Al Jubail Tourism, Saudi Arabia: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides
Sitting in the eastern province of the Arabian Gulf, Al Jubail is a small city in Saudi Arabia. Home to the petrochemical company SABIC, Al Jubail is famed for being the home to the largest industrial city in the world. Other than this, the city of Al Jubail was also famous for being a higher importer due to its numerous ports.

From beaches to skyscrapers, Al Jubail is dotted with various tourist attractions and scenic locations which are totally worth a visit. Adorned by the beaches, this city makes sure that anyone visiting it gets to capture the panoramic view of the sparkling horizon. Being a portal destination, Al Jubail is dotted with numerous serene and pristine beaches which are not only a place to hang out with friends but also a destination where one can plan a picnic at. Other than the beaches, Al Jubail has numerous other attractions including the Deffi Park, Aqua Park, and the Crease Archaeological Tower.

When thinking about what to do in Al Jubail, its pristine beaches make sure that you get numerous watersports options. Additionally, you can also choose to laze around the sandy beaches while soaking in the serenity around you. If you are a history buff, you can choose to take a tour of its destinations like Crease Archaeological Centre and others. With an average temperature of 20 degrees, December to March is considered to be the best time to enjoy a tour of Al Jubail. The climatic conditions remain pleasant during this time, hence making a trip here truly worth it.
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People Also Ask About Al Jubail

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Al Jubail?

    1. Al Nakheel Beach- Al Jubail is a famous port city. Which means the city is bestowed with some stunning beaches. One of those beaches is Al Nakheel Beach. This beach is immensely popular among tourists and even locals due to its amazing seascape. The sand is soft and the water is pellucid, which makes it perfect for swimming and other beach sports.

    The beach is also equipped with a leisure area and restrooms. An enormous park, waterfront, and rides are also put up for children to enjoy. Al-Nakheel Beach is known for its beauty and if you can witness a heavenly sunset here.

    4443 Rd Number 6, 9044, Al Jubail 35718, Saudi Arabia

    2. Deffi Park- One must plan a picnic in Al Jubail due to its blissful surroundings and what is better than Deffi Park. This lush green park is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends and family and savor a delicious barbeque. It has a section dedicated only to a barbeque where you can cook and enjoy.

    There is a playing area installed with many rides for the kids. One can conveniently come by their vehicle as there is plenty of parking space available. Amenities like restrooms and restaurants are also present in the park. The best time to visit is in the evening during the summer season and in the afternoon during the winter season.

    Al Andalus Deffi, Al Jubail 35815, Saudi Arabia

    3. Galleria Mall- Galleria Mall is the place to be for all shopaholics. If you plan to go on a shopping spree, then visit this enormous mall in Al Jubail. All high-end brands, as well as local brands, can be under a single roof. The mall also has some classy restaurants where you can dine with your loved ones.

    Other than dining in restaurants, a big food court is present where you can grab a meal on the go. For children, a play area is installed inside the mall. The classic and contemporary architecture gives the mall a unique touch.

      Al Khamis Road Fanateer, Al Jubail 35811, Saudi Arabia

    4. Crease Archaeological Tower- This historical monument in Al Jubail personifies Saudi culture. It was built by King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud in 1929. The locals narrate that it was built to protect Al Tawia well which was the source of water in older times. The tower still stands tall in an open space. The site is open for the whole day so you can visit anytime you want.

    Location- Abu Ali Rd, King Fahd Industrial Port, Al Jubail 35514, Saudi Arabia

    5. Knowledge and creativity center- To have joy with your family, one must visit the Knowledge and creativity center. The center holds many events, competitions, and fairs all year round which makes it an interesting tourist spot.

    The center has many facilities including fun rides for kids, knowledgeable exhibitions, and theaters. Many activities also take place during different times of the day. The place is specially dedicated to children where they can learn and enjoy at the same time.

    Location- Fanateer, Al Jubail 35811, Saudi Arabia

    6. Al-Fanateer Beach- Al Jubail is immensely famous for its beaches and Al-Fanateer is among those beaches. The beach is a few kilometers away from Al-Nakheel Beach, this beach is an amalgamation of fun and tranquility. There are several water activities present on the beach where you can experience thrill and excitement.

    You can relax on the beach while appreciating the nearby palm trees and the beautiful seascape. Al-Fanateer has a well-constructed walking path where one can simply take a stroll. Many water activities like water skiing, fishing, cruising, and jet skiing can be experienced here. So while in Al Jubail, do not forget to visit this blissful beach.

    Location- Fanateer, Unnamed Road, Al Jubail Saudi Arabia

    7. Darren Beach- if you are looking for a beach for your kid, then Darren Beach is a perfect place for you. The beach is well visited both by the locals as well as the tourists because of its stunning beauty and facilities.

