20 Things to Do in Alwar 2020 (Starting from ₹375 Only)

Best things to do in Alwar allow you to have an impeccable vacation here. Rajasthan is a state which boasts of being the most cultured state in India. It is also believed to be the state which is most connected to its traditions and history. The same thing can be said about Alwar as it reflects all the qualities of Rajasthan. Alwar is a treat to visit as it has everything which one can think of before planning a trip. Alwar has played an important part in the history of the state, therefore many historic monuments and sites have been made in the city. The Neemrana Fort is a major tourist attraction of the city. The City Palace has served as the vacation home for many kings in the past. The Sili Serh Lake is also one of the most famous spots in the city. It offers a stunning view Rajasthan the tourists and the beauty of the places increases at night. The Siliserh Lake Palace is a magnificent palace. The palace has been converted into a heritage hotel and offers a luxury service to all its guests. Weather conditions in Alwar are pleasant, which are ideal for animals. Wildlife thrives in Alwar and many sanctuaries and national parks have been made here for these animals. Many photography enthusiasts come to visit the city in order to capture a moment of these animals in their camera. Alwar is the ideal place to visit if one has interest in history. One gets to learn a lot about the culture and traditions of Rajasthan and the local people living in the area by visiting Alwar. One should definitely visit Alwar and experience the things to do in Alwar to experience once in a lifetime experience as people feel closer to nature and start appreciating its beauty.

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After the discounted price, its a tour no one should miss. Seeing Bhangarh was just so exciting as this place is so famous in the country for being haunted. It was adventurous and gave goosebumps.
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We were a bunch of 4 crazy daredevils and wanted to explore the mystery of Bhangarh. It was an exciting weekend for us. The cars were very well maintained, but pick up was very delayed. Besides that, the price was amazing for such an experience. The guide Rishabh told us a lot about the history and stories about the place to scare us, but we went ahead anyway. On the way, we also visited a few temples. Wish we could’ve spent the night there. Thanks, overall good experience.
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We were a group of 5 college friends, travelling with Thrillophilia for the first time. Overall, the entire experience was memorable, thanks to the energetic trek leader. We also had a local guide who enlightened us with countless stories about Sariska and neighbouring places. The pick-up was luckily on time. The leader engaged everyone in indoor and outdoor games and exploration, but our favourite part about camping was the nighttime bonfire amidst the dense forest that was our home for the night!
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People Also Ask About Alwar Things To Do

  1. What are some of the best things to do in Alwar?

    Alwar is a historic city located in Rajasthan. Many kings have reigned over Alwar in the past, thereby making some outstanding monuments. The best things to do in Alwar are:
    • Visiting Historic Places- Alwar has a pool of historic places in the city. Alwar Fort is one of the major tourist attraction here and has contributed a lot to the defense of the city in the past. There other places such as the City Palace, Alwar Museum, Siliserh Lake Palace, etc. which are major historic monuments of the city.
    • Adventure activities- One can try any of the several adventure activities available in Alwar. Zip Lining and Flying Fox are the most famous activities which are tried in Alwar.
    • Wildlife- Rajasthan is very animal-friendly, hence there are national parks everywhere in the state. One can witness many species of animals in the sanctuaries and national parks of Alwar.

  2. Which are the best lakes to visit in Alwar?

    Rajasthan is a state which is filled with lakes. Alwar is one city which has a number of lakes in it. In fact, a palace has also been built in one of the lakes of Alwar. One feels connected to nature and starts appreciating its beauty when they visit the lakes of Alwar. The experience of visiting lakes increases manifoldly at night and the view becomes even more stunning. The best lake to visit in Alwar is the Sili Serh Lake.

  3. Where can I enjoy a jungle safari near Alwar?

    Alwar is a city which has the perfect weather conditions for animals. Therefore, flora and fauna thrive in Alwar. Alwar is an amazing to visit if one wants to observe wildlife. There are many sanctuaries and national parks present in the city which allows people to see the animals. The best way to see the wildlife is by jungle safari. Jungle safari allows people the people to watch the wild animals from a very close range. The safaris offered in Alwar is one of the best in the country and people from all over India come to the place to witness it. One can enjoy a jungle safari in Alwar in Sariska National Park and Bhangarh.

  4. Which are the heritage and culture experiences in Alwar?

    Rajasthan is a state which is very rich in its culture and heritage and the same can be said about Alwar. Alwar reflects all these qualities of Rajasthan. The city has had a role to play in the history of Rajasthan. Over the years, many kings have reigned over the city and as a result, some great monuments have been built here. The historic monuments of Alwar are renowned all over the nation. Some of the best places to visit to gain heritage and cultural experience in Alwar are:
    • Neemrana Fort
    • Siliserh Lake Palace
    • City Palace
    • Alwar Bagh

  5. Which are the famous temples to visit in Alwar?

    Alwar is a city which is very connected to its tradition and spirituality. There are a lot of temples which have been built in the city. These temples are very famous and are the major tourist attractions of Alwar. One tends to find their spirituality when they visit the temples in Alwar. The most famous temples to visit in Alwar are:
    • Shiva Temple
    • Karni Mata Temple
    • Bhartrihari Temple