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Best Things To Do in Alibag

People love coming to this beach splendour for a weekend getaway because there are many things to do in Alibaug to unravel your stress and for you to feel refreshed. A beautiful coastal town popped away in nature’s basket, Alibaug is also known as ‘Mini-Goa’.

Located at a distance of 110 km from Mumbai, this charming little town attracts a good amount of visitors owing to the colonial appeal and numerously spread beaches across the town.

The location is blessed with sandy beaches, magnanimous forts and ancient temples taking care that your activities in Alibaug don't end too soon. Alibag beach is the most popular beach here which offers spectacular views of the sunset. Colaba Fort is a popular citadel of great architecture and beauty where boat rides to the Fort are quite popular.

A very famous beach by the name Mandwa Beach also is housed here. The beach has a history of being a prime attraction for innumerable shoots for popular movies. If you go at the right time, you can also engage in water sports activities offered on popular beaches.

The town promises an engaging and exploratory trip that will leave you wanting for more. We will take you through the many things to do in Alibaug to spend a great holiday with friends and family.

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    About the Activity:Stand up and paddle boarding learning programme on Mandwa beach will give you a clear cut picture of paddle boarding.A complete day of SUP learning class will make you experts in the activity and at the end of the day you will be practicing SUP boardin...

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Traveller Tales From Alibag


Akshay Akshay

21 May 2019

"Very awesome place, good food, Music system also present"

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Sampada Ghadi

02 March 2019

Sea, sand, sun and a night full of stars with the background of roaring waves !! Amazing location! Clean accommodation! Yummy food! And most importantly warmest people !! What a combination! We ...

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Harinder gupta

03 June 2019

"awsome place and super food "


Krrish Palav

23 April 2019

"It was a good experience though it's first time I did camping and that too with family. ????"


Suyog Patil

30 March 2019

"nice experience"


Gursandeep Singh

27 March 2019

"nice experience, food was average, overall nice scenic beauty"


Tanushri Namboothiri

18 December 2018

Each moment of the 2 days I and my family enjoyed at the beach was pleasant. It was my parent's first beach camping and they are already looking forward to doing it again!


Bhudeva Tagore

18 December 2018

Alibaug beach was comparatively cleaner than Juhu, reaching to the campsite was easy as it was right on the beach. The celebration had barbeque, music, bonfire, games etc. Our cook needs some claps for


Minakshi Devar

18 December 2018

Camping under the stars was made better by the flawless services of the staff. Live music with perfect setting was a great experience. Thanks Thrillophilia.

What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Alibag

  • Q. What are the best things to do in Alibaug?

    1. See Alibaug Fort – Surrounded by the waters of Arabian Sea, Alibaug or the Colaba Fort is touted as the most popular tourist spot of Alibaug. Colaba Fort used to be the naval station of the brave Shivaji Maharaj and is more than 300 years old.

      Located only 2 km from the famous Alibag beach, the fort can be reached on foot if the tides are low or a boat ride if the tides are high. The fort has beautiful relics on display with remnants of animals and birds carved on the walls of the fort.

      There are old temples in the premises of the temple along with a well with fresh water. The Colaba Fort is one of the prime attractions of this town which is also a nationally protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India.

    2. Explore the stunning beaches - One of the best things to do in Alibaug is to visit the beaches here and spend some moments of peace and nirvana. The major attractions of Alibaug are its serene and calm beaches that will amaze you with their charm and beauty.

      Alibaug beach is by far the most popular beach amongst the tourists mainly because of its large and interesting shacks and a long coastline to take those memorable walks. If you love exploring water sports, Nagaon beach is riding high on popularity charts with a host of water sports activities offered here.

      Mandwa beach too is one of the most charming and scenic looking beaches here which is accessible on the ferry from the Gateway of India. Kasim beach and Kihim beaches are other popular beaches to explore here.

    3. Visit Siddheshwar Temple – The Konkan coastline has some of the oldest temples and the Siddheshwar temple is no exception. Located in the picturesque hills of Khandale village 4 km from Alibaug is the Siddheshwar Temple. An ancient temple easily accessible by a vehicle is dedicated to the devotees of Lord Shiva.

      It is during the month of Shrawan that the real beauty of the temple is depicted when it is adorned with lights and colour. The temple is a great location for a good trekking plan also. Visit the temple to experience bliss and harmony.

    4. Explore Khanderi and Underi islands – Your getaway is about to get a notch higher with your visit to the twin islands of Khanderi and Underi. Located 7 km from Alibaug amidst flowering shrubs and hard terrain, Khanderi and Underi were built by the Portuguese.