    The beach has its playground or a play area where your kid can enjoy and make merry. It is also bestowed with a mesmerizing sunset. To witness it and also to avoid overcrowding, visit Darren beach during the evening hours.

    8. Jubail Mangrove Park- If you want to witness animal species that dwell in Saudi Arabia only, then you must visit Jubail Mangrove Park. The park is thriving with mangrove trees, marine, and aerial creatures. You can spot various species as you walk down the walkway through the mangrove sanctuary.

    Due to this reason, the park has become a famous tourist spot. The park attracts kids as well as adults due to its biodiversity. To avoid crowds, you can visit the park during the early morning or evening hours.

    8 am to 6:30 pm.
    Entry Fee- 15 Dhs for adults, 10 Dhs for children

    9. Al-Huwaylat Shopping center- For all shopping lovers, another destination to check out is Al-Huwaylat Shopping center. The mall is filled with a lot of brands where you can shop all the domestic as well as international products. There is ample parking space if you plan to visit the mall in your vehicle. The food court here serves delicious food items for you to savor.

    9:00 am to 11:00 pm.
    Location-Al Huwaylat, Al Jubail 35718, Saudi Arabia 

    10. Al Jubail Mall- The biggest and the best mall in the city is Al Jubail Mall. The mall is located in downtown Jubail and is brimming with international brands like Zara, Mango, Skechers, etc.

    There is a big entertainment area where kids can play and enjoy. The mall is not too crowded either, so you can shop conveniently and hassle-free. One can buy many souvenirs for their loved ones. The Saudi food here is delectable.

    Timing- 9:30 am to 12 am.
    Location- King Abdul Aziz Rd, and Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Al Jubail 35514, Saudi Arabia
  2. What are the famous things to do in Al Jubail?

    1. Swimming at Al Nakheel Beach- If you are a fan of swimming and you want to explore the best swimming beach, then Al Nakheel is the place to be. The waters are pellucid and shallow which allows favorable conditions for swimming. Both children and adults can enjoy a good swim in the waters due to low tide waves.

    You can even rent swimming costumes from the nearby vendors at Al Nakheel Beach. There are many restrooms available where you can change into your swimming costumes conveniently. The best time for a swim here is during the early hours of the day to avoid heavy crowds.

    Location- 4443 Rd Number 6, 9044, Al Jubail 35718, Saudi Arabia

    2. Shopping spree at Galleria Mall-
    This mall is the most famous and most visited by tourists as well as locals. For all the shopaholics, this mall is a paradise. You can find many international brands under a single roof.

    Many domestic brands are also available at Galleria Mall. And when in Saudi, one should always go shopping due to comparatively lower prices. The mall is enormous and has a lot of parking space. After running a shopping spree, you can grab something delicious from the restaurants present inside the mall.

    Location- Al Khamis Road Fanateer, Al Jubail 35811, Saudi Arabia

    3. Rejuvenate yourself at Nature Touch Spa-
    After a tiring tour, all one wants is to feel calm and relaxed. And what is a better way than going for a massage? The famous Nature Touch Spa in Al Jubail offers various types of massage and revival therapies. The ambiance is amazingly relaxing.

    Their Hammam therapy is immensely prominent in the area. They also have many packages that are an amalgamation of different therapies. You can choose the package according to your own preference. Make sure to book an appointment a day before the visit.

    Location- Bin Sulaim Commercial Complex King Faisal W, King Fahd Industrial Port, Al Jubail 35518, Saudi Arabia

    4. Attend an event at Knowledge Center-
    Whether you are an adult or a kid, you will undoubtedly enjoy being at the Knowledge and Creativity center. The center is the home to many events at which you can exhibit your creativity and knowledge.

    Other than events, a lot of competitions are also held where you can participate and win exciting prizes. Dramas and plays are performed at the theater present inside for the entertainment of visitors. Many rides and swings are installed where kids can play and have fun.

    Location- Fanateer, Al Jubail 35811, Saudi Arabia

    5. Relish a barbeque in Deffi Park-
    To have a good time with your loved ones, cook a delicious barbeque in Deffi Park. The park is equipped with a special barbeque area especially for barbequing. The park is surrounded by lush greenery which is perfect for a blissful picnic with your friends and family.

    The meat and seafood in Al- Jubail are very delectable. Buy the groceries from local vendors to taste the authenticity of Saudi Arabia. Deffi Park also has some swings where kids can enjoy. Pack all your foods, beverages, and a picnic mat and you are good to go. Visit the park during spring to witness blooming fauna.

    Location- Al Andalus Deffi, Al Jubail 35815, Saudi Arabia

    6. Sightseeing animals in Jubail Mangrove Park-
    Sightseeing is a fun activity for both adults and children and Jubail Mangrove Park is the hub of biodiversity. Many terrestrial, aerial, and marine animals can be found here that are native to Saudi Arabia.

