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Best Things To Do in Anjuna

Anjuna is a small village in Goa and few of the best things to do in Anjuna are going to the beach, sightseeing, and the likes. Goa is arguably the most toured place in India. It boasts of the best beaches in the whole. Anjuna is an important village in Goa which hosts millions of tourists every year. People from all around the world come to Anjuna to spend their vacation. The Anjuna Hill is the most popular hill in Goa and the best thing about is the hike one can do here. There is a hiking trail present on the Anjuna Hill, it is not a very difficult hike but the panoramic view of the beaches and the greenery one gets from the top of the hill is mesmerizing. It seems as if one is in heaven and does not feel like leaving the place. The Anjuna Beach is one of the main reasons why tourists crowd Anjuna throughout the year. It is a world-class beach where one gets all the facilities they can think of. Just laying down on the beach and enjoying the atmosphere there are few things people do here. If one gets bored by just viewing sites, they can try out the water sports activities available here. Parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, etc. are few of the activities which one can do here. Parasailing is the most sought-after activity in Anjuna as it provides people that adrenaline rush which they look for in an activity. One can also shop at the Anjuna Flea Market, which is held every Wednesday. People can buy local products at extremely cheap prices here, provided one knows how to bargain. Anjuna is an amazing place to spend one’s vacation because one gets to see the beautiful beaches India has to offer. Head to Anjuna and explore the best things to do in Anjuna.

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Traveller Tales From Anjuna


Adhrit Khan

13 December 2018

Just had an amazing experience here on this cycling tour in Goa. We were given actual good quality geared bikes, which was a major plus point for us. My brother had lost control and slipped in one plac...


Anjushree Namboothiri

10 December 2018

Grande Island trip was exotic, it was a chance to see pure marine life in its true state. It is the best island to dive in the entire Goa. The water clarity is way above the moderate ratio.


Bhima Sinha

10 December 2018

Best place for scuba in Goa. Clear water, rich marine life and beautiful shades of the sea can be seen here.


Dev Agarwal

10 December 2018

We decided to do something different than just lying on the beaches in Goa the whole day so we went on this cycling tour, to see some of the lesser explored parts of Goa. The cycles were super comforta...


Sanya Abbott

10 December 2018

Although the pickup was late, I had fun with my friends on this trip. We cycled through the streets of Goa and I got to see so many things. The tour guide was also very friendly and kept us entertained


Kumari Patil

10 December 2018

My family and I didn’t want to have the typical Goa experience and wanted to try out something new, and we were happy we found this exciting and cost-effective adventure!

What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Anjuna

  • Q. What are the activities that we can do in Anjuna?

    Goa is an amazing place to visit and Anjuna is amongst the most popular places in Goa. It is a place where one can never get bored as there so many things to do here. The activities which one can do in Anjuna are:
     • Paintball- in this game in which people are given guns which shoots paint bullets. There are, generally, two teams playing at a particular point of time and the main objective of the players are to hit players of the other team as many times as possible.
     • Parasailing- it is a very famous water sports activity in which one is tied to a parachute and rope attached to it is tied to a speedboat. When the boat moves, due to its speed, the person goes up in the air and feels as if they are flying.
     • Banana Boat Ride- a group of people are made to sit on a boat, shaped like a banana, and they have to balance the boat and themselves through the currents and against the rapids of the river.
     • ATV Ride- as the name suggests, ATV or the all-terrain vehicle can be driven on any plane. The fun of an ATV ride increases when one rides it on uneven planes.

  • Q. Where can I play paintball in Anjuna and how much will it cost me?

    Paintball is an amazingly fun activity, especially if one tries it with a group of friends. People are made to wear special suits and are given a paint shooting gun in paintball. There are two teams and the team who shoots the opponent team maximum number of times wins. The place where one can play paintball in Anjuna is in St Michael Waddo.

  • Q. What are some famous water sports in Anjuna?

    Anjuna is a small village in Goa so one can be sure to find some outstanding water sports activities here. Anjuna Beach is the main place in Anjuna where one can try out watersports activities. Some famous water sports activities here are:
    • Jet Skiing- it is a fun activity and the best part about it is that one feels as if they are riding a bike on water.
    • Parasailing- it is also considered as an adventure activity and one feels as if they are flying while doing this activity.
    • Bumper Ride- this is something which one can do only in Goa. People are made to sit on a raft which is tied to a speedboat. When the speedboat moves, it pulls the raft with it which gives the riders the adrenaline rush.

  • Q. Where can I go for ATV rides in Anjuna and what are the charges?

    ATV rides or All-Terrain Vehicle rides are something which is quite enthralling as one has to ride it on terrains and uneven planes. The best part about riding an ATV in Anjuna is that along with riding it on hilly areas, one can enjoy its rides on beaches as well. The best places to get ATV rides are:
    • Anjuna Hills
    • Anjuna Beach
    • Behind St Michael School

  • Q. When can we visit Anjuna Flea Market?

    One thing that is common on every tourist’s itinerary across the globe is shopping. Shopping is probably the most important activity for any tourist. One gets to know a lot about the culture of a place by the observing the kind of clothes worn by locals. Flea markets of Anjuna are the ideal place to shop if one is not looking for branded products but are rather looking to by local products at really low prices. The Anjuna Flea Market is held every Wednesday from 9 am to 7 pm.

  • Q. Which are some famous places to do party in Anjuna?

    Party is the first thing which comes to one’s mind when they think of Goa. Anjuna is one of the main areas of Goa. One’s trip would be considered to be incomplete if they do not party in Anjuna. People from all over the world come to Anjuna to enjoy the party and the beach here. Few famous in and around Anjuna where one can party are:
    • Curlies Beach Shack
    • Shiva Valley
    • UV Bar