      Underi is circular in shape and is smaller in size compared to its elder brother. There is also an underground secret chamber below the forts here to lock away prisoners. The famous Vetal temple located here is made of a large white heart-shaped stone and is duly worshipped by the local fishermen community.

      Tomb of Daud Pir is also an added attraction here that adds to the beauty of the place. The haunting fort still has sturdy cannons that are strongly mounted on wheels as a prime attraction and photography spot.

    5. Witness Magen Avot Synagogue – Alibaug was once inhabited by sizeable Jewish community hundreds of years ago. Most of the community was employed in oil pressing and selling profession and considering their numbers a synagogue was constructed for their worship.

      The Synagogue is a true architectural wonder painted with pink and green embellishments. Magen Avot synagogue is now a heritage property and considered as one of the most important landmarks in Alibaug.

    6. Seek blessings at Kanakeshwar temple – Visiting temples is one of the most sought after activities in Alibaug with some of the oldest temples of the district situated here. Located at a distance of 13 km, the Shiva temple is positioned atop a 900 ft hillock.

      To reach the temple you need to take a flight of about 800 steps called Deva Chappa. The temple was built in the Hoysala style architecture in the year 1764. The temple had come into existence since the time of the Pandavas and also has a freshwater body called Pushkarni for all its water needs.

      The main temple here has the Maha Shiv ling coated in silver and holds extreme importance for the locals here. Seated on top of a hill, the spot also is famous for spending some quiet times after worship.

    7. Visit Murud Janjira Fort – Located at a distance of 53 km from Alibaug, the Murud Janjira fort – an island fort stands as one of the most visited places in Alibaug. One of the strongest water forts of India, the Janjira Fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all four sides.

      The fort is positioned on an expansive site with 19 bastions to its credit. Between the bastions, three canons are built with a blend of 5 metals that make it strong and robust even today. It is replete with secret passageways and turrets for the enemies to escape and for ammunition storage.
      The wondrous fact about the fort is the deep well stored with cold and sweet water amidst the salty water available in the vicinity. You can reach the fort easily with the help of a jetty from Rajpuri Jetty.

    8. Visit Native biodiversity Garden – When you are done with beaches and forts, why not indulge in one of the most different things to do in Alibaug? The nature biodiversity garden is a beautiful conservatory of rich flora and fauna with nature trapped in it. The garden has been positioned as a must visit place for nature lovers and posits itself as a learning centre for students and educators.

      The sustainable garden is all powered by solar energy and has been tastefully designed based on 17 themes including butterfly, wetland, orchids etc. The entrance of the garden has a tastefully designed lampstand that pertains to welcoming guests with light. Diverse varieties of leaves and never before seen flowers on display here will make your day.

    9. Visit Lavish Antique clocks – Shopping is not just about clothes and accessories, it is also about exploring aged, historic antique clocks which you will find here in the Lavish Antique clocks store. Looking through the massive collections of clocks will make will you realize how passionate the owner of the store is about timekeepers.

      The treasure trove of clocks from different generations and centuries should not be missed.The collection is in all sizes and shapes, and if you are looking to own one, do not think twice.

    10. Go to Pushkarna Kund – Located in the close vicinity of the Kanakeshwar temple is the desolate and recluse water tank called Pushkarna Kund. Over the years, the Kund has not shared very good vibes with the local population concerning the stories surrounding it.

      It is rather a great place if you look for some inner peace and calm. The Kund is surrounded by thick jungle which is usually not advisable to venture in owing to wild animals and poisonous snakes. For those who like jungle walkways, this spot is surely an unconventional tourist destination of Alibaug.

    11. Explore Kanakeshwar Forest – The dense, majestic and lush green Kanakeshwar forest is extremely popular for its natural habitat of rich flora and fauna. For jungle lovers and wildlife photographers, this place is apt for all your expeditions.

      A lot of care has to be taken here because the forest is full of poisonous snakes and wild animals like boars and panthers. The night is surely not the right time to venture here, but early mornings in this soulful jungle will surely make your day.

  • Q. What are the best adventure activities to do in Alibaug?

    Off all the many activities in Alibaug, the most famous adventurous activities here are related to water. Tourists love seafaring on various rides like banana boat rides, Jetskiing, Scuba diving, Sea Kayaking and speed boat ride to name a few.

    The Nagaon beach in Alibaug has a great option for parasailing with the requisite training been provided. If you love to camp at the beach, several options are there at your disposal. The midnight camping at Kashid beach with only the moon to give you light is a lifetime experience. Alibaug is synonymous with beaches; hence water sports are considered the best here.

  • Q. Which are the best sites for camping in Alibaug?