    If you are a nature enthusiast and appreciate going on a mini-adventure then you must visit this park. The park is thriving with Mangrove trees too. An inland lake enhances the beauty of the park along with a walkthrough. One can spot various types and species of flora and fauna inside the park and admire nature.

    Timing- 8 am to 6:30 pm.
    Entry Fee- 15 Dhs for adults, 10 Dhs for children

    7. Billiards night in Black 8ight Cafe-
    As the name suggests, the theme of this cafe is based on 8 ball pool. Spend your evening with your friends and family by playing billiards in this amazing cafe. 8ight Cafe is known as the biggest billiards cafe in Al-Jubail.

    You can come here with your family, children, or friends and have an unlimited blast. The cafe also serves delectable food. Do try their burger as it is a specialty of the cafe. Deserts are also served which are particularly liked by kids. The cafe is open from 7 am to 3 pm and then from 5 pm to 2 am.

    Location- Fanateer, Al Jubail 35811, Saudi Arabia.

    8. Ferrying with your loved ones-
    Al Jubail is known for its stunning seascapes and shoreline. When in the city, one ought to go for a voyage, especially around Fanateer beach where you will find many motorboats, cruises, yachts surfing in the sea.

    Boat riding will provide you with an existence like no other from where you can witness the beauty of Al Jubail from a different perspective. There are many tour agencies in the city like Yacht cruise, Lulu Center boat trips, etc that offer amazing packages and deals.

    9. Water sports at Fanateer beach- Al Jubail is famous for water sports activities and adventures due to its location and favorable waters. For all adventure lovers, Fanateer beach is the perfect place to be. From mini activities like sailing and boating to extreme adventure sports like snorkeling and diving, Fanateer beach has it all.

    You can choose any sport according to your likings. Many organizers are present that offer you various packages and deals to choose from. You can even buy gear and equipment from nearby vendors. And the best part? There is an activity for all age groups. The best time to enjoy any water sport activity is in the early hours of the morning.

    10. Buying souvenirs from Jubail mall- The last but most important thing you can do is to buy special souvenirs for your loved ones or even yourself, in Al Jubail. Saudi Arabia is famous for dates, rugs, oud perfumes, and Saudi spices. And it all can be found in Jubail mall where you can find domestic stores.

    Al Jubail mall has many vendors too from where you can appreciate the craftsmanship of the locals. The prices of the products are affordable and the quality is great in Jubail Mall. So make sure to visit it before leaving the city.
  3. What is Al Jubail famous for?

    Al Jubail, apart from being an important industrial port city, is pretty famous for its scenic beaches. The city is also known for its water activities and adventure sports. One can find a variety of water sports like scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, and even camping.
    Al Jubail has many shopping centers and malls where you can find both domestic and international brands. The city also has some historical sites which can be visited if you want to witness the past chronicles.
  4. Which is the best time to visit Al Jubail?

    If you are planning to visit Al Jubail, then the best months are May-June and October-November. The weather is utterly convenient for touring the city as well as for all the water sports. Other moths are pretty extreme for touring the city.
  5. How much does a trip to Al Jubail cost?

    If you want to explore the whole city and live there for a few days, the cost will be around 5000 Dhs. The price can go up or down according to your preference.
  6. Is it expensive to visit Al Jubail?

    No, Al Jubail is not as expensive as other Saudi cities. The travel fares, accommodations, food, and other expenses are at a very minimal price which is not at all hard on the pocket.
  7. Which are the best places for shopping in Al Jubail?

    1. Galleria Mall- One of the most famous malls of Al Jubail is Galleria Mall. The mall is extremely famous among tourists because of the variety of stores under a single roof. The mall has many international brands which attract a lot of visitors.
    There are many fine-dining restaurants inside where you can savor delicious cuisines. If you don’t want to dine in, an enormous food court is also present. Along with this, an entertainment area is present for kids.

    2. Al-Huwaylat Shopping center- The next place that comes to mind if you want to shop in Al Jubail is the Al-Huwaylat Shopping center. The big mall also has many international as well as local brands. A supermarket is also there inside the mall. A lot of parking space is available for private vehicles.

    3. Al Jubail Mall- This mall is extremely famous in the city. If you want to buy domestic souvenirs, then this mall is the perfect place. Alongside domestic brands, many international brands like Zara, Skechers, etc are also present. A playing area for kids is installed inside where they can enjoy.

    4. Fanateer Mall- This is another mall in the city where you can find many daily necessities. The mall does not have a lot of international brands but one can find local ones easily here. The mall is spacious and clean and there is enough parking space for your vehicles.

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