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Food Walk Tour in Bhopal: Flat 10% off



Bhopal, a city in Madhya Pradesh renders great scenic beauty of lakes and green plantations and acts as a home to many wildlife species. On the other hand, Bhopal also serves the taste buds of the different sections of crowds and caters to their food desires with a wide range of yummy food delicacies.About the Food Walk Tour in Bhopal:The Food walk tour in Bhopal lets you embrace the scenic beauty of the location and witness the charm of lakes and animals along with the opportunity of tasting some tasty local delicacies that are the favourites of the local inhabitants. Besides, you shall be able to learn about the local culture and the food habits of the local people with this delightful food walk tour in Bhopal.You are entitled to taste the wide range of food items ranging from street foods to the main courses that are famous in the Madhya Pradesh region. Embark on a joyous walking session and explore the food culture of the city. You shall be provided with water bottles in order to render the utmost comfort.

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24 Ratings

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