    One of the best things to do in Alibaug with your friends is to sign in for is camping. Night camping will leave you some of the most tranquil and memorable moments when you spend time amidst the star-studded skies and sit by the bonfire holding your guitar.

    The Paradise beach camping enjoys a good reputation. The authorities provide accommodation and access to the garden with breakfast and barbecue options. Kashid beach camping also has gained in popularity.

    The campsite is located 5 km away from the beach in a quiet and desolate spot near the beach. Get a great view of the ocean at these camps which can be enjoyed with friends and family.

  • Q. Are there treks in & around Alibaug?

    Alibaug is filled with wonders with an abundance of water sports activities, camping and treks. For trail seekers and foot explorers, Alibaug has three of the best options you can find in Maharashtra.

    The trek to Sagargad is a challenging yet riveting trek to the green carpeted peaks. You can also drive your power bikes till the spot below and then ascend your way to enjoy the fascinating views nature throws at us.

    There are treks to Korlai Fort and Nagaon beach that are organized by camp authorities. These packages include camping, water sports and a host of fun-filled activities to fill your holidays with pleasure and amusement.

    The Korlai Fort is regarded as the hidden treasure of Alibaug, and along with the lighthouse located here; the trek gives wonderful views of ocean and nature.

  • Q. What are the best temples to visit in Alibaug?

    Apart from the gorgeous beaches and old-world forts, Alibaug also is famous for its ancient secreted temples. The Kanakeshwar temple is the most famous temples located here with an exceptional following of devotees swarming here every year.

    Someshwar temple is yet another architectural beauty which presents a double delight for its visitors as it is surrounded by green picture-like beauty.

    Hanuman temple which is 13 km from the Kanakeshwar temple also is one of the famous temples here to worship.

  • Q. What are the best beaches in Alibaug?

    One of the best things to do in Alibaug is to walk down the beach and lounge in the sun sipping your favourite drink. Alibaug has several beaches to its credit but the most famous of all beaches here is the Alibag Beach with commendable water sports, great crowd and vibrating shacks to enjoy the entire experience.

    For a little silent outing, you can visit the Kihim Beach. Nagaon beach provides a great option for campers and adventure water sports activities while the Mandwa beach has an expansive coast and is less crowded than the usual ones.

  • Q. What are the best forts to visit in Alibaug?

    Alibaug is surely a versatile package in terms of the complete experience it provides. People love visiting forts especially when people love to explore the relics of once famous structures. The three most famous forts in Alibaug are the Murud Janjira fort.

    The entire architecture of the fort with majestic canons lining the site will take your breath away. Visiting the Colaba Fort is by far the most popular things to do in Alibaug. People, who come here, never miss out on this place because of its rich history.

    The Sagargad Fort and Korlai Fort also are jewels in the already studded crown of Alibaug. All these forts have a mystical aura surrounding it, which urges the tourists to visit here often.

  • Q. What are the Historic Sites in Alibaug?

    You cannot separate history from Alibaug. If you love knowing the history of the sites here, then Alibaug is surely the right destination for you. Colaba Fort is the epitome of rich history and historical assets.

    The Underi Fort too presents as a great symbol of struggle and ownership war that happened when the Fort was fully operative. For historical voyage, visit the Brahma Kund which is believed to have been visited by Lord Krishna to take bath in the pure waters of the Kund.

    The Magen Aboth Synagogue also is a lasting symbol of the Jewish community which talks a great deal about the presence of a substantial population.

  • Q. What are the museums in Alibaug?

    Holidaying without getting to know about the city is surely a half baked task. Visiting the museum here is surely one of the best things to do in Alibaug if you do not want your holiday curtailed.

    The most famous museum here is the Karmarkar museum that has restored the works of Padmashree Sri V.P Karmarkar. There are about 200 sculptures displayed here and connoisseurs of art will have a great time admiring the pieces of wonder.

    The Dashrath Patel Museum is yet another which has conserved the works of yet another famous Padmashree by the name Dashrath Patel.

  • Q. Which are the best eating places in Alibaug?

    Alibaug is full of great cafes and eat outs which the food lovers will relish. Kikis Café and Deli serves all Asian cuisines and has been consistently voted as one of the best options here. Hotel Sanman is a discovery for people looking at authentic Maharashtrian and seafood wonders.

    The Paisley kitchen is famous for its Biryanis and satisfying Maharashtrian meals. If you love North Indian food then visit the NH-66 Garden restaurant prices moderately. For quick bites, Rasraj has offers you freshly bakes pizzas and tasty sandwiches with shakes. To enjoy the ambience of a Bistro, you can visit the Hashtag Bistro Café for a great Italian treat.