their way of life, ranging from things like rice cultivation and basket making to tow problems are resolved within the elders of the village. The houses here are different than any other place in Bali and everything about Tenganan is intriguing. This is a place where blood sacrifice is still practiced and is usual whenever there’s an important ceremony to be held at the village temple.

  • Q. Where can we buy the finest Fabric in Tenganan Village?

    The craftsmen of Tenganan Village weave some of the finest fabrics and its products include basket ware and textile. Ata Baskets, in particular are a rage among tourists and collectors. Another such item is a Lontar Book. All products are handmade and can be collected from the village shops like Mertha Shop run by a Nyoman Setiawan.

  • Q. What kind of shopping can be done in Candidasa? Which markets are good for shopping?

    There are a lot of options for shopping in Bali. Some of them in Candidasa include:

    • Tenganan Village Art ShopsJalan Raya Nyuh Tebel
    • Sensatia BotanicalsJasri Beach
    • Alam ZempolJalan Mendira
    • Gogo’s SilverJalan Raya Candidasa
    • Gubuk Kita SouvenirsJalan Raya Candidasa
    • Nadi’s BookstoreJalan Raya Candidasa
    • Segara Wangi Art ShopJalan Raya Candidasa
    • Nusantara Archipelago Handicrafts & GiftwareJalan Raya Candidasa
    • Family ShopJalan Raya Candidasa
    • Gemini ShopJalan Raya Candidasa

  • Q. Where can we do Yoga in Candidasa?

    Bali is a Yoga Paradise. You can do yoga in Candidasa at following places:

    • Gedong Gandhi Ashram
    • Bali Yoga Retreat
    • Secret Garden Bungalows
    • Yoga Shack Lembongan
    • Ceningan Yoga Shala
    • The Yogabam Bali

  • Q. What all types of cuisines I can find in Candidasa? Which ethnic food is special in Candidasa?

    Apart from a wide opportunity for sightseeing and adventure, Candidasa also offers an amazing cuisine. Check out these dishes from the top places:

    • Pastas, salads, sorbets and organic local beer at Aquaria Boutique Restaurant
    • Traditional Megibung at Bali Asli Restaurant
    • Asian seafood dishes at Candi Restaurant
    • Parmesan Mahi-Mahi with Coleslaw at Crazy Kangaroo
    • Pork spare ribs, crispy duck and lamb chops with mint sauce at Jonglo Restaurant and Bar
    • Lobster thermidor and steaks at Kubu Bali Restaurant
    • Indian menu at La Rouge
    • Vegetarian menu at Lezat Beach Restaurant
    • French-Balinese fusion, with a selection of wines, cocktails, and various drinks at Le 48, Zen & Happy Restaurant

  • Q. Which restaurants serve the best food in Candidasa? Is vegetarian food easily available in Candidasa?

    Bali has some best restaurants. The ones in Candidasa includes:

    • LOAF Candidasa
    • Warung Lu Putu
    • Vincent's
    • Warung Boni
    • Crazy Kangaroo
    • The Hungry Crocodile
    • Warung Padang Kecag
    • Ari Home Stay & Hot Dog Shop
    • La Rouge
    • Joglo Restaurant & Bar
    • Watergarden Cafe
    • Warung Smiley
    • Warung Astawa
    • The Dining Room Restaurant, Bar & Pizzeria
    • Warung Puspa
    • New Queen Pub & Restaurant
    • Lezat Beach Restaurant
    • Bali-Club” Dive Centre Restaurant
    • Pondok Bambu Seaside Restaurant

  • Q. What kind of nightlife I can experience in Candidasa?

    Although there is a good nightlife scenario in Bali, Candidasa has a limited nightlife scene. There aren’t too many bars of clubs that you can choose to hop into right after the sun sets upon the city. Though on the lighter side, here are some places that you can check out:

    • Crazy Kangaroo, Jalan Raya, Candidasa
    • New Queen Pub & Restaurant, Jalan Raya
    • Vincent’s, Jalan Raya
    • The Dining Room, Jalan Raya
    • Nai Mai Restaurant and Bar, Jalan Raya
    • Legend Rock Café, Jalan Raya
    • Lingalonga, Jalan Raya
    • Iguana Café, Jalan Raya
    • Mr. Grumpy’s at Bali Shangri-La Beach Club, Jalan Raya
    • Friends Bar and Restaurant, Jalan Raya

  • Q. Does one have easy access to alcohol in Candidasa? What is the legal drinking age? Is smoking legal in Candidasa?

    The legal drinking age in Candidasa and across Bali is 17 years. There are several shops that sell alcohol. Further, you might want to check out the different night clubs, bars, and pubs that offer a range of alcoholic drinks and even locally brewed beer.

    Smoking is legal in Candidasa. However, ensure that you aren’t smoking in public places. Some areas are demarcated/labeled as no smoking zones. Ignoring the same can attract hefty fines.

  • Q. What kind of laws are there in Candidasa regarding drug usage?

    The use, possession or selling of drugs is a punishable offence by law and have even received death sentences in the past. Indonesia holds a very strict law again drugs and it is necessary that you ensure that you aren’t in anyway coming close to it. There will be several illegal street peddlers trying to sell you drugs but it is necessary to decline.

  • Q. Are there any money exchangers in Candidasa?

    • Jasa Money Changer Assa Tourism, JL. Candidasa, Dangin Puri Kauh
    • Jasa Money Changer No Problem, Jl. Raya Candidasa, Sengkidu, Manggis, Kabupaten Karangasem
    • Rama Candidasa Resort & Spa, Jl. Raya Sengkidu, Sengkidu, Manggis, Kabupaten Karangasem
    • Assa Valas Money Change-Candidasa

  • Q. What do I do in case of any medical emergency in Candidasa? Are there enough Hospitals in Candidasa?

    Medical emergencies in Candidasa are frequent. In case, you get ill, search for the following hospitals: Bali Med Hospital in Amlapura (serious injuries) The Candidasa Clinic, Senkidu (24 hour emergency service) Sanglah Hospital, Denpasa (for life threatening injuries)

  • Q. What are some important laws that I should keep in mind while visiting Candidasa?

    • Carrying, consuming or selling drugs is a punishable offence
    • Wear a helmet when riding. The fine can go to huge amounts
    • You need a valid international driving permit if you are renting a vehicle of your own
    • Cover up well when entering a Balinese Temple
    • Don’t enter temples when menstruating
    • Use both hands when receiving or giving something
    • Take your shoes off when entering a temple or someone’s house