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Kudremukh Trekking Trail, Chikmagalur
Kudremukh Trekking Trail, Chikmagalur



About the Destination: The 3rd highest peak in Karnataka, the Kudremukh mountain range is situated in the scenic vistas of Chikmagalur. Resembling to the face of a horse, Kudremukh Trekking offers a fascinating array of  trekking trails and is also considered as one of the hotspots for trekking around Bangalore. In addition to fascinating terrains and trails, the peak also offers panoramic views of Chikmagalur's much acclaimed coffee plantations, scenic landscapes, picturesque meadows and much more. Above all, this mountain range also houses a national park that is home quite a lot endangered and rare wildlife species. Whether planning to embark on this trek with family members, friends, colleagues or even alone, you will always find fun-filled and exciting moments. Also, the bucolic and pleasant ambience around the peak makes it an ideal place for couples who seek pleasant and tranquil moments with each other. The lush and enchanting beauty around Kudremukh also entices nature lovers and solo backpackers as well! About the Activity with Details: On a whole,this trek has a total of 13 different routes that lead to its peak; routes vary from easy to challenging. No matter, which route you opt for, you will always be promised with stunning and panoramic views of Chikmagalur's bountiful nature. However, before embarking on a Kudremukh trekking trail, one must follow certain rules and guidelines. As the entire range falls under eco-sensitive region, littering is strictly not allowed during treks or any other activities in Kudremukh. Also, to conserve the bio-diversity of the vicinity, there are fixed timings for trekking in this region. Duration: 2 days Meal Types: All vegetarian foods (Malnad type) Activities: Trekking, Waterfall Visits Difficulty Level: Easy to Difficult Altitude: 1,894m Trekking Distance: 10km

324 Ratings


324 Ratings

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