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Sabarish Vandrasi

26 March 2016

I went to breakout with my colleagues and it was really amazing experience to solve the puzzles. Having a group of 4-5 people is good. Too less might make the puzzles more challenging though ! Hope they add more puzzles and expand soon All in all, I had a wonderful experience at Breakout Bangalore. Definitely recommend it to other people.


Mothi Hareesh

27 March 2016

Unbelievably realistic experience.. Played the Classified... supposedly the most challenging of the missions... Truly challenging... Truly entertaining.


Vignesh Parthasarathy

27 March 2016

Check this out friends. I had fun with my friends. Never realized closed doors adventures is more fun than the open ones.


GiRi Vs

15 March 2017

Best laser Tag Ever :) Luv it :) <3