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If you are in Indonesia on a holiday and want to explore nature and indigenous wildlife, make sure you try the exciting and thrilling Elephant safari in Bali that is slowly gaining popularity among tourists. There are three wildlife parks in the city that offer this adrenaline-releasing adventure, and all of them allow you to enjoy interacting with Sumatran elephants. Set amidst lush botanical gardens and dense jungles which imitate their natural habitats, the mammals can roam freely within these parks.

The intimate experience involves observing the gentle giants, feeding them, and touching them. Moreover, Bali Elephant safari also allows you to take pictures with these beautiful creatures and learn more about their lifestyle, habitat, and life spans. You will get a chance to witness them bathing in the pools and lakes, playing with their baby elephants, and even painting! If you feel like it, you can ride the animals too!

The safari is an enriching experience for kids as well as adults. Your little ones will love engaging with the lovable and adorable creatures. Moreover, it will also teach them the importance of wildlife conservation. Take them on the informative ride so they can learn why we need to be kind of animals and how we can preserve the ecosystems around us. Sumatran elephants are an endangered species and are protected by the Indonesian government. As a result, elephant safari is a good time to teach your children about the dangers of environmental exploitation.

The gardens have a special trail where you are more likely to encounter the mammals, and there’s also a restaurant on-site if you get peckish. Accommodation within the park can be arranged, if you want to enjoy staying within the natural environment at night. Honeymooners can enjoy romantic walks in the serene environment. Additionally, special arrangements can be made if you want to get married in a beautiful park!

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